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Elastizell Corporation of America manufactures material for roof decks, engineered fill applications, and floor fill installations for over 30 years.

Elastizell Corporation of America    United States
Elastizell Corporation of America specializes in manufacturing material for cellular concrete applications for roof decks, engineered fill applications, and floor fill installations. They provide new and reroofing solution.

Superior Energies Inc manufactures insulation blankets, fire blankets, etc. , since 1978.

Superior Energies Inc    United States
Superior Energies Inc provides engineering, fabrication, and installation of insulation blankets, fire blankets, acoustical curtains, thermal shields. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000. Few of their products include fire temp, flexi wrap, spray shield, temp set for petro chemical, oil refineries, transportation, power generation, etc.

Kinzler Companies Corporate specializes in supplying construction equipments and services.

Kinzler Companies Corporate    United States
Kinzler Companies Corporate provides installation services of construction materials. The company also supplies steel studs, spray foam insulation, drywall, gypsum concrete, metal frames, grid ceilings, central vacuums, door hardware, shower doors, and fireproofing and protection products.

Providing installation of Central Office Equipment for the Telecommunication, Cellular nad PCS industries.

R. A. Telcom, Inc.   East Liverpool  United States
Installation:\r\n Cell Site Installation\r\n Central Office Equipment Installation\r\n PCS / Cellular Radio Equipment Installation\r\n Power / Grounding\r\n Transmission Equipment Installation\r\n Switch Installation - Wire Line\r\n Switch Installation - Wireless\r\n Fiber Optic System Installation\r\n DC Power Distribution Systems Installation - additions - support equipment installation\r\n Shelter / Equipment Cabinet Installation\r\n Equipment Up-grades\r\n GPS Installation\r\nPeripheral Installation Material provided through vendors:\r\n Power Cable - THHN, Welding, Stranded Cop/Tin, Bare Solid Copper\r\n Compression Lugs - All sizes - (e.g. Burndy, T&B), C-Taps, H-Taps\r\n Buss Bars - All Sizes\r\n Voice Cable - 3-6-12 Pr. H.F., 16-30 ABAM 22ga., Station Wire - CAT 5, Heliax Coax & Connectors, Jumper Wire, 8 conductor flat cord & connector, 25 pr. Voice cable, AMP Connectors\r\n Wire / Cable Accessories - Cable Ties, Connectors, Shrink Tubing, Identification Products\r\n Auxiliary Framing - Bracing, Mounting Kits, Floor Mounting Hardware \r\n Cable Rack - Splicing Kits, Brackets, Wall Angle, Corner Clamps\r\n Equipment Rack - BAy Bolts, Cabling Section, Rack Adapters, Cable Stand-offs, Equipment Mounting Screws\r\n Grounding / Isolation Kits - Polyester-Fiber, Fiberglass, Installation Stand-offs, Insulated Bushings, Side Bar Insulators, Insulation Sheets, Ground Stap Assembly, Equipment Rack Grounding, Channel Insulators\r\n Stainless Steel - Bolts, Nuts, Lock/Flat Washers, Belleville Comp. Washers, Dragon Tooth Washers \r\n Hardware - Clamps, Cable Brackets, J-Bolts, Mounting Hardware, Threaded Rod, U-Bolts, V-Bolts, Unistrut (sections, nuts, splices), Beam Clamps, Tap-cons, Power Cable Brackets, Wire/Wire Terminal Blocks, Connectorized Terminal Blocks\r\n\r\n

Industrial Insulation and Sheet Metal Inc manufactures and distributes wide range of insulation materials and insulation accessories since 1964.

Industrial Insulation and Sheet Metal Inc    United States
Industrial Insulation and Sheet Metal Inc specializes in manufacturing and supplying insulation materials and insulation accessories. Few of their products are castables, mineral wool, ceramic fiber, tie wire, banding, screws, seal clips, cork tape, duct tape, fiberglass backed tape, etc.

Insulation Solutions distributes custom made products and auxiliary materials.

Insulation Solutions    Netherlands
Insulation Solutions specializes in distributing custom made products and auxiliary materials. They supplies insulation materials like akisol, clecon and isolpro.

Insulation services for home and business owners. We install foam insulation to roofing to help control airflow and heat loss within buildings. The services we offer are available to customers across the UK and typical installation takes 1 to 2 days.

Sprayseal   Cheshire  United Kingdom
Sprayseal have over 25 years of experience in home and industrial insulation and offer insulation services to customers across the UK. We have worked with a variety of customers and buildings and our specialist spray foam insulation means we are able to insulate almost any space. \r\n\r\nSprayseal is also registered with Bufca and Fair Trades and makes use of environmentally friendly spray foam insulation. Our insulation contains no toxic fibres and does not effect people with asmatha.

American Mechanical Insulation Sales Inc is a supplier of variety of insulation materials since 1981.

American Mechanical Insulation Sales Inc    United States
American Mechanical Insulation Sales Inc specializes in distributing wide range of industrial and commercial insulation materials. Few of their brands are Knauf Fiber Glass, Armstrong Armaflex, etc.

Online retailer of loft insulation and pipe lagging. We offer discounts to trade customers

Advanced Insulation Manufacturing   St Helens  United Kingdom
A wholesale distributor of thermal insulation materials

Cedomatec Inc manufactures garage door hardwares since 1950.

Cedomatec Inc    Canada
Cedomatec Inc specializes in manufacturing garage door hardwares. The company products line include cedotherm series c 3000, progressive series c 5000, f1 series c 7000, duralites, windows, etc.