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Caddock Electronics Inc specializes in manufacturing precision resistors and resistor network products.

Caddock Electronics Inc    United States
Caddock Electronics Inc manufactures film resistor product using resistance film technologies and process technologies. Their products include high voltage resistors, current sense resistors, chip resistors, high frequency resistors, rf resistors, load resistors, pulse resistors, and non-inductive power resistors.

ELETELE manufactures resistors and rheostats for over 40 years.

ELETELE    Brazil
ELETELE manufacture and provide resistors, rheostats, grids resistors, load banks, starters resistors, neutral grounding resistors which includes wirewound resistors, ribbon resistors, neutral ground resistors, special rheostats, high power rheostats, electrolytic starters, resistor banks for inverters, resistor bank for starting motors, etc.

Technisch Bedrijf Huyser BV manufactures wire wound resistors since 1953.

Technisch Bedrijf Huyser BV    Netherlands
Technisch Bedrijf Huyser BV specializes in manufacturing wire wound resistors. Few of their products include wire wound resistors, AC and DC shunts, resistance boxes, simulators, sensors, and reference resistors.

TongDa Group Co Ltd manufactures and supplies electrical fittings, ironware parts, electronic components, digital satellite TV receiver, optical fiber cable, etc.

TongDa Group Co Ltd   Wanchai  Hong Kong
TongDa Group Co Ltd specializes in manufacturing and supplying mobile phone lens, mobile phone crust, UV sprayed components and others, cell phone hinges and sliding covers, laser cutting panels, appliances decoration, luminous alloy products, metal parts products, carbon film fixed resistor, digital satellite TV receiver, and optic fiber cables.

Cressall Resistors Ltd is a manufacturer of variety of electrical power resistors since 1912.

Cressall Resistors Ltd    United Kingdom
Cressall Resistors Ltd specializes in manufacturing variety of electrical power resistors. Their products include neutral earthing, dynamic braking, load testing, harmonic filters, rail traction, motor control, uncased resistors, etc.

Danotherm Electric A/S manufactures wide range of power resistors.

Danotherm Electric A/S    Denmark
Danotherm Electric A/S specializes in the production of power resistors for the electronic and telecommunications industry. Their products include housed brake resistors, load resistors, wire wound brake resistors, aluminium resistor, etc.

Culatti AG is a manufacturer of resistors, micro hammer mill, and other engineering products.

Culatti AG    Switzerland
Culatti AG specializes in manufacturing resistors, micro hammer mill, and other engineering products. Their products include slide resistors, intermediate resistors, shunt, rotary resistors, motor driven resistors, accessories, etc.

Design and manufacture of application specific resistor product in low to medium volume

TSEC   Stanley  United Kingdom
TSEC design and manufacture thick film power resistor, high voltage resistor and network resistor product for specialist applications.

Arcol UK Ltd is a manufacturer of power resistors.

Arcol UK Ltd    United Kingdom
Arcol UK Ltd specializes in manufacturing power resistors. Their products include resistance calculator, resistor colour code, resistor cross reference, wirewound, thin film, thick film, etc.

Mini Systems Inc manufactures hybrid microelectronics components since 1968.

Mini Systems Inc    United States
Mini Systems Inc specializes in manufacturing hybrid microelectronics components for satellite, spacecraft, military, and medical industries. Few of their products include thick and thin film chip resistors, capacitors, metal and glass sidewall packages, custom thick film hybrid circuits, and multichip modules. The company has been certified with ISO 9001 standard.