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Antique Surveying sells and services various antique surveying equipments and optical tooling equipments for more than 35 years.

Antique Surveying    United States
Antique Surveying specializes in repairing, calibrating and selling the surveying instruments, scientific instruments, and optical tooling equipments. Few of their products include transits and theodolites, compasses, wye levels, dumpy levels, tilting levels, transit levels, auto levels hand levels, alidades, plane tables and accessories other surveying equipment, special instrument accessories, drafting equipment, tripods and accessories, tapes, chains and accessories leveling rods and accessories, other scientific instruments, tools, collimators and telescopes, etc.

David White manufactures drawing and surveying instruments.

David White    United States
David White specializes in manufacturing drawing and surveying instruments. Their products include rotary lasers, dot lasers, laser detectors, laser targets, laser tripod, mount adapters, etc.

Rickly Hydrological Company manufactures and distributes hydrological instrumentation equipments for more than 75 years.

Rickly Hydrological Company    United States
Rickly Hydrological Company specializes in manufacturing and supplying various hydrological instrumentation equipments including stream gaging instruments, surveying equipment, sample analysis instruments, water quality instruments, gaging station accessories, stream gaging accessories, stage measurement, meteorological instruments, etc. Few of their products are sounding reels, wading rods, ice meter gaging, bridge board, cranes, total stations, prisms and targets, sokkia tripods, laser rangefinders, altimeters, dissolved oxygen probe, turbidity sensor, mini sieve, screen sieve set, ASTM testing sieves, binoculars, flashlights, batteries, generators, thermometers, waders, etc. Their services include instrument repair, testing and calibration, engineering services, handbooks and publications, etc

CST/berger is a manufacturer of variety of steel measuring tapes for various industrial applications since 1903.

CST/berger    United States
CST/berger specializes in manufacturing variety of steel measuring tapes for various industrial applications. Their products include optical transit products, laser instruments, measuring devices, rods, poles, plumb bobs, tripods, etc.

Major Safety Service Inc is a distributor of gas detection equipments and safety equipments for more than 30 years.

Major Safety Service Inc    United States
Major Safety Service Inc specializes in distributing gas detection equipments and safety equipments. Their products include calibration gas, ergonomics, fall protection, fire protection, foot protection, instruments, spill control, etc.

Land Measurement Systems Inc is a manufacturer of measurements systems since 1998.

Land Measurement Systems Inc    Canada
Land Measurement Systems Inc specializes in manufacturing measurements systems. Their products include machine automation, lasers and construction, GPS, supplies, survey instruments, data collectors, etc.

EfstonScience supplies telescopes, binoculars, microscopes, science fair supplies, scientific instruments, test equipment and accessories since 1970.

EfstonScience    Canada
EfstonScience is a online shopping source specializes in supplying telescopes, binoculars, microscopes, science fair supplies, scientific instruments, test equipment and accessories.

Eurogrove Designs Ltd supplies tripods, lifter and other safety products.

Eurogrove Designs Ltd    United Kingdom
Eurogrove Designs Ltd specializes in distributing safety products for the water and waste water industries. Their products include wheeled tripod, cover lifter, tripod, fall arrest and recovery block. , safety cables, etc.

Ronard Industries Inc designs and manufactures antenna hardware products for the telecommunication industry.

Ronard Industries Inc    United States
Ronard Industries Inc manufactures and produces antenna hardware products for the telecommunication industry. They offer products like no. 1009 3 commercial/ industrial tripod, no. 1011 5 commercial and industrial tripod, no. 4009 3 universal tripod, no. 4712 10 tripod, no. 2009 3 commercial and industrial double braced tripod, no. 2212-2224 heavy-duty chimney mounts, turnbuckles, tar pad kits, replacement feet kits, collar bolt kits, etc.

We specialize in service provider of surveying instrument and measuring equipments.   Singapore  0
Pentaland Surveying specialized in sale and service of surveying instrument and measuring equipment such as Total stations, GPS/ GNSS RTK system, 3D Laser Scanner, Thermal Imager, Analyzer, and Accessories. The company export surveying equipment of all sizes at competitive prices across Asia, Europe, United States, Canada, South America, South Africa, Middle East, Australia and the Oceanian. The company will make sure that your survey equipment order is delivered safely through our door to door service. The manufacture are Artec 3d Scanner, Faro 3d, Flir, Fluke, Leica, Olympus Innov-X, Prodim, Sokkia, Thermo Niton, Topcon and Trimble.\r\n\r\nThe company with more than 5 years experience in surveying instrument and measuring equipment supply, sell a wide range of latest instruments, accessories and consumables for measuring, surveying applications and construction. The related products from the worlds leading brands such as Trimble, Leica, Sokkia, Topcon, Trimble spectra, Faro, Artec, Prodim, etc. The catagories are 3D Laser Scanning Surveying, Field Controllers, GNSS RTK GPS System, GPS Navigation, Lasers, Levels, Portable XRF Analyzer, Pre-Owned Survey Equipment, Survey Equipment For Sale, Survey Total Stations, Thermal Imaging Camera, Total Station & GPS RTK Accessories, Surveying Adapters, Surveying Batteries, Surveying Bipods, Surveying Poles and Surveying Tripods.