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Century Geophysical Corporation manufactures and distributes geophysical logging systems.

Century Geophysical Corporation    United States
Century Geophysical Corporation specializes in manufacturing and distributing geophysical logging systems. Their equipments include visual compu log software, system VI, draw works, logging tools, logging vehicles, computers printers and accessories, international representatives, etc. Their service includes minerals exploration, hazardous waste site investigations, hydrological studies, coal assessment work, coal bed methane, water well installation, uranium exploration, deviation services for precious metals, and lithology studies.

Apex Geophysical Services is a full service professional organization specializing in 2 and 3 dimensional seismic data interpretation.

Apex Geophysical Services    United States
Apex Geophysical Services specializes in providing 2 and 3 dimensional seismic data interpretation services. They are also providing services include time horizons display, horizon amplitude analysis, time slices analysis, horizon amplitude display, time slices display, velocity analysis, synthetic seismograms, time amplitude integration, etc.

Geosystem Srl provides services for geophysical exploration of deep targets for past 25 years.

Geosystem Srl    Italy
Geosystem Srl serves for geophysical exploration of deep targets using electromagnetic methods. They are specialized for seismic imaging which is focused on 2d/3d prestack time, and depth imaging applied to hostile geologic environments such as thrust-belt tectonic, basalt-covered regions. Their new projects are joint inversion of seismic, gravity, and magnetotelluric data

Delta Epsilon Instruments Inc manufactures wide range of borehole logging systems since 1994.

Delta Epsilon Instruments Inc    United States
Delta Epsilon Instruments Inc specializes in manufacturing variety of borehole logging systems, which are used in groundwater, mining and geotechnical applications. Few of their products are winches, acquisition systems, and borehole probes.

Subsurface Imaging Tm offers wide range of geophysical services since 1983.

Subsurface Imaging Tm   Berowra  Australia
Subsurface Imaging Tm specializes in providing range of geophysical services to consultants, general contractors, governments and their agencies, and to the mining industry in South East Asia and Australasia. Their service includes In Mine Resource definition and exploration, groundwater exploration, environmental assessments, cavity and void mapping, mapping geological structures for risk evaluation in engineering geology, road condition evaluation, building structure and concrete condition analysis, service mapping and detection, etc.

Geophysical Survey Systems Inc manufactures wide range of ground penetrating radar systems and electromagnetic induction instruments for more than 35 years.

Geophysical Survey Systems Inc   Salem  United States
Geophysical Survey Systems Inc is a division of OYO Corporation, which specializes in manufacturing ground penetrating radar systems and electromagnetic induction instruments, where these systems are used to non-destructively explore the subsurface of the earth and infrastructure systems. The company`s products are used in the various fields like civil engineering, construction, geology, mining, archaeology, environmental protection, precision agriculture, public works, transportation, education, etc.

Geosoft Inc develops geospatial software products since 1986.

Geosoft Inc    Canada
Geosoft Inc specializes in developing geospatial software products. These software products are used for geospatial data access and analysis to provide understanding, knowledge development, and business decision making in industries such as mineral exploration, oil and gas, government, and in environmental investigations and UXO detection.

Global Mapping Services provides centimeter level GPS surveying and digital mapping services for a variety of applications.

Global Mapping Services   Williams Lake  Canada
Global Mapping Services specializes in offering centimeter level GPS surveying and digital mapping services for a variety of applications. GPS is used to support land, sea, and airborne navigation, surveying, geophysical exploration, mapping and geodesy, vehicle location systems, etc.

Baker Hughes Incorporated provides chemical technology solutions to the global hydrocarbon recovery and processing industries.

Baker Hughes Incorporated    ,,
Baker Hughes Incorporated specializes in providing chemical, engineering and technology solutions to the global hydrocarbon recovery and processing industries. Their products and services include oil and gas production, pipeline transportation, refining, petrochemical, utilities, aquatic herbicides, candle manufacturing, plastics, steel, personal care, paints and coatings. aquaness, upstream, pipeline boosters, pipeline services, refining, fuel additives, polymers, agriculture, etc.

Geophysical Instrument Supply Co supplies geophysical instruments for more than 53 years.

Geophysical Instrument Supply Co   Minneapolis  United States
Geophysical Instrument Supply Co specializes in distributing various geophysical instruments. Their products include batteries and battery packs, gravity meter, gamma-ray spectrometer, water prospecting instrument, core scan visual image scanner, etc. The company also offers system integration, training, rental, leasing, and instrument repair service.