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Agile Systems Inc designs, develops and manufactures advanced motion control technology including motor control and power conversion systems since 1994.

Agile Systems Inc    Canada
Agile Systems Inc specializes in designing, developing and manufacturing of advanced motion control technology including motor control and power conversion systems. Their products include motion control, drives, software, etc. They specialize in integrating power electronics, digital controls and network communications into small, compact and cost effective packages.

Frakes Engineering Inc since 1978 specializes in providing automation solutions

Frakes Engineering Inc   Indianapolis  United States
Frakes Engineering Inc is a premier control and information systems integration firm. The company also design and develops range of systems, including discrete control systems, process control systems, manufacturing execution systems, vision systems, and motion control systems

Technosoft is a leading DSP motion control technology company specialized in the\r\ndevelopment, design and manufacture of digital motion control products and custom motion systems.

Technosoft is a leading DSP Motion Control technology company, specialized in the design and manufacture of motion control OEM products and custom motion systems. Technosoft’s focus on innovative design, using the latest control technology, has culminated in the realization of the MotionChip™ - a dedicated DSP solution for motion control, embedded today in a broad range of intelligent servo drive products. Embedding motion control, drive and PLC functionalities in a single compact unit, Technosoft drives cover all type of brushless, DC, linear or step motor applications from 25 W (45 V, 0.5 A) up to 3 kW (325 V, 10 A). They are fully programmable and offer distributed control via CAN networks. The drives can run complex motions without requiring any external controller. The movement sequences can be programmed directly on the drive, while system control functions are handled from the supervising PC or PLC. The TML_LIB motion libraries for PC and PLC are available for the drives quick industrial integration. Starter kits help users to evaluate the drives and develop their specific projects. Technosoft drives support CiA standards DS-301 and DSP402 CANopen. \r\n

Chess Systems Ltd develops bespoke automation systems since 1991.

Chess Systems Ltd    United Kingdom
Chess Systems Ltd specializes in developing bespoke automation systems. Chess Systems has resources to deploy and support solutions. Few of their products include special purpose machines, robotic integration, vision inspections, laser markings, welding, cuttings, and motion controls. Their solutions use standards like building to GMP, FDA validation, 21CFR Part 11, and Clean Room compliances.

We specialize in designing and manufacturing linear actuators and integrated control systems for more than 20 years.   Matthews  0
TiMotion is a designer and manufacturer of linear actuators and integrated control systems. The company produces products like linear actuators, columns, gear motors, control boxes, power supplies, controls, and accessories.

Clayton Controls Inc. designs and integrates customers automated systems since 1967.

Clayton Controls Inc.    United States
Clayton Controls Inc. products are valves, actuators, vacuum, air preparation, shock and vibration controls, connectors and tubing. The company provide solutions for simple mechanical components to complex machine and motion controls. Clayton Controls Inc. is certified with ISO 9001:2000.

Advanced Motion Controls manufactures motion control systems since 1987.

Advanced Motion Controls   Camarillo  United States
Advanced Motion Controls specializes in manufacturing motion control systems. Their products include digital servo drives, servo drives, automated drive selector, filter cards, mounting cards, etc. The company has been certified with ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Eaton Corporation is a designer, integrator, and manufacturer of hydraulic power generation and fluid conveyance systems.

Eaton Corporation   Irvine  United States
Eaton Corporation specializes in designing, integrating, and manufacturing hydraulic power generation and fluid conveyance systems. Their products include hydraulic power generation systems; fluid, fuel and air delivery systems; hydraulic and electromechanical actuation and motion control systems; electrical power distribution sub-systems, propulsion sub-systems and jet engine dynamic and static shaft seals, cockpit controls and displays, ground fuel handling systems and pressure sensing, fluid health monitoring and lubrication systems.

Motion System Design is a newsletter which provides the latest news in power transmission and motion system design.

Motion System Design   Waltham  United States
Motion System Design provides information on motion control and power transmission. They offer blogs, industry links, industry news, enews, etc.

AMK Dives and Controls, Inc a wholly owned subsidiary of Arnold Mueller-Kirchheim of Germany specialized in motion control products in Germany, since 1963.

AMK Dives and Controls, Inc    United States
AMK Dives and Controls, Inc`s global network of subsidiaries and agents assures OEM`s and end users worldwide coverage of sales, service and parts. AMK Dives and Controls, Inc manufacture servo drives, AMKASYN control technology, AMKASYN convection-cooled servo motors, single-axis and multi-axis motion control systems, drive-integrated PLC and CNC, fieldbus interfaces, and specialty motors and drives.