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Artworks Foundry manuafctures variety of bronze sculptures, reliefs and monuments.

Artworks Foundry    United States
Artworks Foundry specializes in manufacturing wide range of bronze sculptures, statues, reliefs and monuments. the company was established in 1977.

Metalico Inc offers recycling of metals and lead fabrication since 1997.

Metalico Inc   Cranford  United States
Metalico Inc specializes in recycling of metals and lead fabrications since 1997. Few of their products include ferrous and non ferrous scrap metals, scrap leads, auto and truck batteries, siding, window frames and doors, etc.

Fosbel is an online furnace refractory, repair, and maintenance for past 25 years

Fosbel    United States
Fosbel provides maintenance, repairs for furnace. They are certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. They are specialized for repairing and maintaining furnaces worldwide for an industry which includes aluminum, nonferrous, coke, foundry, cement and mineral processing, glass, hydrocarbon and chemical processing and iron and steel.

Globe Iron Foundry produces cast iron parts for a number of industries since 1925.

Globe Iron Foundry   Commerce  United States
Globe Iron Foundry specializes in manufacturing cast iron parts for a number of industries. Few examples of casting are ductile iron, gray iron, etc.

Mahoney Foundries Inc produces brass, bronze, and aluminum sand castings since 1973.

Mahoney Foundries Inc    United States
Mahoney Foundries Inc specializes in producing brass, bronze, and aluminum sand castings. They provides services to valve products, railroad signal equipment, electric motors, playground equipment, electrical contacts, outdoor lighting, racing and atv brake components, etc.

The Bowmanville Foundry specializes in manufacturing of ductile, gray and malleable iron castings since1901.

The Bowmanville Foundry    United States
The Bowmanville Foundry produces castings, weighing from ounces to twenty pounds. They produce different variety of castings. Their services include machining, plating, galvanizing, painting and insert plastic injection molding. The company is quality certified to ISO 9002.

Vesuvius Foundry Division specializes in supplying ferrous and non-ferrous foundries.

Vesuvius Foundry Division   Champaign  United States
Vesuvius Foundry Division offers products like monolithic and brick linings for furnaces, flow control products, crucibles used to melt and transfer molten metals, temperature measurement systems, dosing accessories, degassing products and ceramic filters.

Gemco Cast Metal Technology offers consulting, engineering, and management services.

Gemco Cast Metal Technology    ,,
Gemco Cast Metal Technology is a service provider, which specializes in providing consulting, foundry engineering, project management and general contracting services to the cast metal industry.

Lincoln and Co develops software for file conversion and image viewing software since 1978.

Lincoln and Co   Chelmsford  United States
Lincoln and Co specializes in developing software for file conversion and image viewing software. Lincoln and Company, is now a division of Biscom Inc. Their products include PCL to PDF Converters, postscript converters, application file converters, PCL and postscript viewers.

Mineral Pulverising Mills Pvt Ltd specializes in producing foundry solutions.

Mineral Pulverising Mills Pvt Ltd    India
Mineral Pulverising Mills Pvt Ltd produces foundry solutions. Their products include lustron, LAC-LCA, sandiron, inoculants, refractory coatings, ceramic filters, recarburizer, ferro silicon magnesium, ferro alloys, etc. The company has been quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.