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Cornwall Power Equipment Co. sells all equipments which are inspected, tested and warranted 1 year. Their products are switchgear, teck connectors, transformer dry, current, potential, wiring devices

Cornwall Power Equipment Co.   Cornwall  Canada
Cornwall Power Equipment Co. sell warranted reconditioned equipment. Their products are breakers, air circuit, breakers, molded case circuit, bus plug, disconnects, explosion proof, fuses, fuses high voltage, fusible inserts, miscellaneous, motor control. Their new stocks are from Cutler Hammer, Westinghouse, and Siemens

Breakers Unlimited Inc supplies new and used breakers, bus plugs, switches, contact kits and fuses.

Breakers Unlimited Inc    United States
Breakers Unlimited Inc specializes in supplying new and used air circuit breakers, bus plugs, circuit breakers, disconnects, fusible panel switches, contact kits, fuses, motor control, etc.

Current Midwest is a distributor of reconditioned electrical equipments and cooling towers.

Current Midwest    United States
Current MIdwest specializes in distributing reconditioned electrical equipments and cooling towers. Their products include bus plugs and bus duct, fusible disconnects, motor control centers, motor starters, transformers, distribution panels and circuit breakers, AC and DC motors and controls, rebuilt gearboxes, etc.

Intissel Lanka Pvt Ltd is a manufacturer and distributor of lining products for textile industries since 1995.

Intissel Lanka Pvt Ltd    Sri Lanka
Intissel Lanka Pvt Ltd specializes in manufacturing and distributing lining products for textile industries. They offer fabric interlinings, fusible interlinings, non fusible sew ins, embroidery backings, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001 standard.

Water Tite Products specializes in manufacturing pipe plugs, bypass plugs, air test plugs and accessories used for testing, plugging and bypassing plumbing and sewer lines.

Water Tite Products    ,,
Water Tite Products manufactures pipe plugs, bypass plugs, air test plugs and accessories used for testing, plugging and bypassing plumbing and sewer lines. Their products include test plugs, bypass plugs in single and multi size, front air test, back air test plugs, pumps and inflation hoses, air test hoses and accessories, specialty items like cleaning ball, steam plugs, short liner carriers, deflection gauges, etc.

Mechanical Research and Design Inc manufactures pipe plugs and seals since 1975.

Mechanical Research and Design Inc    United States
Mechanical Research and Design Inc specializes in manufacturing pipe plugs and seals. Few of their products include pipe test plugs, mechanical plugs, reactor nozzle plugs, specialty plugs, pipe joint testers, annular seals, inflatable seals, and bulkheads.

Clubplug Inc supplies spark plugs for cars, motorcycles and marine engines since 1999.

Clubplug Inc    United States
Clubplug Inc specializes in supplying spark plugs for cars, motorcycles and marine engines. Few of their products are NGK spark plugs, BOSCH spark plugs, DENSO spark plugs, splitfire spark plugs, KYB shocks and struts, K and N air filters, oil filters club plug, etc.

Badger Plug Company distributes roll protection products since 1931.

Badger Plug Company    United States
Badger Plug Company specializes in distributing variety of roll protection products. Few of their products arewood core plugs, metal core plugs, plastic core plugs, double core plugs, pad plugs, H pack system, plastic tube closures, metal tube closures, wood tube closures, spool ends and cores, spool plugs, etc.

High Pressure Integrity Inc specializes in providing thru-tubing plug-back products and services since 1985.

High Pressure Integrity Inc    United States
High Pressure Integrity Inc provides thru-tubing plug-back products and services. Their products include plug, mix cement blend, thru-tubing casing bridge plugs and straddle tools, e-line tools, coiled tubing accessory tools, cement bailer systems, etc.

Mocap Inc manufactures vinyl plastic caps, plugs and custom moldings since 1982.

Mocap Inc    United States
Mocap Inc specializes in manufacturing vinyl plastic caps, plugs and custom moldings for applications in automotive, metalworking, masking, wire and cable, refrigeration, lawn and garden, medical and many others. The protective products include caps, pull tab caps, square plastic caps, round plastic grips, etc. , The masking products include vinyl masking caps, vinyl masking plugs, silicone caps and plugs, pull plugs, etc.