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Altima International Group LLC is a specialty chemical raw material and equipment Market Expansion Services provider importing and exporting from the Caribbean, Central, North and South America. Complementing the business in the Americas, Altima counts wi

Altima International Group LLC   Coral Gables  United States
ltima’s industries served include paint and coatings, building and construction additives, inks, adhesives and sealants, flooring, personal care, food and beverage, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, textile and backing, resin manufacturing, compounds, plastics, mining, environmental remediation, oil and gas, bio-fuels, energy, fuel additives, lubricants, green products, household and institutional care, water treatment, pulp and paper, agriculture, and processing and lab equipment. Altima can provide solutions to most consumer chemical raw material and equipment needs.\r\n\r\nAltima’s Market Expansion Services offer manufacturers a channel to promote their products in emerging markets through highly experienced sales, marketing and technical staff, frequent customer visits and efficient logistics. Altima helps customers by offering solutions to their needs, optimizing formulas improving performance and reducing costs, product development and presenting the latest market trends. Benefiting both customers and suppliers is the ability to serve as a “Supermarket” consolidating a variety of products, no matter volume or source at its facilities by leveraging the combined economy of freight, forwarding and warehousing costs.

Halocarbon Products Corporation is a producer of specialty fluorochemicals, inert lubricants, aliphatic fluorochemical intermediates for pharmaceutical and agricultural industries.

Halocarbon Products Corporation   River Edge  United States
Halocarbon Products Corporation products include fluorochemicals, anesthetics, inert oils, greases and waxes, etc.

DBS Manufacturing Inc manufactures various clarifier and thickener drive units.

DBS Manufacturing Inc    United States
DBS Manufacturing Inc specializes in manufacturing clarifier and thickener drive units for aluminum mills, petro chemical, power generation, and municipal water and wastewater treatment. Their products include mechanical aerators, winches, clarifier, thickener drives, bridge-mounted drive units, fluid primary drives, grit chamber drive units, horizontal flocculator drives, etc.

The M.F.Cachat Co distributes chemical products since 1977.

The M.F.Cachat Co    United States
The M.F.Cachat Co specializes in distributing chemical products.Few of their chemicals are supplied for chemicals for the coating and ink, rubber, plastic, adhesive and sealant, and food industries.

Great Lengths manufactures hair extensions and hair thickening products since 1991.

Great Lengths    South Africa
Great Lengths specializes in producing hair extensions and hair thickening products. Their product includes jojoba hydro effect for dry hair, alpha keratin for strongly strained and long hair, vitamin structure for normal hair, shine and gloss finishing, etc.

Fueltek specializes in designing, developing, manufacturing, fuel management systems.

Fueltek    United Kingdom
Fueltek offers products like fuel management systems, fuel pumps, dispensers, fuel pumps, fuel tanks, fuel storage and fuel tanks.

JDV Equipment Corporation designs and manufactures wide range of waste water and water treatment equipments.

JDV Equipment Corporation    United States
JDV Equipment Corporation specializes in producing wide range of waste water and water treatment equipments for municipal and industrial applications. Few of their products are conveying and waste handling systems, screens, anaerobic digester equipment, and walking beam flocculators.

Familymeds Inc supplies wide range of pharmacy products and diagnostic products.

Familymeds Inc    United States
Familymeds Inc is a division of Familymeds Group Inc, which specializes in supplying variety of pharmacy products and diagnostic products used for the treatment of chronic specific diseases. Their products include ACCU-CHEK Advantage Diabetes Monitoring Kit, Ascensia Elite XL Diabetes Care System, Golden Farm Sugar Free Candies Lemon, BD Automatic Injector, Resource ThickenUp Food Thickener, etc. The company also facilitates online purchasing.

Avcard is a service provider in aviation products and services.

Avcard    United States
Avcard is a service provider in aviation products and services. They offer flight departments, flight departments navigate for fuel prices, flight departments contract fuel program, airportfolio.

HILBORN Fuel Injectors Co Inc specializes in the manufacture of the fuel injector fuel pumps, and related parts for the automobile industry.

HILBORN Fuel Injectors Co Inc   Aliso Viejo  United States
HILBORN Fuel Injectors Co Inc is a manufacturer of the fuel injector fuel pumps, and related parts for variety of engines and racing applications. They offer products like air filters, air scoops, clothing, fuel filters, fuel pump drives, junction blocks, nozzles, etc.