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Ajax Industries manufactures and supplies machine tools. The company was established in 1953.

Ajax Industries    United States
Ajax Industries specializes in manufacturing and supplying wide range of machine tools. The company products are power chucks, manual chucks, aluminum total grip jaws, tongue and groove soft jaws, tongue and groove hard jaws, end mill holders, etc. The company also facilitates online purchasing.

Schunk GmbH and Co KG is a manufacturer of automation components, toolholders, and workholding equipments since 1945.

Schunk GmbH and Co KG    United States
Schunk GmbH and Co KG specializes in manufacturing automation components, tool holders, and work holding equipments. Their products include manual chucks, power chucks, precision chucks, steady rests, standard chuck jaws, collet jaws, quick finder chuck jaws, etc.

Forkardt International specializes in supplying of work holding equipments.

Forkardt International   Troy  United States
Forkardt International offers workholding and toolholding equipment including manual chucks, power chucks, cylinders, chuck jaws, hard turner, gripping force meters, indexing chucks and special chuck

J.A.W. Products Inc manufactures orthodontic products and devices.

J.A.W. Products Inc   Cinnaminson  United States
J.A.W. Products Inc products list include Adams clasp, flat labial bows, stainless steel wire, lingual bars, bonding pads, arrowhead clasps, wire mesh, retainer cases, patient stickers, bib clips, mouth guards, office supplies like pens, clips, sales order books, telephone message pads, rubber bands, highlighters, and much more. J. A. W. Products, Inc. also distributes orthodontic supplies such as retainer cases, retainer brite, latex and non-latex elastics, toothbrushes, and elastomerics retainer. J. A. W. Products, Inc. offers these products to doctors, orthodontic labs, patients, and even crafters and hobbyists.

Louis Levin and Son Inc manufactures wide range of lathes and machinery tools for aerospace and electronic parts industry. The company was established in 1917.

Louis Levin and Son Inc   Santa Fe Springs  United States
Louis Levin and Son Inc specialize in manufacturing variety of lathes, machine tools for aerospace and electronic parts industry. The company products are micro drilling machine, turret lathes, step collets, collet closers and motor drive units, chucks, headstocks and control panel, etc.

Daco Jaw is a jaw manufacturer in USA since 1940.

Daco Jaw   Milwaukee  United States
Daco Jaw products include: manual chucks, power chucks, hard jaws, soft jaws, pie jaws, T nut or jaw nut, star sets, master key, collet pads, collet pad top jaws, boss tool works, and jaw boring rings. The company produces their products on multi axis CNC machines.

High Tech Tool Inc manufactures cutting tools and tooling accessories for defense, aerospace, and automotive sectors.

High Tech Tool Inc    United States
High Tech Tool Inc specializes in manufacturing cutting tools and tooling accessories. Their products includes tool holders, carbide inserts, replaceable heads, bars, grooving inserts, chasers, profile gauges, brazed tip tools, shim seats, screws, etc.

Gustav Klauke GmbH develops, manufactures and markets products for electrical, plumbing and heating industries since 1879.

Gustav Klauke GmbH    Germany
Gustav Klauke GmbH specializes in manufacturing products for electrical, plumbing and heating industries. Their products include pliers, screw driver, holder, adapter, safety tools, interchangeable jaw with inserts, battery hydraulic pressing tools, etc.

The Jaws Mfg Co is a manufacturer of variety of soft jaws and hard jaws for power chuck applications.

The Jaws Mfg Co   Pune  India
The Jaws Mfg Co specializes in manufacturing variety of soft jaws and hard jaws for power chuck applications. Their products include power chucks, self centering hollow chucks, self locking system, eccentric compensating chucks, chuck spares, special jaws, etc.

Huron Machine Inc specializes in supplying jaws and chucks to workholding industries since 1946.

Huron Machine Inc   Ft. Lauderdale  United States
Huron Machine Inc supplies jaws and chucks to workholding industries. Their products include soft jaws, pointed soft jaws, full grips, jaw nuts, keys, collet pad jaws, power chucks, cylinders, mini system, top jaw forming device, etc.