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California Analytical Instruments Inc specializes in providing gas analyzers and systems since 1982.

California Analytical Instruments Inc    ,,
California Analytical Instruments Inc is a distributor of gas analyzers and systems for industrial, environmental, process, health and safety applications. Their products include chemiluminescence analyzers, infrared analyzers, flame ionization analyzers, paramagnetic analyzers, photoacoustic IR analyzers, multi-point samplers, ammonia slip analyzers, integrated systems, and tracer gas systems.

Gow-Mac Instrument Co manufactures instruments and thermal conductivity since 1935.

Gow-Mac Instrument Co   Bethlehem  United States
Gow-Mac Instrument Co designs, and manufactures thermal conductivity detectors. They are specialized for products such as gas chromatographs, binary gas analyzers, process instrumentation, custom, applicated instrumentation, gas handling equipment, and gas leak detectors.

Medica specializes in manufacturing blood testing analyzers.

Medica   Bedford  United States
Medica manufactures blood testing analyzers. Their products include blood gas analyzers, easystat analyzer, easy bloodgas analyzer, electrolyte analyzers, etc.

Levitt-Safety Limited is a service provider, which provides purchasing solutions for fire, safety, and environment needs.

Levitt-Safety Limited    Canada
Levitt-Safety Limited specializes in providing sales, service of safety equipment, fire protection, suppression systems, industrial and environmental instrumentation, and emergency first aid. Their products include sqwincher, biosystems toxi visions, etc.

Advanced Design and Manufacturing manufactures complex electro mechanical assemblies, harnesses, and cables since 1990.

Advanced Design and Manufacturing   Portsmouth  United States
Advanced Design and Manufacturing specializes in manufacturing of complex electro mechanical assemblies, harnesses, and cables. Their products include assemblies, harnesses and cabling, functional testing, engineering services, contol panel builder, ac and dc power distribution panels, electromechanical actuating devices.

AquaMetrix Inc is a manufacturer of rugged and reliable instrumentation for more than 45 years.

AquaMetrix Inc    United States
AquaMetrix Inc specializes in manufacturing instrumentation products. Their products include nuclear energy, municipal water treatment, industrial water treatment, plating, pulp and paper, chemical manufacturing, mining, etc.

ITI Company is a distributor of variety of OEM and custom thermal instruments for various laboratories since 1969.

ITI Company   Del Mar  United States
ITI Company specializes in distributing variety of OEM and custom thermal instruments for various laboratories. Their products include thermoelectric calorimeters, geothermal heat flux transducers, heat flux transducers, heat loss detection systems, specific heat apparatus, flame intensity calorimeters, etc.

Hetek Solutions Inc is a manufacturer and distributor of variety of gas and water system safety products for more than 50 years.

Hetek Solutions Inc   London  Canada
Hetek Solutions Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing variety of gas and water system safety products. Their products include level tracking instrumentation, calibration instrumentation, combustible gas indicators, fixed gas detection, personal monitors, land surveyor instrumentation, flame ionization detector, etc.

ETI Gauges offers vigh vacuum glass ionization vacuum gauges, filaments and components.

ETI Gauges    United States
ETI Gauges specializes in distributing wide range of vacuum gauges and filaments. Their products include nude ionization gauges, triode ionization gauges, press stems, pinch stems and headers, filaments, minitorr triode ionization gauge, etc.

Environmental Marketing Enterprises Inc serves laboratories and online, industries, government research, utilities, municipalities for water and waste water analysis and control since 1991.

Environmental Marketing Enterprises Inc   Arlington  United States
Environmental Marketing Enterprises Inc specializes in serving laboratories and online, industries, government research, utilities, municipalities for water and waste water analysis and control. Their services include analytical instrumentation for sensing, monitoring, treating and controlling, waste water sludge odor grease reduction, hazardous waste material testing and storage, soil contamination, instrument consulting and sales.