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Block Engineering is a manufacturer of fourier transform infrared spectrometer systems since 1956.

Block Engineering    United States
Block Engineering specializes in manufacturing fourier transform infrared spectrometer systems. Their products include block engineering model 100, block engineering imaging spectrometer, block engineering model 500, block engineering hispec, etc.

Ascho Industries Limited supplies variety of analytical instruments. The company was established in 1986.

Ascho Industries Limited   Mumbai  India
Ascho Industries Limited specializes in supplying wide range of analytical instruments. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.

Angstrom Inc is a manufacturer of arc spark emission spectrometers since 1962.

Angstrom Inc    United States
Angstrom Inc specializes in manufacturing arc spark emission spectrometers pulverizers, and presses for metals analysis, and upgrade systems, xrf and xrd samples. Their products include portable spectrometer, desktop spectrometer, laboratory spectrometer, refurbished spectrometers, automatic briquet press, laboratory ring pulverizer, etc.

Horiba Jobin Yvon Inc manufactures wide range of analytical instruments.

Horiba Jobin Yvon Inc    United States
Horiba Jobin Yvon Inc specializes in manufacturing various analytical instruments. Few of their products are OES spectrometers, SMA fiber spectrometers, glow discharge spectrometers, OEM monochromators, carbon and analyzers, etc. is a supplier of various spectrometer components and other related accessories.    Germany specializes in supplying variety of spectrometer components for UV/VIS, NIR, Raman and Fluorescence applications. Few of their products are spectrometers, probes, flow cells, sample holders, light sources, fiber optics, fiber-optic switches, multiplexers, etc. They also specializes in leasing of spectrometers and other related accessories.

Infrared Consulting Services provides infrared electrical, NDT and building envelope inspection services since 1988.

Infrared Consulting Services    United States
Infrared Consulting Services specializes in offering infrared electrical, NDT and building envelope inspection services. Their service includes infrared roof moisture surveys, infrared electrical system surveys, infrared wall moisture surveys, airborne ultrasonic testing, etc.

Thermo Electron Corporation manufactures and distributes analytical and scientific instruments since 1956.

Thermo Electron Corporation    United States
Thermo Electron Corporation specializes in developing and supplying analytical and scientific instruments. Their product includes Nexus FT IR spectrometer, Avatar FT IR spectrometer, IR100, etc.

Celadon Inc manufactures infrared remote control and receiver systems.

Celadon Inc    United States
Celadon Inc specializes in manufacturing infrared remote control and receiver systems. Their products include infrared remote controls, radio frequency remote controls, OEM remote controls, infrared receivers, infrared to rs232, radio frequency receivers, and custom remote controls.

Infrared Heating Technologies Llc specializes in manufacturing and designing custom thermal processing systems for a variety of applications.

Infrared Heating Technologies Llc   Oak Ridge  United States
Infrared Heating Technologies Llc designs and manufactures custom thermal processing systems for a variety of applications. Their systems include infrared batch ovens, infrared conveyor ovens, gas catalytic infrared ovens, infrared/convection combination ovens, tunnel ovens, infrared cure ovens, infrared dryers, silicon carbide clamshell furnaces, and other thermal processing systems.

   Wedel  Germany