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Church Metal Spinning Co manufactures and supplies metal spinning, laser cutting, welding and fabrications since 1944.

Church Metal Spinning Co   Milwaukee  United States
Church Metal Spinning Co specializes in manufacturing and supplying metal spinning, laser cutting, welding and fabrications. The company products include autopour die cast ladles, spun products, assemblies, laser cut parts, etc. The company has been certified to ISO 9001: 2000 standard.

Ermafa develops, and produce equipments for engineering for past 190 years.

Ermafa    ,,
Ermafa develops, and produces mechanical engineering, textile industry, paper processing industry and brewery industries. They are specialized for crystal growing and isostatic pressing. They manufacture reactors, heat-exchangers, pressure vessels, foundry ladles and columns

Brightcross Insulation Ltd specializes in manufacturing foundry consumables, fire products and hot gas ceramic filter elements, since 1980.

Brightcross Insulation Ltd    United Kingdom
Brightcross Insulation Ltd manufactures foundry consumables, fire products and hot gas ceramic filter elements. They produce the products like riser sleeves, pouring cups, pouring bushes, hot tops, top hats, pot liners, ladle liners, sampling spoons, anti splash sleeves, tap out cones.

Aeriss Inc supplies refractory materials to steel, utility, foundry, aluminum and specialty steel industries since 1985.

Aeriss Inc    ,,
Aeriss Inc specializes in supplying refractory materials to steel, utility, foundry, aluminum and specialty steel industries. Their products include specialty refractories castables, insulating castables, plastics, rams and gunite, carbon additives and coke products, non wetting specialty refractories for aluminum furnaces, brick insulating, firebrick and alum, ceramic fiber products, ceramic fiber systems, nozzle stand, etc. The company is qualtiy certified to ISO 9002.

We specilize in providing steel & foundry and food processing fields related import & export trade.   Beijing  0
World Key Trading Limited is a company which dedicated in the international trade, mainly engaged in steel & foundry industry and food processing fields related import & export trade.Its products include two parts, part one is raw material, such as carbon additive, carbon raiser, electrically calcined anthracite, gas calcined anthracite, calcined petroleum coke and another part is all kinds of food additives. \r\nThe product Electrode includes Cylinder Electrode Paste, Egg Electrode Paste, Trapezoid Electrode Paste.Carbon Block includes Self-baking Carbon Block, Prebaked Carbon Block.And Packaging include Flexible Freight Bags.\r\nWorld Key has been developed based upon its strong relationships with carbon products and food processing manufactory. It is wholly focused on providing Metallurgical Raw Materials, Electrode, Carbon Block, Packaging.

Artworks Foundry manuafctures variety of bronze sculptures, reliefs and monuments.

Artworks Foundry    United States
Artworks Foundry specializes in manufacturing wide range of bronze sculptures, statues, reliefs and monuments. the company was established in 1977.

Feuerfest Siegburg develops, manufactures, and supplies products to the iron and steel, power station, cement and lime, and petro chemical industries, for the past 30 years.

Feuerfest Siegburg    Germany
Feuerfest Siegburg follows the wear lining technology in their manufacturing process. The company is a DIN ISO 9001 and DIN ISO 14001 certified company. The company`s products includes: shaped and unshaped refractory products, prefabricated components, consumables, commodities, NE metal products, thermal insulation and fireproof plasters. The company also manufactures products for the blast furnace industry, cooking plants and industrial oven manufacturing industry.

Globe Iron Foundry produces cast iron parts for a number of industries since 1925.

Globe Iron Foundry   Commerce  United States
Globe Iron Foundry specializes in manufacturing cast iron parts for a number of industries. Few examples of casting are ductile iron, gray iron, etc.

Mahoney Foundries Inc produces brass, bronze, and aluminum sand castings since 1973.

Mahoney Foundries Inc    United States
Mahoney Foundries Inc specializes in producing brass, bronze, and aluminum sand castings. They provides services to valve products, railroad signal equipment, electric motors, playground equipment, electrical contacts, outdoor lighting, racing and atv brake components, etc.

The Bowmanville Foundry specializes in manufacturing of ductile, gray and malleable iron castings since1901.

The Bowmanville Foundry    United States
The Bowmanville Foundry produces castings, weighing from ounces to twenty pounds. They produce different variety of castings. Their services include machining, plating, galvanizing, painting and insert plastic injection molding. The company is quality certified to ISO 9002.