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Electrical Consultants Inc provides solution for technical problems for more than 34 years.

Electrical Consultants Inc    United States
Electrical Consultants Inc specializes in providing solution for technical problems. They provide consulting and OSHA mandated electrical safety training, national electrical code training, and electrical hazardous location training.

Andover Protection Systems Inc is a manufacturer of compressors for air conditioning and refrigeration in hazardous and explosive environments.

Andover Protection Systems Inc    United States
Andover Protection Systems Inc specializes in manufacturing hermetic refrigeration compressors for explosive, corrosive, dusty, humid, and other severe duty industrial environments. APS compressors are the first and only hermetic compressors in the world which have underwriters laboratories specific recognition for locations classified as hazardous.

Comprehensive Environmental Inc. is an environmental engineering and consulting firm since 1987. CEI`s primary locations are in Milford, Massachusetts and Merrimack, New Hampshire.

Comprehensive Environmental Inc.   Milford  United States
Comprehensive Environmental Inc. offers comprehensive municipal, industrial and private environmental engineering services. CEI works on storm water, wastewater, water resources/wetlands, and hazardous and solid waste management. is a product information and sales site for hazardous location products.   Signal Hill  United States products include intrinsic safety barriers, isolators, purge systems, flameproof and sub-sea connectors, armored and sub-sea cable, lighting, switch gear, motor controllers, industrial computers, etc.

Elnor Motors is a manufacturer of asynchronous electric motors.

Elnor Motors    Belgium
Elnor Motors products include explosion proof motors, motors with high starting torque and motors for air movement. Elnor Motors uses the explosion proof motors in hazardous area. The companies production facilities are located in Haacht, Belgium. Elnor Motors is certified with ISO9001 standards.

Advanced Geological Services provides geophysical consulting services to the environmental, engineering, and construction industries since 1995.

Advanced Geological Services    United States
Advanced Geological Services specializes in offering geophysical consulting services to the environmental, engineering, and construction industries. Their service includes to map landfill boundaries, identify utilities or subsurface hazards prior to drilling, determine limits of contamination, identify water bearing zones, locate USTs, etc.

EverGlow manufactures safety grade photoluminescent signs, markings, films, tapes and coatings.

EverGlow NA Inc   Matthews  
EverGlow manufactures code compliant photoluminescent exit signs, stair & handrail markers, obstacle & hazard markers, exit path markings, films, tapes and coatings. Our signs and markings contain ZERO toxic or radioactive components; our innovative films & tapes contain ZERO vinyl or PVC. EverGlow photoluminescent paints are low VOC coatings.

Abag Training Center is a service provider, which offers online hazardous waste, hazardous materials, and industrial safety training services since 1984.

Abag Training Center    United States
Abag Training Center specializes in providing online hazardous waste, hazardous materials, and industrial safety training services. Their courses include hazardous waste operations, hazwoper refreshers, DOT hazmat, industrial and construction safety, emergency response, hazardous waste generator, etc.

Kele is a supplier of HVAC temperature controls and interface products for building automation, and energy management systems since 1983.

Kele    United States
Kele specializes in distributing HVAC temperature controls and interface products for building automation, and energy management systems. Few of their products are test equipment, output transducers, lighting controls, HVAC controls, actuators and dampers, enclosures, power supplies, relays and contactors, panel and installation materials, network and wireless, hazardous locations, intrusion detection, etc.

Earth Systems Companies    United States
Earth Systems Companies provides services throughout California. The companies professional and technical services include soil (Geotechnical) and Geologic investigations, seismic hazard and dynamic response studies, fault location reports, construction materials testing and evaluation, construction observation, phase I and phase II environmental assessments, site characterizations and remediation plans, forensic studies and percolation testing.