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Everbright Lighting and Electrical Co Ltd specializes in manufacturing, wholesale distributing and exporting all kinds of lights and lamps since 1999.

Everbright Lighting and Electrical Co Ltd    China
Everbright Lighting And Electrical Co Ltd manufactures, distributes and exports all kinds of lights and lamps since 1999. Their products include miniature lamps, halogen lamps, auto lamps, neon indicator lamps, xenon flash tubes, metal halide lamps, high pressure sodium lamps, high pressure mercury lamps, fluorescent lamps or tubes, compact energy saving lamps. aluminum flashlights, led keychain flashlights, led head torches, etc.

Duro-Test Canada Company manufactures lighting products since 1967.

Duro-Test Canada Company    Canada
Duro-Test Canada Company specializes in producing lighting products. Their product includes fluorescent, decoratives, incandescents, compact fluorescent, tungsten halogens, etc.

American Hydroponics manufactures gardening and farming equipments for more than 10 years.

American Hydroponics   Arcata  United States
American Hydroponics specializes in manufacturing gardening and farming equipments. Few of their products include controllers and meters, hydrophonic systems, heaters and chillers, etc.

East Green International Ltd manufactures and distributes wide range of lighting products since 1998.

East Green International Ltd   Ningbo  China
East Green International Ltd specializes in manufacturing and supplying various lighting products. Few of their products are energy saving lamp, halogen lamp, mercury lamp, sodium lamp, metal halide lamp, flood lamp, pit lamp, high bay fitting, street lamp, in-ground lamp and led lamp, etc.

Bulbman speccializes in distributing light bulbs for over 30 years.

Bulbman   Las Vegas  United States
Bulbman distributes light bulbs like halogen bulbs, halogen light bulbs, par halogen bulbs, par halogen lamps, halogen lamps, fluorescent bulbs, fluorescent light bulbs, fluorescent lamps, fluorescent tubes, compact fluorescents, compact fluorescent bulbs, compact fluorescent light bulbs, linear fluorescent bulbs, metal halide bulbs, high pressure sodium bulbs, mercury vapor bulbs, medical bulbs, dental lamps, scientific lamps, photo bulbs, full spectrum light bulbs, projector bulbs, lcd projector bulbs, and surgical bulbs.

Litemor Distributors Ltd distributes commercial and residential lighting products and accessories since 1969.

Litemor Distributors Ltd    United States
Litemor Distributors Ltd specializes in supplying commercial and residential lighting products and accessories. They offer products like energy efficient lamps, ballasts, fixtures, halogen lamps, electronic compact reflector, fluorescent lamps, etc.

We specialize in manufacture of Energy saving lamp applications.   Weifang  0
Weifang Hengxin Electronic Co.,Ltd islocated in the historical and cultural city of Qingzhou .The company have two separate manufacturing shop, one is transformer another is lights and lighting. For the transformerdepartment deals with all types of electronic transformers, dry-typetransformers. The annual production of transformers is three millions. The products have been sold worldwide and widely used in electronic equipment,household appliances, communication system, and industrial automated area.\r\n\r\nThe products are Light Fixture, High voltage electronic ballast, Low voltage electronic ballast, Magnetic ballast, ceramic metal halide lamp, High pressure sodium lamp, and Metal Halide lamp. For the lights and lighting department, wemain produce HID ceramic metal halide lamp, HID ceramic xenon lamp, ballast andrelated products, 35W direct xenon lamp has been widely used incar for many years. However such high quality and stable xenon lamp was notapplied to other areas due to technology limitation. Now with close cooperationwith Camel United states Resources Development and Utilization Co., ltd, have already extend xenon lamp technology to city roads lighting and industry lighting,etc. The company have cooperated with many large enterprises,such as Dongying Shengli Oilfield Co., ltd, Petro China Third Oil ProductionPlant of Dagang Oilfield, Qilu Petrochemical, etc. The XED lamp technology thatwe developed has high and stable quality. It has created a record in energysaving-save 60% energy.\r\n\r\nThe company has laboratories to completehigh and low temperature, vibration and shock test, CMC electrical performancetest, photoelectric test etc. All of the products designed and developed will be fully tested to meet the requirement in function, high andlow tempreture ,repeat calibration, electromagnetic interference, drop fromheight, and reliability, to provide our customer with high reliability productsand end-to-end solution.\r\n

SIMKAR Corporation manufactures wide range of lighting products since 1952.

SIMKAR Corporation   Philadelphia  United States
SIMKAR Corporation specializes in manufacturing wide range of lighting products. Their products include linear and compact fluorescent, exit and emergency, HID and vandal resistant lighting fixtures for commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

Haloclean is a manufacturer of variety of electrical and electronic equipments.

Haloclean    Germany
Haloclean specializes in manufacturing variety of electrical and electronic equipments. Their products include electric stoves, washing machines, microwaves, clothes dryers, vacuum cleaners, fryers, coffee machines, clocks, video cameras, low pressure sodium lamps, etc.

Cooper Industries Inc manufactures variety of lighting products for residential, commercial and industrial use since 1956.

Cooper Industries Inc   Peachtree  United States
Cooper Industries Inc specializes in manufacturing variety of lighting products for residential, commercial and industrial use. Their products include decorative lanterns, mercury vapor, high pressure sodium, metal halide, halogen shoplights, digital chip, solar, patio lights, worklights, etc.