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Charm Sciences Inc manufactures and supplies food safety test diagnostic solutions since 1978.

Charm Sciences Inc    United States
Charm Sciences Inc specializes in manufacturing and supplying food safety test diagnostic solutions. The solution includes for residue tests, microbiological tests and indicator tests for dairy, meat, grain, honey, water and other industries.

Vicon Publishing Inc offers contamination control services.

Vicon Publishing Inc    United States
Vicon Publishing Inc specializes in offering contamination control services for life sciences and microelectronics professionals. The company services include advertising services, media guides, wiping surfaces clean, magazine articles, shows, conferences and events, etc.

Fortress Technology Inc is a manufacturer of variety of metal detection systems.

Fortress Technology Inc   Scarborough  Canada
Fortress Technology Inc specializes in manufacturing variety of metal detection systems. Their systems include conveyor and reject devices, lumber, drop through and gravity metal detector, pipeline systems, vent tube, webs for paper and textiles, etc.

Computer Salvage Specialists provides recycling service for electronic industry since 1985.

Computer Salvage Specialists    ,,
Computer Salvage Specialists specializes in providing recycling service for electronic industry. Their product categories include large household appliances, small household appliances, IT and telecommunications equipment, consumer equipment, lighting equipment, electrical and electronic tools, toys, leisure and sports equipment, medical devices, monitoring, control equipment, automatic dispensers, etc.

Aggregate Recycling Corporation provides soil recycling services for contaminated sites throughout New England since 1987.

Aggregate Recycling Corporation    United States
Aggregate Recycling Corporation specializes in providing soil recycling services for contaminated sites throughout New England. Their services include soil recycling, wood recycling, etc. , Their forms include contaminated soil, contaminated materials, woodwaste materials, etc.

Berkshire Corporation manufactures various contamination control products.

Berkshire Corporation    United States
Berkshire Corporation specializes un manufacturing glove liners, swabs, mops and accessories, face masks, laundered polyester sheets, etc., to the aerospace and defense, contractor, aseptic processing, automotive, biomedical/biotechnology industries. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001.

Bondis Bvba specializes in supplying industrial mainatenance products since 1975.

Bondis Bvba    Belgium
Bondis Bvba supplies industrial mainatenance products such as lubricants, maintenance and cleaning products for industrial applications. The product range includes industrial, food approved and teflon based lubricants, ecological friendly degreasers, synthetic cutting fluids, contamination control breather, gaz neutralizing systems, hydraulic and pneumatic valves and several maintenance aerosols. The company is quality certified to ISO 9002.

Drinking Water Resources has information on water contaminants, and water treatments.

Drinking Water Resources    ,,
Drinking Water Resources is a service provider, which information on drinking water qualities and their contaminants. The site has information on the drinking water qualities, contaminants and wide range of various treatment methods for educational and general purposes.

Airex Industries develops commercial and industrial dust collection, filtration, and clean air equipment since 1975.

Airex Industries   Montreal  Canada
Airex Industries specializes in developing commercial and industrial dust collection, filtration, and clean air equipment. They provide services for ventilation, air bone contaminants, temperature control, humidity, energy recovery, and general air filtration. They offer technologically advanced equipment for air and pollution control needs. Their products include dust collectors, dust collector accessories, industrial ovens, industrial blowers, air make up system, energy recovery, etc.

Envirogreen specializes in hazardous waste disposal service including chemical waste, toxic waste and other difficult waste for more than 12 years.

Envirogreen    United Kingdom
Envirogreen offer an environmentally friendly disposal service for hazardous waste such as pesticides, laboratory chemicals, industrial chemicals, spillage waste, oils, batteries, fluorescent tubes and all related contaminated materials as well as all difficult wastes such as non hazardous liquids, out of date specification food waste, clinical wastes, IT and electrical equipment and can handle certified destruction of a wide range of materials.