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Eiken Chemical Co Ltd is a manufacturer and distributor of clinical diagnostics and equipments since 1939.

Eiken Chemical Co Ltd   Tokyo  Japan
Eiken Chemical Co Ltd specializes in manufacturing and distributing clinical diagnostics and equipments. Their offer poa media, kb disk, dry chemistry reagents, clinical chemistry reagents, immunological and serological reagents, automated clinical analyzer, etc.

R and D Systems Inc manufactures biological products since 1976.

R and D Systems Inc   Minneapolis  United States
R and D Systems Inc specializes in manufacturing biological products. They operate two divisions namely biotechnology and hematology. The biotechnology division serves the basic research, clinical research, and clinical diagnostic markets with cytokine-related products for cancer, development, endocrinology, immunology, neuroscience, proteases, and stem cell research. The hematology division is the manufacturer of hematology analyzer controls, calibrators, etc. Few of their products are proteins antibodies, elisa or assay kits, elispot kits, multiplex assays, flow cytometry kits, etc.

Gow-Mac Instrument Co manufactures instruments and thermal conductivity since 1935.

Gow-Mac Instrument Co   Bethlehem  United States
Gow-Mac Instrument Co designs, and manufactures thermal conductivity detectors. They are specialized for products such as gas chromatographs, binary gas analyzers, process instrumentation, custom, applicated instrumentation, gas handling equipment, and gas leak detectors.

LeCroy Corporation manufactures oscilloscopes and protocol analyzers since 1964.

LeCroy Corporation    United States
LeCroy Corporation specializes in manufacturing oscilloscopes and protocol analyzers for electronic industrial applications. Their products includes wave expert series, vehicle bus analyzers, wavejet series, compare oscilloscope, serial data analyzers, fibre channel, protocol test card, differential amplifiers, etc. They offer services like instrument service, training, technical support service, protocol solutions, etc.

Data Physics Corporation specializes in providing signal processing solutions since 1984.

Data Physics Corporation   San Jose  United States
Data Physics Corporation provides signal processing solutions. Their products include dynamic signal analyzers, vibration controllers, shakers and accessories. The company has been quality certified to 9001:2000.

The Bogen group is one of the research groups at the Institute of Immunology, University of Oslo.

The Bogen group    Norway
The Bogen group is one of the research groups at the Institute of Immunology, University of Oslo. Their project includes topics of immune regulation and autoimmunity, tumor immunology, B cell lymphomas and multiple myeloma, and vaccines troy bodies.

International Immunology Corporation is a distributor of polyclonal antisera, calibrators, and controls for various industries since 1982.

International Immunology Corporation   Murrieta  United States
International Immunology Corporation specializes in distributing polyclonal antisera, calibrators, and controls for various industries. Their products include bulk antisera and antibodies, bulk antisera to human immunoglobulins, bulk antisera to human serum proteins, bulk antisera to human apolipoproteins, bulk antisera to cardiac markers, engineered products, etc.

CIC Photonics Inc manufactures analytical, industrial instrumentation and sampling systems.

CIC Photonics Inc    United States
CIC Photonics Inc specializes in manufacturing analytical, industrial instrumentation and sampling systems. The company product includes gas analysis systems and FTIR accessories.

IGeneX Inc provides specialty immunology laboratory services since 1983.

IGeneX Inc    United States
IGeneX Inc is a service provider, which specializes in providing immunology laboratory services.

Celgene Corporation discovers and develops therapies to treat cancer and immunological diseases since 1986.

Celgene Corporation    United States
Celgene Corporation specializes in discovering and developing therapies to treat cancer and immunological diseases. Their products include revlimid, thalomid, alkeran, focalin, etc.