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Ajax Electric Company manufactures and distributes salt bath furnaces like preheating, austenitizing, martempering, etc.

Ajax Electric Company    United States
Ajax Electric Company specializes in manufacturing and distributing salt bath furnaces. Their products include preheating, austenitizing, martempering, neutral hardening, high speed tool hardening, tempering nitriding, carburizing, solution heat treating, dip brazing, etc. , their parts and tools like thermocouples, metal and ceramic pots, resistance immersion heaters, radiant gas-fired tubes, furnace covers, bailing buckets, carbon rods, etc.

ASM International is a society for materials engineers and scientists.

ASM International    United States
ASM International is a network of metals and materials engineers, which provides training and education, magazines, books, journals, etc.

Avcorp Industries Inc designs and builds airframe structures for aircraft manufacturers for more than 50 years.

Avcorp Industries Inc    Canada
Avcorp Industries Inc specializes in designing and building airframe structures for aircraft manufacturers. They offers tail structures, wing structures, fuel tanks, wheel well fairings, wing adapter plugs, etc. They also provide services like fabrication, quality inspection, technology development, program management, project management, etc.

Bharat Gears Ltd manufactures and distributes various gear products since 1971.

Bharat Gears Ltd   Thane  India
Bharat Gears Ltd specializes in manufacturing and providing wide range of gear products for automotive applications. Few of their products are ring gears and pinions, transmission gears and shafts, differential gears, gear boxes, etc., The company is quality certified to QS 9000 and ISO 14001:1996.

Bodine Aluminum Inc is a distributor of variety of complex aluminum, sand, and permanent mold castings.

Bodine Aluminum Inc    United States
Bodine Aluminum Inc specializes in distributing variety of complex aluminum, sand, and permanent mold castings. The company has been certified to ISO 9002 / ISO 14001 registration. Their products include hunter automatic molding machines, automatic pouring ladles, jolt squeeze machines, loose molding, vertical redford isocure machine, scott mixer, multiple automatic and hand finishing tools for gate removal, etc.

Bodycote is a distributor of variety of testing and thermal processing services to the industry.

Bodycote    United Kingdom
Bodycote specializes in distributing variety of testing and thermal processing services to the industry. Their services include heat treatments, hot isostatic pressing, testing, metallurgical coatings, measurement solutions, metal joining, etc.

Bowdil Company speciailizes in manufacturing coal mining equipment since 1923.

Bowdil Company    United States
Bowdil Company speciailizes in manufactures coal mining equipment. Their products include cutterbars, chains and drive sprockets, replacement and repair parts, trim chains and drive, idler or corner sprockets, etc.

Consarc Engineering manufactures vacuum furnaces for more than 40 years.

Consarc Engineering   North Lanarkshire  United Kingdom
Consarc Engineering specializes in manufacturing vacuum furnaces. Their products and services include vacuum induction melting, induction skull melting, vacuum deoiling, vacuum precision casting, vacuum arc remelting, diffusion bonding, custom built systems, vacuum dewaxing and sintering, electroslag remelting, vacuum heat treatment and brazing, vacuum aluminium brazing.

Consolidated Engineering Company manufactures heat processing equipments for more than 50 years.

Consolidated Engineering Company    United States
Consolidated Engineering Company specializes in manufacturing heat processing equipments. Few of their products line include cleancasts, sandlions, ovens, furnaces, aluminum roller hearth furnaces, aluminum solution heat treatment furnaces, etc.

ELTERMA    Poland
ELTERMA products include chamber furnaces, pit furnaces, rotary hearth furnaces, belt furnaces, roller hearth furnaces, pusher furnaces, rotary retort furnaces, other furnaces, atmosphere generators, auxiliary equipment, heat treatment processes co, etc.

Form Atilim Makina Ltd is a distributor of variety of machines for metal heat treatment plants.

Form Atilim Makina Ltd   Istanbul  Turkey
Form Atilim Makina Ltd specializes in distributing variety of machines for metal heat treatment plants. Their machines include protective atmosphere furnaces, vaccum furnaces, induction hardening machines, general purpose heating furnaces, lab furnaces, etc.

Quality Engineering cc provides machining services since 1994.

Quality Engineering cc   Polokwane  South Africa
Quality Engineering cc specializes in providing machining services. Few of their services include CNC machining, milling, tool making, welding, line boring on site, helical gear cutting, etc.

SECO/WARWICK Corporation manufactures variety of heat processing equipments for various industries since 1924.

SECO/WARWICK Corporation   Meadville  United States
SECO/WARWICK Corporation specializes in manufacturing variety of heat processing equipments for various industries. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000. Their products include aluminum heat treatment, atmosphere furnaces, atmosphere generators, vacuum furnaces, CAB brazing, aluminum reverb melting systems, etc.

Stork Thermal and Inspection Services manufactures, and designs heat treatment equipments since 1958

Stork Thermal and Inspection Services   Naarden  Netherlands
Stork Thermal and Inspection Services manufactures heat treatment, they also developed ceramic heating elements. They are certified by ISO 9001:2000. The heat treatments includes power supplies, temperature control and recording instruments, cables, heating elements, insulation and accessories. Their services and products include heat treatment, equipment sales, furnaces and ovens, inspection and testing, consultancy, mechanical services



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