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Horiba Jobin Yvon Inc manufactures wide range of analytical instruments.

Horiba Jobin Yvon Inc    United States
Horiba Jobin Yvon Inc specializes in manufacturing various analytical instruments. Few of their products are OES spectrometers, SMA fiber spectrometers, glow discharge spectrometers, OEM monochromators, carbon and analyzers, etc.

Spectro is a supplier of analytical instruments, employing optical emission, and X-ray fluorescence spectrometry technology since 1979.

Spectro   Kleve  Germany
Spectro specializes in supplying analytical instruments, employing optical emission, and X-ray fluorescence spectrometry technology, used for the elemental analysis of materials in industry, research and academia. Their products include Portable and mobile on-site metal analyzers, stationary metal analyzers, ICP spectrometers, XRF spectrometers, and on-line systems.

iCP Inc specializes in distributing wide range of furniture and other related accessories.

iCP Inc   Greensboro  United States
iCP Inc is a supplier of various furniture and other related accessories for dinning room, bedroom, home, office, entertainment centers, etc.

ICP Ltd is a distributor specializing in janitorial equipments, cleaning and hygiene products for commercial purpose.

ICP Ltd    United Kingdom
ICP Ltd is a distributor in janitorial equipments, cleaning and hygiene products for commercial purpose. They offer products like towel dispensers, air dispensers, squeegeers, dry vacuum cleaner, etc. They have been ISO 9002 quality certified.

Angstrom Inc is a manufacturer of arc spark emission spectrometers since 1962.

Angstrom Inc    United States
Angstrom Inc specializes in manufacturing arc spark emission spectrometers pulverizers, and presses for metals analysis, and upgrade systems, xrf and xrd samples. Their products include portable spectrometer, desktop spectrometer, laboratory spectrometer, refurbished spectrometers, automatic briquet press, laboratory ring pulverizer, etc.

ICP Associates LLC is a consulting company, which supplies infection control products since 1986.

ICP Associates LLC    United States
ICP Associates LLC is a consulting company, which specializes in supplying infection control products. Few of their products include infection control manual for hospitals, infection control manual for long term care, infection control manual for behavioral health, infection control manual for home health care, CDC infection control guidelines, educational booklets, posters, staff educational videos, etc. The company also provides infection control and epidemiology consultation services.

Exaxol Corporation is a manufacturer of chemical products since 1988.

Exaxol Corporation    United States
Exaxol Corporation manufactures certified inorganic standards for laboratory instruments including ICP, ICP-MS, atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS), graphite furnace (GFAA), and ion chromatography (IC). The company also provides custom multi-element standards and standardized solutions for wet chemistry. is a supplier of various spectrometer components and other related accessories.    Germany specializes in supplying variety of spectrometer components for UV/VIS, NIR, Raman and Fluorescence applications. Few of their products are spectrometers, probes, flow cells, sample holders, light sources, fiber optics, fiber-optic switches, multiplexers, etc. They also specializes in leasing of spectrometers and other related accessories.

Thermo Electron Corporation manufactures and distributes analytical and scientific instruments since 1956.

Thermo Electron Corporation    United States
Thermo Electron Corporation specializes in developing and supplying analytical and scientific instruments. Their product includes Nexus FT IR spectrometer, Avatar FT IR spectrometer, IR100, etc.

Inorganic Ventures Inc prepares custom inorganic standards and also sells variety of conventional standards since 1985.

Inorganic Ventures Inc   Lakewood  United States
Inorganic Ventures Inc specializes in developing custom inorganic standards and distributing variety of conventional standards. They supply analytical chemists with certified reference material and calibration standards. The company is quality certified to IS0 9001 2000 standard.