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We are a professional company specialize in gelatin and protein research, production and sales, with leading level in gelatin and protein production technology.   Hangzhou  0
Gelatin & Protein Co.,Ltd is a professional company specializes in gelatin and protein research, production and sales, with leading level in gelatin and protein production technology.\r\n\r\nProduct category of the company includes industrial gelatin, fish gelatin, bone glue, pharma gelatin, edible gelatin, etc.\r\n\r\nCompany offers products such as gelatin for hard capsule, gelatin for soft capsule, gelatin for tablets, gelatin for micro-encapsulation , gelatin for wound dressings , gelatin for food coating material, gelatin for beverage clarifying agent, gelatin for meat improver, gelatin for frozen food improver, gelatin for yogurt and other dairy products, gelatin for other candy, gelatin for gummi candy, etc.\r\n\r\nCompany’s products finds applications in the field like medical, food, cosmetics, and other related industries.\r\n

Gelita manufactures gelatine products.

Gelita   Sioux  United States
Gelita specializes in producing gelatine products for use in food, photographic and pharmaceutical industries.

We specialize in the manufacture and production of edible gelatin and industrial gelatin since 2009.   Luohe  0
Luohe Yijia Trade Co., Ltd produces and manufactures edible gelatin and industrial gelatin. The main product lines of the company include natural gelatin, unflavored edible gelatin, edible gelatin, quality edible grade gelatin, and halal edible gelatin.\r\n\r\nSome of the products include gelatin, industrial gelatin, emery paper glue, technical gelatin, edible gelatin, food grade gelatin, industrial gelatin, natural animal glue, industrial grade gelatin, and many more. The edible halal gelatin is used in preparing foods & meat, ice cream, red wine, candies, dairies, for flower pies, and others.

Milligan and Higgins manufactures wide range of collagen-based products for more than 200 years.

Milligan and Higgins    United States
Milligan and Higgins specializes in producing various collagen-based products. Few of their products are hide glues, bone glues, and industrial gelatins, proteins, hydrolyzed proteins, and collagen hydrolyzates, proteins, hydrolyzed proteins, and collagen hydrolyzates, animal feed ingredients, etc.

Capsugel manufactures gelatin capsules for pharmaceutical and dietary supplement applications.

Capsugel   Peapack  United States
Capsugel specializes in manufacturing gelatin capsules. Their products include two piece capsules, dosage forms, press fit, clinical trial supplies and equipments, etc. The company is a part of Pfizer Inc.

Goerlich Pharma International GmbH distributes vegetable oils and raw materials to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and health food industries since 1984.

Goerlich Pharma International GmbH    Germany
Goerlich Pharma International GmbH specializes in supplying vegetable oils and raw materials to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and health food industries. Their product includes vegetable oils, fish oils, oil-powders, raw materials, natural vitamin E, soft gelatine capsules, soft starch capsules, hard gelatine capsules, tablets, etc.

Halloween Direct supplies halloween props.

Halloween Direct    United States
Halloween Direct specializes in supplying halloween props for prohaunters, filmmakers and amusement parks. The product includes tombstone props, creepy portraits and mirrors, skeletons and bones, halloween gelatin molds, gargoyle props, corpses, latex prosthetics etc.

Carlson Laboratories provides nutritional supplements since 1965.

Carlson Laboratories   Arlington Heights  United States
Carlson Laboratories specializes in providing nutritional supplements. Their products include empty gelatin capsules, mineral tablets and capsules, shampoo, soap, liquid mineral soft gels, digestive aids, etc.

Alpha Biosciences Inc is a manufacturer and distributor of bacterial and fungal dehydrated culture media.

Alpha Biosciences Inc    United States
Alpha Biosciences Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing bacterial and fungal dehydrated culture media. Their products include bacteriological peptone, beef extract, casein meat mixture, gelatin, peptic digest of animal tissue, yeast extract, campylobacter, growth supplement, etc.

Tova Industries LLC manufactures and supplies food products since 1985.

Tova Industries LLC   Louisville  United States
Tova Industries LLC specializes in manufacturing and supplying food products. Few of their products include breading and marinades, gelatin and pudding mixes, dessert mixes, frozen dessert mixes, soup bases and mixes, gravy and sauce mixes, vegetarian entrees, tea and cocoa, potato products, table seasonings, etc.