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Remel manufactures microbiology, parasitology, immunology, serology, and virology products since 1973.

Remel   Lenexa  United States
Remel specializes in manufacturing microbiology, parasitology, immunology, serology, and virology products for clinical, industrial, research, and academic laboratories. Few of their products include microbial identification systems, quality control organisms, stains, reagents, dehydrated culture media, prepared media and diagnostic test kits, EIA test kits, and slide agglutination kits.

International Immunology Corporation is a distributor of polyclonal antisera, calibrators, and controls for various industries since 1982.

International Immunology Corporation   Murrieta  United States
International Immunology Corporation specializes in distributing polyclonal antisera, calibrators, and controls for various industries. Their products include bulk antisera and antibodies, bulk antisera to human immunoglobulins, bulk antisera to human serum proteins, bulk antisera to human apolipoproteins, bulk antisera to cardiac markers, engineered products, etc.

Partec GmbH manufactures flow cytometers more than 35 years.

Partec GmbH    Germany
Partec GmbH specializes in producing laser and arc lamp based flow cytometers for counting, immunology, ploidy analysis, cell analsysis, etc. Their product modesl include CyStain DNA, CyStain UV, CyStain PI, DNA control, etc. The company is quality certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and DIN EN ISO 3485:2003

R and D Systems Inc manufactures biological products since 1976.

R and D Systems Inc   Minneapolis  United States
R and D Systems Inc specializes in manufacturing biological products. They operate two divisions namely biotechnology and hematology. The biotechnology division serves the basic research, clinical research, and clinical diagnostic markets with cytokine-related products for cancer, development, endocrinology, immunology, neuroscience, proteases, and stem cell research. The hematology division is the manufacturer of hematology analyzer controls, calibrators, etc. Few of their products are proteins antibodies, elisa or assay kits, elispot kits, multiplex assays, flow cytometry kits, etc.

We specialize in distributing of medical transcription for doctors\ offices, hospitals, medical offices and other medical professions.   Houston  0
Abs medical transcription services understand that when Physicians have to waste time editing, money and time is wasted. Abs provide around-the-clock transcription services 365 days a year. The MEDIK TRANS specialize in professional medical transcription for doctors\ offices, hospitals, medical offices and other medical professions. Abs offer specialists in MT who understand medical coding transcription and medical terminology and are experts at all forms of audio transcription, digital dictation and medical records transcription verifiable accuracy rate is unmatched in the industry.\r\n\r\nThe company Provide Free Trial for Transcription For Cardiologist, Transcription For Neurologist, Transcription For Therapists, Allergy Transcription, Immunology Transcription, Chiropractic Transcription, Dermatology Transcription, Hematology Transcription, Internal Medicine Transcription, Nephrology Transcription, Oncology Transcription, Ophthalmology Transcription, Pathology Transcription, Medical Transcription Company, American Medical Transcription, US Medical Transcription Service, Online Medical Transcription, Overseas Medical Transcription, Outsourcing Medical Transcription, HIPAA-Compliant Medical Transcription, Offshoring Medical Transcription Services, Freelance Medical Transcription, Freelance Medical Transcriptionist, Medical Transcripts, Low Cost Medical Transcription Services, Medical transcription corporation and Medical transcription specialist.\r\n\r\nAbs medical transcription services provide a full spectrum of services related to documentation, including digital dictation capture, ADT interface for most demographics, transcription of medical records, quality control of those documents, digital signature by provider, and electronic document delivery to provider and/or outside data depository.

The Bogen group is one of the research groups at the Institute of Immunology, University of Oslo.

The Bogen group    Norway
The Bogen group is one of the research groups at the Institute of Immunology, University of Oslo. Their project includes topics of immune regulation and autoimmunity, tumor immunology, B cell lymphomas and multiple myeloma, and vaccines troy bodies.

IGeneX Inc provides specialty immunology laboratory services since 1983.

IGeneX Inc    United States
IGeneX Inc is a service provider, which specializes in providing immunology laboratory services.

Celgene Corporation discovers and develops therapies to treat cancer and immunological diseases since 1986.

Celgene Corporation    United States
Celgene Corporation specializes in discovering and developing therapies to treat cancer and immunological diseases. Their products include revlimid, thalomid, alkeran, focalin, etc.

CMDR is a microbial diseases and immunity research center.

CMDR    Canada
CMDR specializes as a microbial diseases and immunity research center. Their service includes encouraging collaboration among microbial diseases and immunology researchers, increasing access to research funding, promoting graduate and undergraduate education in microbial diseases and immunology, etc.

We specialize in sales and service provider of research, medical, analytical & diagnostic instrumentation.   Yehud  0
Merkel Technologies Ltd are based near Tel Aviv, with extensive experience in sales & servicing of Research, Medical, Analytical & Diagnostic instrumentation.\r\n The company is experienced in installation, training, servicing & upgrading of complex instrumentation including optical alignment, application support, sample introduction systems including hydraulic, flow, pneumatic and motion controls as well as complex computer based acquisition/analysis workstations & software, include image analysis, cell identification based on fluorescent labelled antibodies and many other disciplines.\r\n\r\nThe routinely sell & service equipment throughout the Israeli research market, including all universities and research institutes. The company have a well established reputation, and long term relationships with all inter-disciplinary service units of research and academic institutes.\r\n The company also provide sales and support services to customers in Europe. The biotechnology sector, including start-ups and established companies are Pharmaceutical industries, production facilities, \r\nPolice and military forensic laboratories.\r\n All hospitals including cytology, immunology, hematology & pathology laboratories.\r\n Many analytical and QC laboratories, Oceanographic research institutes.