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Energoprojekt Warszawa S. A. develop hydro power plants as renewable energy sources for over 55 years.

Energoprojekt Warszawa S. A.    Poland
Energoprojekt Warszawa S. A. provide with lignite fired power plants, hard coal fired power plants, combined heat and power plants, hydro power plants, pumped storage power plants, gas and steam combined cycle units, etc.

Minel Projektinzenjering AD provides electric power engineering services for more than 50 years.

Minel Projektinzenjering AD    Serbia
Minel Projektinzenjering AD specializes in providing electric power engineering services. Few of their services include transformer stations and electro transmission projects, transmission lines, air and cable system, hydro and thermo power plants, heating plants and energans, etc. The company has been certified with ISO 9001:2001 standard.

Canyon Hydro specializes in manufacturing turbine systems and hydro systems for generating hydro electricity.

Canyon Hydro   Deming  United States
Canyon Hydro manufactures turbine systems and hydro systems for generating hydro electricity. The company produces commercial systems and residential systems. Canyon hydro system consists of water turbine and housing, drive system generator, electronic governor, assembly frame, stainless steel runner, needle nozzle, and frequency protection jet deflector.

Duke Energy Corporation specializes in providing electric power and gas distribution operations, and other energy services.

Duke Energy Corporation   Charlotte  United States
Duke Energy Corporation is a service provider, which offers electric power and gas distribution operations, and other energy services to Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky state in Unites States.

Sacramento Municipal Utility District generates, transmits and distributes electric power to Sacramento County since 1923.

Sacramento Municipal Utility District   Sacramento  United States
Sacramento Municipal Utility District specializes in generating, transmitting, and distributing electric power to Sacramento County. The company generates electricity from hydro generation, cogeneration plants, advanced and renewable technologies such as wind, solar and biomass/landfill gas power, etc.


Agro Engineers manufactures machinery and automobile gears, mechanical engineering power transmission gears since 1969.

Agro Engineers   Kota  India
Agro Engineers focuses on providing a complete gear service, from design, engineering and product development, to complete manufacture and sales of gears, gearboxes and related power transmission mechanisms. Agro Engineers manufactures products like machinery and automobile gears, and power transmission gears like worm gear boxes, custom gears, gear boxes, gear shafts, pinions, racks, pinion gears, chain sprockets, etc. Agro Engineers products satisfies the need of industries like stone, mining, engineering, cement, fertilizers, rayons, textiles, chemicals, nuclear, thermal, hydro electric plants, coal handling plant, hydro multipurpose projects, and many other applications. Agro Engineers is quality certified to ISO 9001. Agro Engineers also works for govt. projects, large scale industries and small scale industries.

Keith Huber Inc manufactures wide range of mobile vacuum loading equipment, transport trailers, and industrial water jetting machines.

Keith Huber Inc   Gulfport  United States
Keith Huber Inc specializes in manufacturing mobile vacuum loading equipment, transport trailers, and industrial water jetting machines, which is used in oil refineries, steel mills, power plants, sewer treatment plants, chemical plants, paper mills, etc., Their products include Dominator, Berringer, King Vac, and Airlord.

Electrical Power Engineering (Scotland) Limited manufactures hydro generators, high speed turbine generators, standby emergency generators, cogeneration systems, distribution panels, motor control centers and automatic synchronizing panels since 1992.

Electrical Power Engineering (Scotland) Limited    United Kingdom
Electrical Power Engineering (Scotland) Limited has completed projects like: commissioning of 33kV substation with SF6 circuit breakers, HV power factor correction installation, 33kV switchboard installation and commissioning, 11kV compressor installation and commissioning, troubleshooting of power system instability between gas turbines, and design, supply, installation and commissioning of new AVRs and power management system, etc. The company provides services to power plants, offshore, and marine.

Poyry Plc provides integrated management consulting services.

Poyry Plc   Zurich  Switzerland
Poyry Plc is a service provider, which offers various management consulting services. Their services include business strategy, market entry studies, energy price projections, structure finance, emissions trading and carbon finance, etc.