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Carr Lane Roemheld Mfg Co supplies hydraulic clamping and tool change systems since 1952

Carr Lane Roemheld Mfg Co    United States
Carr Lane Roemheld Mfg Co specializes in supplying hydraulic clamping and tool change systems since 1952. The company products include power clamps and cylinders, power vises and universal fixtures, hydraulic valves, swiftsure, hilma, stark, etc.

Aladco manufactures engineered products like valves, grip clamps, and roller cam clamps.

Aladco    United States
Aladco specializes in manufacturing engineered products. Their products include valves, grip clamps, and roller cam clamps. They design to assist automation engineers.

Bluco Corporation specializes in supplying work holding equipment for more than 15 years.

Bluco Corporation    United States
Bluco Corporation supplies work holding equipment. They provide information for work holding systems modular fixturing for welding, modular inspection fixtures, modular fixturing for machining, expanding mandrels and precision tombstones. Their products include inspection fixtures, machining fixtures, and welding fixtures.

Kompress Holdings Ltd manufactures electrical products.

Kompress Holdings Ltd    United Kingdom
Kompress Holdings Ltd specializes in manufacturing electrical products. Their products includes conduits, cable joining kits, safety signs, tapes, clamp bonds, fixings, junction clamps, end terminal tools, cable cutters, wire strippers, copper terminal compression tools, etc.

Hillcliff Tools Ltd. is a tooling agent and provides technical support since 1868.

Hillcliff Tools Ltd.    United Kingdom
Hillcliff Tools Ltd. products include wire thread inserts, stainless steel inserts, fixture clamps, precision work holding, chamfering tools, vertical clamping, modular multiworking system, power clamps, etc.

Wenzhou Lisin Technology Co., ltd. is one of the popular clamp and pipe fittings manufactures in China.

Wenzhou Lisin Technology Co., Ltd.   Wenzhou  China
Wenzhou Lisin Technology Co., Ltd, which was founded in 2002, with 12 years history of pipe fitting production. The main products of our company include: clamp, pipe holder, coupling, elbow, tee, cross, concentric reducer, eccentric reducer, pipe cap, valves etc.\r\n\r\nAll the products above are designed and manufactured according to domestic and overseas standards such as BPE,DIN , SMS , 3A ,IDF ,RJT , ISO and BS and so on. Those products have exported all around the world, for example, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe and America, which enjoy a good reputation among customers. \r\n\r\nWelcome you come to our booth to know more about our company.\r\n

DE-STA-CO a Dover company designs and manufactures manual toggle clamp since 1915.

DE-STA-CO    United States
DE-STA-CO design and manufacture clamps, gripper, transferring and robotic tooling solutions for workplace and flexible automation needs. The company provides with manual clamps, pneumatic clamps, hydraulic workholding, grippers, linear motion, rotary motion, electric drives, robotic tooling, end effect systems and vacuum.

Jergens Inc manufactures work holding products since 1942.

Jergens Inc   Cleveland  United States
Jergens Inc specializes in producing workholding products. Their product includes locating components, metric products, handles, knobs, handwheels, hoist rings, toggle clamps, power clamping systems, drill bushings, maintenance items, chuck jaws, etc.

Monroe PMP specializes in the manufacture of knob, handle, and handwheels. The company is also an operating element supplier to industrial, medical and automotive companies.

Monroe PMP   Auburn Hills  United States
Monroe PMP manufactures hardware components for the industrial distribution and light manufacturing industries. The company provides adjustable clamping levers, custom and continuous hinges, handwheels, knobs, handles, indexing pins, lever arms, work holding clamps, grippers and components, hydraulic clamping, and custom metal stamping.

We specialize in the designing and manufacturing of all kinds of cross coupling cable protectors, control line clamps, Mid joint clamp, MLE clamp and special clamps to hold the ESP cable, etc.,   Ningbo  0
Cross Coupling Protectors Limited is specializing in the designing and manufacturing of all kinds of cross coupling cable protectors, control line clamps, Mid joint clamp, MLE clamp and special clamps to hold the ESP cable, AWG cable, control lines and injection lines for downhole completion jobs. Consist of foundry and machining shop, equipped with automatic casting making lines and all kinds machining equipments, such as CNC machining center, CNC Lathe, Milling Machine, Drilling Machines.\r\n\r\nThe company product includes Bypass Clamp, Cross Coupling Cable Protector, Mid Joint Clamp and MLE Clamp. Cross Coupling cable protectors are well-engineered to safely convey and efficiently secure virtually any configuration of control lines or cables into or out of well-bores. More then 900 types of Cross Coupling cable protectors were custom made and developed for a wide range of tubing(coupling) type & sizes, cable types & sizes. Material and design will be custom made upon the projects’ requirements. Mid Joint protectors are designed and manufactured to meet to the customers demand to hold the control lines or cables into or out of well-bores. MLE Clamps are designed to hold and support the Motor Lead Extension cable at the assembly neck of the ESP components. The MLE clamps are manufactured by investment casting, and the casting parts are in high standard of dimension and surface quality in material of Carbon steel or Stainless Steel. Y-tool is designed to provide access below a downhole ESP system by offsetting the esp and providing straight line to below the wireline, coiled tubing or other mechanical or hydraulic tools. Y-tools is well designed with nice profile and beautiful looking, and the material of cast steel and stainless steel is available.\r\n\r\nCross Coupling Protectors Limited production capacity per year is 8000 tons for different kind of casting parts, and 300000 pcs of all kinds of Cross Coupling Cable Protectors, Mid Joint Clamps, MLE Clamps. Also has 10 years’ experience in the manufacturing of cross coupling cable protector for downhole working of Oil & Gas industry. More than 950 kinds of cross coupling cable protectors and control line clamps were developed with Streamlined designed into one pieces, no loose parts falling out during or after installation. The facility and quality control system assure the fast delivery of samples’ making and mass production with stable quality to the base.