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Dessertco is a manufacturer of gourmet frozen (ready-to-bake) cookie dough.

Dessertco   Vancouver  Canada
Dessertco is a manufacturer of cookies, pies and pizzas. Dessertco provide with cookies like chocolate chip, macadamia milk chocolate, oatmeal raisin, macadamia white, chocolate chunk, oatmeal chocolate chip, double chocolate chip, etc. , and pies like cherry pie, apple pie, bleberry pie, etc. , and pizzas like pepperoni, supreme, etc.

Empire Kosher Inc produces and distributes poultry products since 1938.

Empire Kosher Inc    United States
Empire Kosher Inc specializes in producing and selling poultry products. Their product includes fresh chicken, fresh turkey, frozen pizzas, frozen meat pies, etc.

Amy`s Kitchen Inc provides various natural frozen vegetarian food brands.

Amy`s Kitchen Inc    United States
Amy`s Kitchen Inc manufactures a wide range vegetarian food brands. Few of their products include pizzas, pocket sandwiches, pot pies, entr饳, snacks and whole meals.

Food Tools Inc founded in 1982 specializes in manufacturing and servicing food portioning equipment, and other food products.

Food Tools Inc    United Kingdom
Food Tools Inc manufactures precision food portioning equipment, layer-slabbing, crumb spreading and depanning equipment. The products offered by the company are cheesecake, mousse, layer cakes, petit fours, biscotti, tiramisu, napoleon, swiss rolls, fruit pies, ice cream pies, spumoni, nougat, frozen lasagna, pizza and other similar products.

Clovervale Farms Inc supplies food products since 1946

Clovervale Farms Inc    United States
Clovervale Farms Inc specializes in supplying nutritious, pure, and safe food products for children, seniors and military since 1946. The company products include entrees, vegetables, sandwiches, fruits, cobblers, peanut butter and jelly bars, frozen yogurts, sherbets, Italian ices, frozen juice pops, ice milk, and cookies.

Intermountain Foods Corporation is a distributor of food products.

Intermountain Foods Corporation    United States
Intermountain Foods Corporation specializes in distributing food products. They offer products such as stainless steel scrubbers, nylon scouring pads, cellulose sponges, chocolate mint candies, frozen bread, rolls, cinnamon rolls, bread sticks, baked biscuits and microwave sandwiches, cakes, donuts, cookies, rolls, breads, pies, danish, cinnamon rolls, etc.

Kliklok-Woodman manufactures packaging system since 1944.

Kliklok-Woodman    United States
Kliklok-Woodman specializes in manufacturing packaging systems for snack food, bakery, and frozen food industries. Their products include bagmakers, filling systems, topload, endload, wraparound, pie wedge line, etc.

Tektonic Palates LLC is a producer and supplier of various Tektonic pastes and sauces products since 1962.

Tektonic Palates LLC    United States
Tektonic Palates LLC specializes in producing and distributing wide range of Tektonic paste and sauce products. Few of their products are magma hot paste, savory peanut sauce paste, savory olive paste, hot olive paste, savory sauce, etc.

Mrs.Smiths Bakeries specializes in making variety of pie dish, cobblers, cakes, etc., for more than 20 years.

Mrs.Smiths Bakeries    United States
Mrs. Smiths Bakeries manufactures various kinds of pie dish, ingredients for desserts, etc., for commercial purpose. Few of their dishes are traditional recipe pies, special recipe pies, traditional recipe pie, slices home style cakes, deep dish pie shells, classic cobblers, classic cream pie favorites, etc.

Minus Forty Technologies manufactures freezers and various refrigeration products for ice cream vendors, frozen novelty merchandisers, frozen food vendors, and customized display freezers.

Minus Forty Technologies    Canada
Minus Forty Technologies is a frozen and refigerated merchandiser, who provides display equipment for ice cream vendors, frozen novelty merchandisers, frozen food vendors, and customized display freezers. Their products include frozen-refigerated freezers, carts, equipments and smallwares, etc., The company was formerly known as IAD Technologies.