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We specialize in manufacturing of metal abrasives and shot blasting machines.   Nanan  0
Jinxing Steel Shot Co., Ltd. (JX Abrasives), with 20 years development, is a professional manufacturer of metal abrasives and shot blasting machines. Our production lines cover Steel Shot, Steel Grit, Cut Wire Shot (Zinc, Aluminum, Copper Shot), Special Steel Grit, Hook Shot Blasting Machine, Tumble Shot Blasting Machine, Roller Conveyor Blasting Machine, Blasting Room and so on in a variety of materials, configurations, and sizes, which widely used for surface finishing in aerospace, automotive, shipyard, railway, forge and foundry, pipe, steel structure, aluminum and other industries.\r\n\r\nThe company which has been awarded the certification of ISO-9002 international quality system and UKAS certificate together in China\r\n, has a wide application in some industries such as, steel construction, shipyard, steel & forging aluminum casting, container manufacturing, automobile, aviation, rail vehicles, pipelines, stone cutting.\r\n\r\nJX Abrasives Products\r\n includes Shot Blasting Machine, Steel Shot, Steel Grit, Cut Wire Shot and Tags\r\n.The product Shot blasting machine includes Roller conveyor shot blast machine, hook shot blast machines, hoist shot blast machine, tumble shot blast machine, rotary table shot blast machine , and blast room etc.\r\n\r\nThe company control system includes the testing of raw material control, production control, product testing, packaging storage of the control. With highly trained staff, modern production and advanced testing equipment.

We specialize in supplying spares and accessories to multi million pound projects, since 1974. We offers blast rooms, hand blast cabinets, dust extraction systems and abrasives through to PPE equipments.   Peterborough  0
Airblast Parts Direct specializes in supplying spares and accessories to multi million pound projects, since 1974.\r\n\r\nCompany offers blast rooms, hand blast cabinets, dust extraction systems and abrasives through to PPE equipment for surface finishing equipment industries.\r\n\r\nMain categories of the products offered by the company include paint spraying, powder coating, grit blasting, pressure washers, etc.\r\n\r\nPaint shop accessories, airless pumps, air assisted airless pumps, airless sprayguns, air assisted airless sprayguns, conventional sprayguns, compliant/HVLP sprayguns, conventional automatic sprayguns, compliant/HVLP automatic sprayguns, airless automatic sprayguns, air assisted automatic sprayguns, electrostatic spray systems, pressure tanks, diaphragm pumps, portable airless spray units, personal protection equipment, air filters/filter regulators, gun cleaners, can crushers, solvent distillers, transfer pumps, turbine spray units, line markers, etc.\r\n\r\nIn additional company also offers products such as manual powder coating units, manual guns, auto guns, hoppers, blast pots, personnel protection equipment, testing instruments, blast nozzles, blast nozzle holders and gaskets, blast hose couplings and gaskets, grit valves, pop up valves and sealing rings, water separators and repair kits, compressed air whip checks, blast lights, tube blasters, wet blast attachments, vacuum blast units, blast hose, spinner blast nozzles, pressure washer machines, pressure washer accessories, etc.

Retinning and Reconditioning Specialists provide Retinning, Reconditioning services for steel, cast iron, and copper parts. The company was established in 1936.

Retinning and Reconditioning Specialists   Lima  United States
Retinning and Reconditioning Specialists apply Coatings to steel, cast iron or copper parts, it reconditions new and used mixing bowls, food equip parts, it provides cleaning services such as cleaning services glass bead blasting, steel grit blasting, vapor degreasing, chemical etching and it provides special services such as re-wiring wire whips, bowl repairs, heat treating and machining, and warehouse services. Retinning and Reconditioning Specialists also offer discounts on their services.

EFCO FINISHING CORP. offer metal finishing services, new and used equipment, and finishing supplies located in Butler, Wisconsin since 1945.

EFCO FINISHING CORP. provide metal finishing services along with services including vibratory deburing, tumble deburring, ball burnishing, grit blasting, glass bead shot blasting, wheelabrating, blast room blasting, paint removal, degreasing, anodizing, passivating, etc.

Hodge Clemco Ltd. manufactures and supplies abrasive blast cleaning equipment and surface treatment equipment for over 40 years.

Hodge Clemco Ltd.   Sheffield  United Kingdom
Hodge Clemco Ltd. products include portable abrasive blast cleaning (sand blasting) equipment, wet blast units, hand blast cabinets and wheel machines up to large blast room facilities, spray booths and powder coating systems, etc.

Airblast manufactures and distributes air blast cleaning and shot blast equipment since1974.

Airblast    United Kingdom
Airblast specializes in manufacturing and distributing air blast cleaning and shot blast equipment. They offer equipment for blast rooms, hand blast cabinets, dust extraction systems and a full range of abrasives through to PPE equipment, paint spray booths and painting equipment. Their product include blasting equipment, can crushers, coating, air compressors, dust collectors, lighting, blasting media, personal protection, testing instruments, case studies, video library, etc.

We specialize in providing manufacturer of shot blasting machine.   Nanan  0
JX Blast Company is a professional shot blasting machine manufacturer with roots in blasting solutions and surface preparation for more than 20 years. Now, it has grown to become the industry leader in blast products, equipment.\r\nThe company has the full range of surface preparation machines available on the market. The range of equipment includes Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machines Hook Type Shot Blasting Machines, Tumble Shot Blasting Machines Concrete Block Shot Blasting Machines, Wire Mesh Belt Conveyor Shot Blast Machines Shot Blasting Chamber/Room, Rotary Table Shot Blast Machine, and Using Multiple Technologies.\r\nThe company having years of experience and having a close relationship with our customers, we know that just one technique doesn’t do the job if you want to do surface preparation the right way. Using multiple surface preparation technologies means A better surface preparation result, Lower expenses on tools, Lower expenses on valuable time, and Lower maintenance costs in the future.\r\n The service technicians can provide quick and comprehensive service support all over the world. The family of JX Blast is committed to a best-in-class offering and highest level of customer support across its geographic footprint.\r\nThe products are Roller Conveyor Shot Blast Machine, Hook Type Shot Blasting Machines, Tumble Shot Blasting Machines, Wire Mesh Belt Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine, Concrete Block Shot Blast Machine, Shot Blasting Chamber, and Rotary Table Shot Blast Machine.

Dennis Dawson Co. provides cleaning services for the past 35 years.

Dennis Dawson Co.    United States
Dennis Dawson Co. deals with high resilience cleaning media and specializing in walnut and pecan nutshell. Dennis Dawson Co provides cleaning services by soft abrasive grit, cleaning by soft grit blasting is particularly effective where the surface of the metal under its coat of dirt, grease, scale, and carbon, etc. , should remain unchanged or otherwise unimpaired.

We are Indian Based company engaged in manufacturing of ABRASIVE MEDIA , BLASTING MEDIA

Indian Abrasives   Faridabad  India
We are Indian based company engaged in manufacturing of Loose Abrasive Grains and Powder. We manufacture Quality Product and at Competitive Price. We manufacture various qualities for various type of application. We have In-house Lab for checking various quality parameters of Product. We also try to cater customer requirement and work for customer satisfaction

Blastal Coating Services Inc is a service provider, which offers abrasive blast cleaning and protective coatings services since 1992.

Blastal Coating Services Inc    Canada
Blastal Coating Services Inc specializes in providing abrasive blast cleaning and protective coatings services. Their services include steel grit and shot, sandblasting, glass bead cleaning, garnet, walnut shells, shop primers, epoxy coatings, polyurethane, metallizing, plastic flame coatings, etc.