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Gaurang Auto manufactures alligator clips, battery charging clips, fuse holders, and other accessories, since 1964.

Gaurang Auto   Mumbai  India
Gaurang Auto specializes in manufacturing and supplying wide range of clips. Few of their products are alligator clips, battery charging clips, fuse holders, banana plugs, banana sockets or jacks, test leads etc.

Keystone provides comprehensive line of electronic and interconnects components as well as stamping machining and assembly services for more than 20 years.

Keystone   Paris  France
Keystone specializes in distributing electronic and interconnects components and also providing stamping machining and assembly service. Their products include saving holders for subminiature fuses, SMT and THM interconnect components, electronics hardware, battery clips, contacts, fuse clips, etc.

Dencon Accessories Ltd manufactures and supplies wide range of electrical products.

Dencon Accessories Ltd    United Kingdom
Dencon Accessories Ltd specializes in producing and providing electrical products. Few of their products are lampholders, ceiling roses, pendant kits, switches, sockets, cooker panels, ceiling switch, fuses, fuse wire, cable clips and starters, extension reel, bulbs, torches, tools, crocodile clips, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO: 9002.

Concord Electronics Corporation manufacturer of electronic components hardware, interconnects, and test accessories.

Concord Electronics Corporation    United States
Concord Electronics Corporation manufacturer of electronic components, adapters, and alligator clips attenuators and shunts, chassis fastener, clamps, clips, coaxial, feed thrus, ferrules, and fuses. They also finds the parts we needed.

Grand Metal Works Ltd is a manufacturer of buttons, snaps, rivets, buckles, eyelets, zipper pulls for past 39 years.

Grand Metal Works Ltd    Hong Kong
Grand Metal Works Ltd manufactures, and supplies eyelets, zipper pulls, rings, and slides. They are specialized for manufacturing products such as snaps, buttons, rivets, buckles, hook and bar, eyelets, plastics, and rings. They produce pins, rhinestones, bells, magnets, fuse caps, dies, cord locks, cord tips and other metal and plastic items suitable for the garment, bag, leather, shoe, toy and electronic industries.

Circuit Protection Devices Inc is an industrial distributor specializing in fuses and terminal blocks since 1990.

Circuit Protection Devices Inc    United States
Circuit Protection Devices Inc specializes in distributing fuses and terminal blocks. Their products include capacitors, power supplies, circuit breakers, relays, connectors, resistors, delaylines, semiconductors, sensors, fans sockets, etc.

Emanon Aircraft Fasteners is a stocking distributor of MIL-SPEC fasteners since 1971.

Emanon Aircraft Fasteners    United States
Emanon Aircraft Fasteners products include cable ties, connectors, contacts, eyelets, ferrules, fuses, handles, lamps, panel fasteners, posts, bolts, bushings, clamps, clips, clinch-nuts, electronic hardware, fittings, inserts, keys, knobs, etc.

Fuse Comp established in 1990 specializes in distributing fuses.

Fuse Comp    South Africa
Fuse Comp offers products like fuse bases, holders, carriers, disconnectors, isolators, fuse switches, micro switches, indicators, strikers, high voltage fuses, cylindrical fuses, anther style of fuses.

Bel Fuse manufactures electronic products such as magnetic components, miniature and micro fuses, etc.

Bel Fuse    United States
Bel Fuse specializes in manufacturing and distributing electronic components for the computer, networking and telecommunication industries. Their producters include DC DC converters, passive connectors, magjack connectors with integrated magnetics, discrete magnetics, integrated broadband modules and fuses.

Ferraz Shawmut Inc. develops and manufactures circuit protection products.

Ferraz Shawmut Inc.    ,,
Ferraz Shawmut Inc. manufactures products like: general purpose fuses, power fuses, miniature/glass fuses, semiconductor fuses, medium voltage fuses, special purpose fuses, ultrasafe fuse holders, fuse blocks and holders, power distribution blocks, and high power switches.