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Krammer Armaturen specializes in the manufacture of hydrants and pipe fittings for more than 70 years.

Krammer Armaturen   Wr. Neustadt  Austria
Krammer Armaturen is a manufacturer specializing in hydrants and pipe fitting products. They offer products like hydrants, tunnel hydrants, drinking well, pipe fittings, multi joint, service valves and sundry fittings.

Assured Flow Sales Inc offers services like maintenance, operation and installation of fire hydrants.

Assured Flow Sales Inc   Sarasota  United States
Assured Flow Sales Inc provides services for installing, and operating fire hydrants. They are specialized for Gradelok, hydra-EZE, hydra-tags, N. I. S. bags, nozzle saver.

The Kupferle Foundry Co manufactures hydrants and sampling stations since 1857.

The Kupferle Foundry Co    ,,
The Kupferle Foundry Co specializes in manufacturing hydrants and sampling stations. The company products include flushing devices, sampling devices, yard hydrants, etc.

CSA Srl specializes in designing and manufacturing fire hydrants, pressure reducers and valves since 1983.

CSA Srl    Italy
CSA Srl designs and manufactures fire hydrants, pressure reducers and valves. Their products include hydraulic control valves, pressure control valves, float valve, air valves for sewage, air valves for acqueducts, fire hydrants, etc. The company has been quality certified to ISO 9001.

E J Prescott specializes in distributing water, sewer, and drain materials since 1955.

E J Prescott    United States
E J Prescott distributes water, sewer, and drain materials. Their services include live taps, drilling and tapping, pipeline and valve locating, installations and repair of hydrants and valves, leak locating, water main pressure testing and chlorinating newly installed or repaired water lines, sewer force main testing, sewer line air testing and leak locating. They supply products like pipe hydrants and valves, water meters, clamps, couplings and saddles, etc.

Bogart-Harvey Inc manufactures and supplies variety of piping and other automation products since 1984.

Bogart-Harvey Inc   Los Altos  United States
Bogart-Harvey Inc specializes in producing and distributing various piping and other automation products for municipal water and sewer pipe applications.

Hy Viz specializes in supplying hydrant markers, clothing and custom made reflective products.

Hy Viz   Lodi  United States
Hy Viz supplies hydrant markers, clothing and custom made reflective products. Their products include snowpoles, delineators, traffic calming and utility line markers, signage packages, airport runway markers, bumper guides, reflective batons, etc.

Clow Valve Company supplies waterworks equipments since 1878

Clow Valve Company    United States
Clow Valve Company specializes in supplying waterworks equipments since 1878. The company products include hydrants, gate valves, eccentric plug valves, in plant valves, and resilient wedge valves.

We specialize in producing fire protection and fire fighting products since 2002.   Yuyao  0
Zhejiang Taihuang Secure Industrial Co. Ltd is a producer of fire protection and fire fighting products. The product category includes fire extinguisher series, cylinder and cartridge series, fire extinguisher valve series, fire extinguisher accessories, hose reel series, branchpipe and nozzle, couplings and fittings, fire hose, fire cabinet, water valve, fire hydrant&standpipe, dividing&collecting breeching, fire monitor, filter, sprinkler, fire hydrant&coupling accessory, wet chemical kitchen system, safety sign, fire blanket, and oem&odm fire fighting parts.\r\n\r\nFew of the products produced are external cartridge, internal cartridge, hose reel base, alarm check valve, check valve, gate valve, kitchen fire suppression system, hydrant key socket, fixed type hose reel stand, spanners for couplings and hydrant, and fire hose rack.\r\n \r\nZhejiang Taihuang Secure Industrial Co. Ltd has been quality certified to ISO9001:2000 and CE \r\nquality standards. \r\n

Flotek International Pvt Ltd manufactures, and export world class engineering products from India.

Flotek International Pvt Ltd    ,,
Flotek International Pvt Ltd manufactures products such as gate valve, globe valve, check valve, safety relief valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, and hydrant valve. Their products are made according to the international specifications such as BS, API, ANSI, ASTM, AWWA, DIN, and JIS.