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Glass Wire Lab designs and manufactures glass coated wires, and micro wires. They services for industries such as oceanographic, automotive, avionics, aerospace, military, nuclear, and robotic.

Glass Wire Lab    United States
Glass Wire Lab manufactures and designs glass coated wire, and wire based components. They are specialized for manufacturing products such as single conductor wire, magnet wire, fire resistant wire, multi conductor, electronic wire, cryogenic wire,coaxial wire, high vacuum wire, ultra fine wire, resistance wire, and biomedical wire.

ACS Industries Inc produces engineered knitted wire mesh products since 1939.

ACS Industries Inc   Woonsocket  United States
ACS Industries Inc specializes in manufacturing engineered knitted wire mesh products Their products include knitted copper sponges, knitted wire mesh air, grease filters, air bag filters, exhaust system components, air gap spacers, etc., The company works under three divisions namely, Automotive Wire Mesh Components, Automotive and Industrial Wire Mesh Products, and Industrial Wire Mesh Components.

Polymet Corporation - Manufacturer of High Performance Welding Wire and Thermal Spray Wire

Polymet Corp   Cincinnati  United States
Polymet is a world-class producer of hardfacing wire, thermal spray wire and welding wire. Polymet produces a wide range of wires, which includes iron, nickel, cobalt, aluminum and titanium base alloys Some of the industries we serve include aerospace, automotive, mining, lumber, nuclear, and land based turbines. Polymet offers products for applications demanding wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and heat resistance.

Mannings distributes induction, combustion, and resistance products and services.

Mannings    United Kingdom
Mannings specializes in distributing induction, combustion, and resistance products and services. Few of their products include power sources, cables, connectors, recorders, gas and burners, and induction systems. They also offer induction, resistance, combustion, turbine warming, and motor dry out services.

We specializes in developing and providing of wear-resistant composite materials.   yancheng  0
Lianyungang armor wear-resistant materials Co., Ltd. is a professional development and production of wear-resistant composite materials company, located in the beautiful coastal city of Lianyungang in Jiangsu, is a chromium carbide wear-resistant materials as the leading high-tech enterprises, long-term commitment and long life wear R & D damaged material and product development, manufacturing.\r\n\r\nThe company Product includes Grab, long blade means, elbow, Topfond to round, burner tip, mill top cover coal, hopper, pipe, separated vertebrae, wear liner, multi-outlet, Shield, chromium carbide wear-resistant wire, electrode wear (direct 4.0mm), wear-resistant composite steel and wear plate bending performance. Main products include high hardness chromium carbide wear-resistant steel wear, bimetallic composite steel, surfacing wear-resistant steel, wear-resistant composite plate, wear-resistant wire, electrode wear and wear parts processing, has become a leader in the industry well received by users around the world trust and support.\r\n\r\nGold armor wear-resistant composite steel plate production process unique is the use of the most advanced open arc welding process, the various effects of this process on the performance of the substrate is extremely small, and wear to maximize the role. Composite wear-resistant steel in ordinary steel (Q235 (A3) or heat-resistant steel (15CrMo, 12Cr! MoV, etc.), volume fraction of more than 50% Cr7C3 carbide-based wear layer stainless steel plate is formed on the entire resistance to composite steel mill with high wear resistance, impact resistance, deformability and welding performance, like steel, like direct texturing, cutting and drilling and other processing sectors, processed into mining engineering components to meet the wear and put into use.

Kaneka Corporation manufactures chemicals, plastic products, electronic products, etc., since 1949.

Kaneka Corporation    Japan
Kaneka Corporation specializes in manufacturing and supplying PVC and caustic soda, specialty plastics, plastics products, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, electrical and electronic materials, and synthetic fibers. Few of their products are hydrochloric acid, hypochlorous soda, and liquefied chlorine, resins, silicon sealants, semi synthetic penicillin intermediates, AIDS and glaucoma drugs and carbapenem antibiotics, margarine, shortening, yeast, polystyrene foam sheet, heat-resistant polystyrene foam sheet, high pressure crystallization margarine, intervention catheters, magnet wire, etc.

We are a professional manufacturer specialize in producing molybdenum and tungsten metal, and other processed parts, in various forms such as sheet, rod, foil, wire and etc.   Shanghai  0
Mosten Alloy Co. Ltd is a professional manufacturer specializes in producing molybdenum and tungsten metal, and other processed parts, in various forms such as sheet, rod, foil, wire and etc.\r\n\r\nProducts offered by the company includes molybdenum sheet/plate, molybdenum foil, molybdenum rod/bar, molybdenum wire, molybdenum target, molybdenum crucible, molybdenum boat, molybdenum electrode, tungsten sheet/plate, tungsten foil, tungsten rod/bar, tungsten wire, tungsten target, tungsten crucible, tungsten boat, tungsten electrode, TZM, molybdenum lanthanum, molybdenum rhenium, molybdenum tungsten, tungsten lanthanum, tungsten-rhenium, tungsten crucible, tungsten heater, cover plate and base plate, heat shield, and support assemblies.\r\n\r\nCompany’s products find applications in industries like electronics, semiconductor, automotive, aircraft, fiberglass, lighting and other fields.\r\n\r\nMosten Alloy company’s products are supplied to all corner of the world like Japan, Korea, United States, Finland, England, and India\r\n

Belleville Wire Cloth Co Inc specializes in manufacturing and supplying wire cloth, wire mesh since 1919.

Belleville Wire Cloth Co Inc    United States
Belleville Wire Cloth Co Inc manufactures and supplies wire cloth, wire mesh. Their products include stainless steel wire mesh, mesh wire, woven wire mesh, wire mesh basket, wire mesh screen, woven wire cloth, stainless steel wire cloth, wire cloth screen, wire cloth strainer, industrial wire cloth, wire weaving, metal cloth, welded wire fabric and woven wire made of stainless steel and other corrosion resistant alloys. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 and AS9100.

Brookfield Wire Company Inc specializes in manufacturing and supplying cold drawn stainless steel, nickel and nickel alloy wire for more than 50 years.

Brookfield Wire Company Inc    United States
Brookfield Wire Company Inc manufactures and supplies cold drawn stainless steel, nickel and nickel alloy wire. Their products include stainless steel, resistance, nickel alloys, nitinol, inconel, monel, and red metals in various sizes, tempers and finishes, wire products include safetywire, lockwire, fishing and marine wire, round, flat and shaped wire, brush wire, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001-2000.

Clynder Cables Ltd manufactures PVC cables for more than 20 years.

Clynder Cables Ltd   Manchester  United Kingdom
Clynder Cables Ltd specializes in manufacturing PVC cables. The product includes tri rated switchgear, control gear wiring, etc.