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Histopathology Reference Laboratory (HRL) provides a full range of histology services, encompassing routine and specialized grossing, processing, embedding, microtomy, routine and special staining and coverslipping for over 20 years.

Histopathology Reference Laboratory (HRL)   Hercules  United States
Histopathology Reference Laboratory (HRL) offers laboratory services which include tissue processing, tissue reprocessing, enzyme histochemistry, unstained sections, body fluids, processing and smears, etc.

CLW Electronics distributes audio video equipment and supplies for more than 30 years.

CLW Electronics   Lake Mary  United States
CLW Electronics specializes in distributing audio video equipment and supplies. Few of their products are audio cassettes, blank DVD media, CD printers, cassette duplicators, video equipment, video tape, recorders, etc.

Longs Electronics distributes electronic products and accessories since 1969.

Longs Electronics    ,,
Longs Electronics specializes in distributing electronic products and accessories for the religious, educational, institutional, training, and government markets. Their products include audio accessories, audio cassettes, cassette decks, camcorders, digital cameras, multimedia projectors, amplifiers, mixers, cassette tapes, cassette packages, batteries, etc.

We specialize in providing global scientists with high quality products and satisfactory services to facilitate the investigation of life science researches.   Long Island City  0
Creative Dynamics Inc.,Found in 2004, a division of Creative Bioarray is an innovative biotechnology company whose mission focuses on developing unique technologies that provide global scientists with high quality products and satisfactory services to facilitate the investigation of life science researches.\r\n Through nearly ten year\s hard working and the building of our professional team, we are proud of satisfying the needs of our clients across more than 50 countries and districts. The cutting-edge products and high quality services are currently used and accepted around the world. Among the industries represented in customer base are the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agricultural, and diagnostics industries; reference and testing laboratories; academic institutions; government agencies; private foundations.\r\n\r\nThe company provide a wide range of high quality normal human and animal cells, cell culture medium and reagents, FISH probes, tissue arrays, microorganisms and equipments. In addition, we also offer series of related services including cell services, biosample services and histology services for the researcher to make their project better and faster.\r\n The service team can work with you to develop and perform flexible custom-designed experiments that meet your unique needs and goals. If there is a product or service that we do not currently offer, we would be happy to work with you to customize products or services to meet your specific needs. Our knowledgeable technical support team and staff scientists not only provide educational programs and training courses, but also are available to speak directly with you to discuss any questions you may have.\r\nCreative Bioarray also utilizes the latest technology or proprietary protocols to authenticate and develop quality products that drive innovation and standards in science.\r\n

Christian Tape supplies recordable media devices.

Christian Tape    ,,
Christian Tape specializes in supplying recordable media devices. Few of their products are blank cassettes, blank videos, cassette storage, cassette decks, CD palyers, CD recorders, CD duplicators, labels, accessories, etc.

JMS Packaging Consultants, Inc. manufactures of all forms of gift and individual product packaging, and as well as print and promotional materials since 1983.

JMS Packaging Consultants, Inc   New City  United States
JMS Packaging Consultants, Inc. products are plastic folding boxes, 2-piece bases and lids or cylinders, set-up box, paper folding box, Plastics, and vinyls, and accessories like plastic and paper bags, labels, tissue paper, ribbon, and bows. JMS Packaging Consultants, Inc. products are used for gift and holiday items, consumer retail products, cosmetics, soaps, candles, candy, confections, etc.

Irving Tissue Corporation specializes in the manufacture of tissue products.

Irving Tissue Corporation   Dieppe  Canada
Irving Tissue Corporation manufactures tissue products under the brand name Royale. Their products include bathroom tissue, facial tissue, luncheon napkins, ultra dinner napkins, ultra paper towels, etc.

Atlas Paper Mills manufactures tissue and towel products for more than 20 years.

Atlas Paper Mills   Miami  United States
Atlas Paper Mills specializes in manufacturing wide range of tissue and towel products for commercial and industrial applictions. Their products include towels C fold, dispensers, toilet tissue, etc.

EMS is a contract manufacturer of chemicals, supplies, accessories, and equipment for electron and light microscopy, histology, cell biology, neuroscience, and all biological related research fields for more than 40 years.

EMS    United States
EMS specializes in manufacturing chemicals, supplies, accessories, and equipment for electron and light microscopy, histology, cell biology, neuroscience, and all biological related research fields. The company product includes diamond knives, optical cements and adhesives, decementing agents, hardness testers, ultrasonic baths, UV lights, etc.

Cellu Tissue Holdings Inc designs and manufactures tissue products since 1984.

Cellu Tissue Holdings Inc    United States
Cellu Tissue Holdings Inc specializes in designing and manufacturing tissue products. The company products include personal hygienic products, baby diapers, adult incontinence products, surgical waddings and sponges, feminine protection pads, breast nursing pads, and other medical and sanitary products.