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Canyon Hydro specializes in manufacturing turbine systems and hydro systems for generating hydro electricity.

Canyon Hydro   Deming  United States
Canyon Hydro manufactures turbine systems and hydro systems for generating hydro electricity. The company produces commercial systems and residential systems. Canyon hydro system consists of water turbine and housing, drive system generator, electronic governor, assembly frame, stainless steel runner, needle nozzle, and frequency protection jet deflector.

BC Hydro provides electrical products and energy solutions since 1860.

BC Hydro    Canada
BC Hydro specializes in providing electrical products and energy solutions. Their marketing products are cars, trucks, electrical equipment, computers, tools, scrap metal, etc. BC Hydro generates power by using various systems like electric generation system, thermal generation system, interregional connections, etc.

National Electric Coil specializes in manufacturing voltage generator and motor windings since 1917.

National Electric Coil    ,,
National Electric Coil manufactures of high voltage generator and motor windings. Their products include generator stators, generator rotors, exciters, etc. , They provide service for power producers and industry. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001.

Sacramento Municipal Utility District generates, transmits and distributes electric power to Sacramento County since 1923.

Sacramento Municipal Utility District   Sacramento  United States
Sacramento Municipal Utility District specializes in generating, transmitting, and distributing electric power to Sacramento County. The company generates electricity from hydro generation, cogeneration plants, advanced and renewable technologies such as wind, solar and biomass/landfill gas power, etc.

Genesis Energy is a producer and supplier of electricity and gas for residential and business use.

Genesis Energy    New Zealand
Genesis Energy is an electricity generating, trading and retailing company backed by a combination of hydro and thermal generation. Genesis owns seven power stations in the North Island including the Huntly Power Station, Tongariro Power Scheme, Waikaremoana Hydro Scheme, the Hau Nui wind farm.

We mainly focus on energy-saving products. We offer total tailormade package solutions to suit every energy needs.   Dongying  0
Suneco Green Energy Limited focuses on energy-saving products. Company also offer total tailor made package solutions to suit every energy needs.\r\n\r\nCompany has been popular in the benefits of electrification in the areas with hydro power potential but without a grid network. New technology, less stringent regulation of grid-connected micro hydro generators and standardized turbine designs are now encouraging more widespread interest in micro hydro in the UK.\r\n\r\nVarious turbines of the company include pelton turbines, Francis turbines, cross-flow or banki turbines, propeller turbines, river current turbines, etc.\r\n\r\nCompany’s micro-hydro electric systems are used in the areas such as refrigeration for health clinics, computers and radio for schools, internet access and mobile phone charging.\r\n\r\nMicro-hydro electric systems of the company have major benefits in the areas like historic water mills, hilly areas with spring-fed streams, and weirs.\r\n\r\nSuneco Green Energy Limited has been quality certified to ISO 9000 standards,and has been accredited to CE certification.

Kansas Wind Power specializes in manufacturing solar, wind, hydro and diesel electric systems for homes, cabins, farms, boats, RV`s, and observatories.

Kansas Wind Power   Holton  United States
Kansas Wind Power was established in 1975. Kansas Wind Power manufactures solar, wind, hydro and diesel electric systems for homes, cabins, farms, boats, RV`s, and observatories. Their products include energy saving products, foods, water filters, water pumps, composting toilets, propane lights and appliances, radios, heaters, grain mills, books, telescopes, etc.

Toronto Hydro Corporation provides electricity distribution and retail energy services for residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

Toronto Hydro Corporation   Toronto  Canada
Toronto Hydro Corporation specializes in providing electricity distribution and retail energy services. The company owns and operates division such as Toronto Hydro-Electric System Ltd, Toronto Hydro Energy Services Inc, and Toronto Hydro Telecom Inc. They also offer street lighting, and data and internet services.

BMM Weston Limited is a manufacturer of engineering products for sterilizer, commercial laundry, textile, and foundry industry since 1882.

BMM Weston Limited    United Kingdom
BMM Weston Limited specializes in manufacturing engineering products for sterilizer, commercial laundry, textile, and foundry industry. Their products include clean steam generators, electric loading trolley, washer disinfectors, laundry presses and dry cleaning, industrial washer extractors, etc.

Electrical Power Engineering (Scotland) Limited manufactures hydro generators, high speed turbine generators, standby emergency generators, cogeneration systems, distribution panels, motor control centers and automatic synchronizing panels since 1992.

Electrical Power Engineering (Scotland) Limited    United Kingdom
Electrical Power Engineering (Scotland) Limited has completed projects like: commissioning of 33kV substation with SF6 circuit breakers, HV power factor correction installation, 33kV switchboard installation and commissioning, 11kV compressor installation and commissioning, troubleshooting of power system instability between gas turbines, and design, supply, installation and commissioning of new AVRs and power management system, etc. The company provides services to power plants, offshore, and marine.