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Hirschmann Automation And Control GmbH designs, develops and supplies communication and industrial electronics.

Hirschmann Automation And Control GmbH   Chambersburg  United States
Hirschmann Automation And Control GmbH products and services include industrial ethernet, electronic control systems, industrial connectors, fiber interfaces, test and measurement, etc.

Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH produces and distributes industrial sensors and sensor systems.

Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH    Germany
Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH specializes in producing and distributing industrial sensors and sensor systems for automation industries. The company owns Factory Automation Division and Process Automation Division. Few of their products include proximity switches, photoelectric sensors, ultrasonic sensors, rotary encoders, positioning systems, AS-interface, identification systems, logic control units, etc.

KA Switch manufactures switches and flexible jumpers since 1960.

KA Switch    United States
KA Switch specializes in producing current switches and flexible jumpers. Their product includes type HSM, type HSME enclosed contacts, type HVSME enclosed contacts, etc.

Eldre Corporation specializes in manufacturing laminated busbars for power distribution systems.

Eldre Corporation    United States
Eldre Corporation manufactures laminated busbars for power distribution systems. Bus bars provide power distribution solutions for the computer, power conversion, telecommunication, energy management, power supply, etc. The company products include cellular base station bus bars, network switching bus, fault tolerant bus bars, mainframe power bus bars, variable speed motor drivebus bars, induction heaters, engineering workstation bus bars, premium audio system bus bars. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001.

Cxtec specializes in offering networking, cable and voice technology products.

Cxtec    United States
Cxtec sells copper bus and tag mainframe cables to fiber optic cables used in data and communications applications, along with a variety of network cables for LAN and WAN networking applications. Cxtec stocks and sells different brands such as Cisco Systems, Nortel, 3Com, and HP. Cxtec customer base includes Hershey Foods Corporation; Becton, Dickinson and Company, Cooper Industries, McKenzie Financial, Inc, and ITT Industries.

Brain Technology specializes in manufacturing hardware and software technologies, since 1992.

Brain Technology   Westerfeld  Germany
Brain Technology manufactures hardware and software technology. The company provides the products like USB device server, USB interface, USB controller, USB interface module, USB bus interface adapter, parallel bus interface adapter, etc.

Breakers Unlimited Inc supplies new and used breakers, bus plugs, switches, contact kits and fuses.

Breakers Unlimited Inc    United States
Breakers Unlimited Inc specializes in supplying new and used air circuit breakers, bus plugs, circuit breakers, disconnects, fusible panel switches, contact kits, fuses, motor control, etc.

Pickering Interfaces supplies signal switches for commercial and military applications.

Pickering Interfaces    United States
Pickering Interfaces specializes in providing signal switches for commercial and military applications. Their products are PXI instruments, PXI switch modules, PXI utility modules, PXI chassis, PCI products, IEEE-488 products, VXI products, optical products, cables and connectors, relays, modules, pi-basic module. Pickering Interfaces has been quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Entertron Industries Inc. manufactures and specializes in PLCs for OEMs since 1978.

Entertron Industries Inc.    United States
Entertron Industries Inc. offers ModBus RTU as a communications protocol and provides interface to a scada system, use eplcs as a scada system, interface to HMI software, interface to an operator interface, interface to a touch screen, interface to other modbus devices, network multiple entertron eplcs together.

EMS Technologies Inc designs and manufactures wireless, satellite and defense products since 1968.

EMS Technologies Inc    United States
EMS Technologies Inc specializes in designing and manufacturing wireless, satellite and defense products. They offer phased array polarization switches, autotrack combiners, beam forming networks, sensors and countermeasures, smart weapons, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 standard.