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Containment Solutions Inc. sells, the handling products for hazardous, and nonhazardous, flammable, and combustible liquids.

Containment Solutions Inc.   Conroe  United States
Containment Solutions Inc. offers products for the storage, and handling of hazardous, and non hazardous, flammable, and combustible liquids. CSI can design, and manufacture tanks for futher operation. Their products are double wall tank sump, octagon turbine sump, and watertight testable sump lid.

Chemstore Engineering Ltd. is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of environmental safety equipment and services for storage, handling and transportation requirements of chemical, acid, hazardous materials and flammable liquids.

Chemstore Engineering Ltd.    United Kingdom
Chemstore Engineering Ltd. offers spill protection and environmental safety storage solutions, products and services. The company product range include: bunded safety stores, fire rated stores, custom designed warehouses, safety cabinets, poly spill pallets (corrosives), and steel spill pallets (flammables), etc. Chemstore solutions fully comply with EPA, IPC licensing, and the safety, health and welfare at work act 2005.

Certified Fire Protection Inc provides fire protection products and services since 1978.

Certified Fire Protection Inc    United States
Certified Fire Protection Inc specializes in providing fire protection products and services. Their products include fire extinguishers, alarms and sprinkles, cabinets, fire hose, smoke detectors, flammable liquid cabinets, safety cans, oily waste cans, etc.

Calibre Solutions supplies wide range of laboratory equipments.

Calibre Solutions   Auckland  New Zealand
Calibre Solutions specializes in supplying laboratory equipments. Their products include draining racks, flammable liquids, chemical storage for corrosive substances, laboratory glassware washing machines, fume cupboards, ductless hoods, chemical and flammable storage, endoscopy equipments.

Industrial Summit Technology Company specializes in the manufacture of polyimide resin materials since 1983.

Industrial Summit Technology Company   Parlin  United States
Industrial Summit Technology Company specializes in the manufacture of polyimide resin materials. They offer products like pyre ml wire enamels, pyre ml insulating varnish rk 692, pyre ml liquid h enamel rc 5097, pyre ml thinner, composite, foam, adhesives, coating, parts, colorless polyimide, rtm, bmi, two stage cure systems, and foam.

Petro Technik Group specializes in manufacturing CZ and storage tanks and pressure vessels.

Petro Technik Group    United States
Petro Technik Group is a manufacturer of CZ and below ground storage tanks and pressure vessels. They are also is a distributor of UPP polyethylene containment and testing systems for transfer of flammable liquids underground.

We specialize in providing the paving services and solutions.   Atlanta  0
Metro ATL provides all the services that you would need when considering getting pavement done for your driveway, parking lot or patio. The company provide both concrete and asphalt paving solutions. The company often get asked the difference is between concrete and asphalt. The company have many difference between the two including the makeup of the two substances.\r\nThe company knows how frustrating cracked pavement can be for the driver who is visiting a shop or how potholes can damage the wheel of a car or how annoying it can be for a customer who is driving on uneven pavement. We also know that first impressions are important. Your pavement and your store front is the first thing that customers see. \r\nThe services are Paving, Sealcoating, Parking Lots, Striping, Pothole Repair, Speed Bumps, Bollards, Parking Bumpers, Driveways, Crack Fill, Walkways/ Sidewalks, Concrete & Asphalt Repairs, Curb and Gutter, Concrete Resurfacing, Post Plumbing Asphalt & Concrete Repair, Signage, and ADA Compliant Concrete Handicap Ramps.\r\nAsphalt is composed of tar and gravel. Tar is a highly flammable liquid that is an adhesive which is what keeps the mixture together. Asphalt is often used in paving due to the fact that it takes a shorter amount of time to instal and is cheaper. The cons to asphalt is that it requires more maintenance. You can learn more about Asphalt Paving here. \r\nConcrete on the other hand is composed of cement, sand gravel and water. Cement is made from calcined lime and clay and when mixed with water provides the glue needed to keep concrete together. Concrete takes longer to install and is often more expensive. However, concrete tends to last longer, allows for customization and requires less maintenance. You can learn more about Concrete Paving here.

PetroTechnik Ltd manufactures and supplies UPP polyethylene containment, piping and tightness testing systems for the storage and transfer of flammable liquids.They also manufacture CZ ground storage tanks and pressure vessels.

PetroTechnik Ltd   Ipswich  United Kingdom
PetroTechnik Ltd specializes in manufacturing and supplying UPP polyethylene containment, piping and tightness testing systems for the storage and transfer of flammable liquids. They also manufacture CZ ground storage tanks and pressure vessels. Few of their products include UPP pipework and fittings, UPP sumps and chambers, UPP penetration fittings, UPP access covers, UPP system integrity testing unit, UPP tools, LPG tanks, steel storage tanks, etc. PetroTechnik Ltd has been quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 standard.

HOC Industries produces and provides contract packaging, blending, filling and distributing a variety of hydrocarbon and water-based products for the Department of Defense (DoD) and others.

HOC Industries    ,,
HOC Industries specializes in handling and storing flammable and hazardous liquids, high-speed production lines and water purification systems, etc.

Haz Environmental is a service provider, which offers waste management and environmental services.

Haz Environmental    United Kingdom
Haz Environmental specializes in providing waste management and environmental services. Their services include liquids and sludges, chemical treatment, rolonoff containers, flammable and chlorinated solvents, waste oils, lead acid batteries, timber and pallets, contaminated empty drums, fluorescent tubes, etc.