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Charis is an electrical contractor upgrading lighting systems in multi-family resisdential apartment complexes; as well as commercial locations. We replace inefficient incandescent lighting with fluorescent lighting bulbs and fixtures.

Charis energy   Brea  United States
In addition to the above description; the area we cover is south (San Diego) to north (Santa Barbara) and west (Huntington Beach) to east (San Bernardino).

Canlyte Inc manufactures and supplies lighting fixtures and services.

Canlyte Inc    Canada
Canlyte Inc specializes in manufacturing and supplying lighting fixtures and services. Their products include lighting requirements for indoor or outdoor, commercial or residential, functional or decorative. Their brands include CFI fluorescent, lightolier, wide lite, keene, stonco, uniglo, alliance brands.

Hinkley Lighting Inc manufactures and supplies residential lighting fixtures.

Hinkley Lighting Inc   Cleveland  United States
Hinkley Lighting Inc specializes in manufacturing and selling variety of lighting fixtures for residential purpose. Their products include incandescent chandeliers, foyer, dinette, sconce, mini pendants, mid-pendants, flush ceiling mount, etc.

Luminaires Open Projects offer projects on lighting fixtures.

Luminaires Open Projects    ,,
Luminaires Open Projects is a service provider, which specializes in providing projects on lighting fixtures

Light Bulb Warehouse Inc supplies light bulb and light fixture.

Light Bulb Warehouse Inc   San Diego  United States
Light Bulb Warehouse Inc specializes in supplying light bulb and light fixture. Their products include halogen bulbs, incandescent bulbs, fluorescent tubes, the latest compact fluorescents, projector light bulbs, scientific and medical bulbs and automotive bulbs, decorative bulbs, and H. I. D. Light fixtures include track, pendant, recessed wall sconces, under cabinet, landscape, and special project lighting.

Corporate Energy Management Systems supplies lighting retrofit, energy efficient fixtures, and other energy saving products for over 12 years.

Corporate Energy Management Systems   Conshohocken  United States
Corporate Energy Management Systems specializes in supplying lighting retrofit, energy efficient fixtures, and other energy saving products. Their products include fluorescent retrofits, exit sign retrofits, LED dome lamps, incandescent replacements, energy efficient fixtures, window coatings, daylighting. Their services include energy audits, lighting retrofit installations, group relamping and cleaning, lamp and ballast recycling, etc.

New Grand Light LLC provides interior and exterior lightings and designs since 1929.

New Grand Light LLC    United States
New Grand Light LLC specializes in providing interior and exterior lightings and designs. They offer products such as cable systems, ceiling fixtures, ceiling fans, chandeliers, desk lamps, floor lamps, fluorescent fixtures, fountains, home accessories, pendant fixtures, recessed lighting, table lamps, track lighting, etc.

Morning Star Industries Inc provides online supply of commercial chemicals and lighting products.

Morning Star Industries Inc    United States
Morning Star Industries Inc specializes in distributing commercial chemicals and lighting products through online. Their product includes incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, batteries, reflector light, fixture fluorescent, accessories and educational aides, aerosols, automotive products and fuel additives, bacterial/enzyme digestants, boiler and cooling water treatment, citrus products, etc.

Edison Price Lighting Inc manufactures and distributes architectural lighting fixtures since 1952.

Edison Price Lighting Inc    United States
Edison Price Lighting Inc specializes in making and marketing architectural lighting fixtures. The company product includes accent lights, incandescent and HID light sources, track lighting systems, low voltage and metal halide lamps, and optical accessories including lenses, filters, and screens.

Ruud Lighting Inc manufactures lighting fixtures and other accessories since 1982.

Ruud Lighting Inc    United States
Ruud Lighting Inc specializes in manufacturing lighting fixtures and other accessories. Their products include transformers and cable, path and directional lights, well lights, step lights, low-voltage track, line voltage, compact fluorescent, hid incandescent, wall wash, round backs, flat backs, framing projectors, gimbal rings, notch backs, cylinders, round back squares, track and pendants, etc. Ruud Lighting Inc has been quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 standard.