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Warner Instruments designs and manufactures electronic temperature control systems.

Warner Instruments   Grand Haven  United States
Warner Instruments specializes in manufacturing and supplying various electronic temperature control systems for ceramic kilns, glass annealing furnaces, and environmental test chambers.

Japsin Instrumentation manufactures temperature, pressure and flow and level instruments. The company was established in 1974.

Japsin Instrumentation    India
Japsin Instrumentation specializes in manufacturing, stocking and exporting of temperature, pressure and flow and level instruments. Their products includedial thermometers, digital electronic temperature, pressure gauges, glass thermometers, pyrometers, thermocouples, etc.

Gurley Precision Instruments, Inc. is a designer and producer of measuring instrumentation for a variety of industries and applications since1845.

Gurley Precision Instruments, Inc.   Troy  United States
Gurley Precision Instruments, Inc. has been certified by ISO 9001. Gurley Precision Instruments, Inc. products include optical encoders for the precise measurement of position or speed, digital readout systems for retrofitting machine tools, generation and replication of precise patterns on glass and similar substrates, physical properties test instruments for medical tubing, paper, films, textiles, etc.

Mannix Testing and Measurement is a manufacturer of testing and measurement instruments.

Mannix Testing and Measurement    United States
Mannix Testing and Measurement specializes in manufacturing testing and measurement instruments. Their instruments include temperature instruments, airflow instruments, safety instruments, time instruments, industrial instruments, data loggers and recorders, etc.

Modern Equipment Company manufactures and distributes laboratory and material testing equipments.

Modern Equipment Company    India
Modern Equipment Company specializes in manufacturing and distributing scientific and laboratory instruments, material testing equipments, educational aids for soil, cement, aggregate, bitumen, oil and petroleum. Few of their products include charts and models, microscopes, laboratory glass wares, laboratory plastic wares, testing equipments, etc.

We specialize in manufacturer of professional laboratory testing instrument.   zhengzhou  0
Kori instrument is Established in 2004, Kori Instrument Factory is specializing in manufacturing all kinds of laboratory instruments cover different volume and functions , such as glass reactors series (including single layer, double layer and triple layer ) , Rotary Evaporators series , high temperature circulating system series, Stirring tank reactor , Vacuum pump series and glass separating and glass filter funnel series and other related \r\n are widely recognized and trusted by users from USA. UK . Middle East. Russia. India. more than 20 countries.\r\n\r\nThe products are Lab Glass Reactor, Rotary evaporator, High and Low Temperature Circulation Machine, High Temperature Circulation Bath, Low Temperature Circulation Bump, Low Temperature Circulation Bath, Vacuum pump, Magnetic Stirrer, Temperature Controller, Glass Separator and filter\r\n and Others\r\n. Meanwhile, the company are continue to pursue the professionalism with “sincere, pioneering and enterprising ” to consummate Enterprise management system to provide best service for customers.

NETZSCH Group develops and manufactures instruments for thermal analysis and thermo physical properties measurements since 1952.

NETZSCH Group   Bavaria  Germany
NETZSCH Group specializes in producing instruments for thermal analysis and thermo physical properties measurements. The company product includes differential thermal analysis, thermo-gravimetry, dielectric analysis, gas analysis, refractory testing, etc. Their product finds application in ceramics, glass, and building materials industries.

Instrument Glasses Inc is a manufacturer and distributor of glass products since 1962.

Instrument Glasses Inc    United Kingdom
Instrument Glasses Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing glass products. Their products include float, borosilicate tubing and rod, borosilicate pyrex, coloured glass, pattern borosilicate, patterned glass, schott borofloat, dichroic coloured filters, fresnel lenses, etc.

FangYuan Insturment CO.,ltd is a professional .\r\nManufacturer, exporter of Laboratory Testing Instruments, Textile laboratory testing instruments, Testing Lab Equipment, Lab Testing Instruments for Textile including

FangYuan Instrument co.,ltd    Shenzhen  China
FangYuan Insturment CO.,ltd is a professional .\r\nManufacturer, exporter of Laboratory Testing Instruments, Textile laboratory testing instruments, Testing Lab Equipment, Lab Testing Instruments for Textile including Dyes laboratory testing instruments, testing lab equipment for cotton, lab testing instruments for yarn, cloth testing instrument, processing testing instrument, dyes testing instrument for textile laboratories, dyes industries,

Ertco specializes in manufacturing thermometry instrumentation since 1942.

Ertco    United States
Ertco manufactures thermometry instrumentation. Their products include glass thermometers, high performance digitals RTD`s bimetal dial thermometers, calibration systems, hydrometers and viscometers and are directed and used in the pharmaceutical, food, dairy, petroleum and diagnostic marketplace.