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NDS Inc specializes in manufacturing drainage products, fittings, valve, meter boxes, equipment pads, and landscape products.

NDS Inc   Lindsay  United States
NDS Inc provides meter box, valve box, drip irrigation, equipment pads, drainage products, channel drain systems, root barrier, trunk protectors, and grass pavers.

ATS Irrigation Inc specializes in selling and providing service for irrigation system planning since 1985.

ATS Irrigation Inc    United States
ATS Irrigation Inc sells and provides service for irrigation system planning. Their products include hose reel traveling irrigators, center pivot, lateral move irrigation, impact, big gun sprinklers, drip irrigation, micro sprinkler irrigation, packaged irrigation systems, pumps, hose, pipe, pipe fittings, mowers, aerators, turf irrigation, etc

Evergreen Irrigation Ltd supplies rainbird sprinklers and lawn irrigation systems.

Evergreen Irrigation Ltd   Leighton Buzzard  United Kingdom
Evergreen Irrigation Ltd specializes in supplying lawn irrigation systems, components and accessories. Their products include drip pipes, hoses, fittings, pond pumps, filter, lighting products, etc. The company also facilitates online purchasing.

Orbit Irrigation Products Inc manufactures and supplies irrigation and watering products for more than 40 years.

Orbit Irrigation Products Inc    United States
Orbit Irrigation Products Inc specializes in producing and distributing irrigation and watering products. Their product includes sprinkler system, drip watering, hose faucet watering, mist cooling, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001 standard.

M And M Boys Irrigation Supplies Inc supplies landscaping and irrigation products.

M And M Boys Irrigation Supplies Inc    ,,
M and M Boys Irrigation Supplies Inc specializes in supplying landscaping and irrigation products. Few of their products include backflow prevention devices, central controllers, controllers, drainage, drip irrigations, electric control valves, electrical products, fertilizers and herbicides, landscape lighting, landscape products, miscellaneous, PVC products, sprinklers, tools and supplies, and valve boxes.

IRZ Consulting provides irrigation design and water conservation technologies. The company was established in 1984.

IRZ Consulting    ,,
IRZ Consulting provides irrigation engineering and water conservation services. Their other services include consulting services, regional daily crop water use NIN, pipe sizing program, friction loss calculation, the irrigation association, usda water management research laboratory, virtual library irrigation, etc.

We are an irrigation consultant, and a technology and design expertise. We specialize in creating appropriate and water efficient irrigation systems for all projects.   Durbanville  0
Arid Earth Solutions is an irrigation consultant and a technology and design expertise specializes in creating appropriate and water efficient irrigation systems for all projects.\r\n\r\nSolutions offered by the company includes designing irrigation system, irrigation designs promotion, end-to-end integrated irrigation system services, irrigation supply management, customer preference and marketing opportunity.\r\n\r\nMain services offered by the company includes design concept, design development, technical documentation, management, irrigation planning, specific water irrigation strategy, smart decision-making, design, contract management etc.\r\n\r\nIn additional company also offers services like on site evaluations, water resourcing and management, irrigation master planning of all water resources, value, engineering and budgeting plans and review, irrigation design, specification and drawings, tender documentation, adjudication and administration, project management and supervision, quality assurance, built construction records, irrigation water scheduling, training in irrigation system operation, and education.\r\n\r\nArid Earth Solutions Company’s projects include Eden Island, Green point common, Biodiversity Garden, Integrated Rapid Transport, etc.\r\n

InfoNow Corporation develops channel visibility and channel management software tools.

InfoNow Corporation    United States
InfoNow Corporation specializes in developing channel visibility and channel management software tools. Their products include Channel Insight, Location Insight, and Analytic Insight.

Jess Stryker specializes in providing irrigation system tutorials for sprinkler and drip irrigation.

Jess Stryker    ,,
Jess Stryker is a service provider, which provides tutorials for sprinkler and drip irrigation systems. The site also provides answers for various questions on irrigation. .

Irricon Pty Ltd designs and distributes service for all types of irrigation systems since 1980.

Irricon Pty Ltd    South Africa
Irricon Pty Ltd specializes in manufacturing, distributing and offering service for all types of irrigation systems. Their service includes irrigation consultancy, project management of irrigation systems, irrigation design and supply services, turnkey irrigation projects, laser alignment of pump and motor shafts, on site pump condition monitoring, etc. Aqua Meters Pty Ltd is a division of Irricon Pty Ltd, develops the kelflo system, a instrument that monitors the energy wasted by pumping systems.