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Elmatic (Cardiff) Limited is a manufacturer of industrial electric heating elements in the UK since 1949.

Elmatic (Cardiff) Limited    United Kingdom
Elmatic (Cardiff) Limited manufacture heating elements for all industries. The company products include mica bands heaters, mica plates heaters, nozzle heaters, cartridge heaters, ceramic knuckle heaters, tubular rod or immersion heaters, square section heaters, thermocouples and controllers.

Electro Heat Inc specializes in designing and manufacturing tubular electric heating elements and devices since 1958.

Electro Heat Inc    United States
Electro Heat Inc designs and manufactures tubular electric heating elements and devices. Their products include immersion heaters, cartridge heaters, finned tubular elements and tubular elements.

Heatrex, Inc. manufactures tubular heating elements, bolt heaters, immersion heaters, duct heaters, and circulation heaters for industry.

Heatrex, Inc.   Meadville  United States
Heatrex, Inc. products include tubular/finned tubular heaters, immersion heaters, circulation heaters, tubular/finned tubular duct heaters, switchgear space heaters, cluster heaters, infrared electric heaters, etc.

Hotset Gmbh is a manufacturer of various industrial electrical heating elements since 1973.

Hotset Gmbh    United States
Hotset Gmbh specializes in manufacturing and supplying wide range of electrical heating elements for industrial applications. Few of their products are These density cartridge heaters, coil heaters, flexible tubular heater, machine nozzles, nozzle heaters, thermocouples, and temperature controllers. The company is quality certified to ISO:9001.

Heater Designs Inc manufacturers heating elements for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications.

Heater Designs Inc    United States
Heater Designs Inc specializes in producing wide range of heating elements for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications. They offer products like silicone rubber insulated heaters, film insulation, and temperature insulators.

Duralite Inc manufactures electric furnace elements, assemblies, heaters and controls since 1946.

Duralite Inc   Riverton  United States
Duralite Inc specializes in manufacturing heaters and furnace elements for industrial and commercial applications. Their products include quartz tube heaters, tubular heating elements, air heaters, heated hose, resistance alloys, etc.

Bucan Electric Heating Devices Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing electric elements and accessories.

Bucan Electric Heating Devices Inc    Canada
Bucan Electric Heating Devices Inc manufactures and distributes electric elements and accessories. Their products include mica band heaters, mica strip heaters, mica drum heaters, ceramic band heaters, cartridge heaters, coil and cable heaters, silicone rubber heaters, silicone drums heaters.

Hindanio Company is a manufacturer of furnaces, ovens, coils, and heaters for various industries.

Hindanio Company   Nagpur  India
Hindanio Company specializes in manufacturing of furnaces, ovens, coils, and heaters for various industries. Their products include annealing furnaces, high temperature furnaces, primary coils, band heaters, steatite insulated band heaters, immersion heaters, titanium sheaths, industrial furnaces, industrial ovens, laboratory ovens, muffle furnaces, induction coils, strip heaters, etc.

Cetal S A S is a designer and manufacturer of industrial heating assemblies and elements since 1968.

Cetal S A S    United States
Cetal S A S specializes in designing and manufacturing of heating assemblies and elements for industrial processes and equipment. Their products include immersion heaters, ribbed heating elements, bolt heaters, die heater, infrared generators, etc.

We specialize in manufacturing and supplying catering spares, industrial heating elements, infrared lamps and control instruments.\r\n   Birmingham  0
\"Under Control Instruments is a manufacturer and supplier of catering spares, industrial heating elements, infrared lamps and control instruments. The product category includes cartridge heaters, catering spares, infrared lamps, and temperature control.\r\n\r\ndrum heaters, mica plate heaters, mica heaters, nozzle heaters, coil heaters, ceramic band heater, immersion heaters, ring heaters, formed shaped tubular heaters, cast heater, and high temperature plugsSome of the products produced are ceramic elements, quartz elements, tubular incoloy straight rod heating elements, strip heaters | finned strip heaters, silicone heaters, kapton film heaters,.\r\n\r\nFew products manufactured are catering lamps, lamp holder & reflector, phase angle power regulator, ruby infrared lamps, gold infrared lamps, N322 PID controllers, 681T/C controller, 66PT100 controller, thermostats, simmerstats calex infrared pyrometer, control panels, and more. The products are used in industries like plastics, packaging and catering equipment manufacturer.\r\n\r\n\"\r\n