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FolderFactory Inc specializes in the manufacture of pocket folders and presentation products.

FolderFactory Inc    United States
FolderFactory Inc is a manufacturer of pocket folders and presentation products. They offer products like standard folders, contemporary folders, file tab folders, 3 dimensional folders, tri panel folders, etc.

Cadillac Looseleaf Products supplies custom binders and folders for over 75 years.

Cadillac Looseleaf Products    United States
Cadillac Looseleaf Products specializes in supplying custom binders and folders. Their products and services include folders, binders, multimedia production and packaging, speciality items, boxes and slipcases, etc.

British Loose Leaf is a UK manufacturer of various kinds of personalized binders and presentation products.

British Loose Leaf   Crayford  United Kingdom
British Loose Leaf manufactures a whole range of binders, folders and loose leaf presentation products. Their products are binders like prong binders, thong binders, inter screw binders and covers, end lock binders, springback binders, expanding averley binders, presentation products including boxes, folders, slip cases and dividers, liver arch files, and custom made binders.

Creative Presentations Inc is a distributor of variety of custom binders, custom folders, and custom packaging.

Creative Presentations Inc    United States
Creative Presentations Inc specializes in distributing variety of custom binders, custom folders, and custom packaging. Their products include tote boxes, pop up pockets, box pockets, turned edge binders, vinyl binders, poly binders, sewn binders, film laminated binders, clear overlay binders, etc.

American Thermoplastic Company is a manufacturer of custom imprinted binders and related loose leaf products.

American Thermoplastic Company    United States
American Thermoplastic Company specializes in manufacturing custom imprinted binders and related loose leaf products. Their products include vinyl binders, index sets, pocket folders, clipboards, fusion binders, easel binders, pressboard binders, custom label water bottles, etc.

FSI Products supplies corporate image products such as presentation folders, paperboard binders, and promotional packaging.

FSI Products   De Pere  United States
FSI Products specializes in supplying corporate image print products. Their products include tab folders, capacity folders, legal folders, mini folders, report covers, paper wallets, paperboard binders, tabs, page pockets, etc.

K and L Looseleaf Products Inc manufactures wide range of binding products.

K and L Looseleaf Products Inc    ,,
K and L Looseleaf Products Inc specializes in manufacturing various binding products for commercial applications. Few of their products are paper tabs, stock tabs, paper folders, etc.

Folders Galore specializes in designing playground and its components.

Folders Galore    United Kingdom
Folders Galore provides binder, wallet, containers, folders and packaging products for corporate publicity.

Ambro Plastics manufactures polypropylene packaging and presentation products since 1966.

Ambro Plastics    United Kingdom
Ambro Plastics specializes in manufacturing binders, folders, files, wallets, packages, etc. Their products include classic wallet, polystyle wallet, recess wallet, maxboxes, miniwallets, transparent and frosted ringbinders, coloured binders, inner card covers, PVC ringbinders, etc.

Dilley Manufacturing produces laminated binders, vinyl and poly binders, index tabs, menu covers, and media packaging.

Dilley Manufacturing    ,,
Dilley Manufacturing specializes in manufacturing variety of imprinted 3 ring binders. They offer ring binders, kit packaging, presentation folders, guest directories, index dividers, menu covers, expandable post binders, ring sizes, and short run books.