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Jerrys Flies distributes fishing lures, top water baits, casting lures, spinner flies, spoons, jigs and much more.

Jerrys Flies    ,,
Jerrys Flies specializes in supplying fishing lures, top water baits, casting lures, spinner flies, spoons, jigs and much more. Their product includes crappie spinners, sunfish jigs, crank baits for steelhead, bass fishing equipment, fishing spoon jigs, bluegill jigs, muskey fishing supplies, hump fishing lures, fishing popper rigs, freshwater dry flies, topwater fishing bait, trout lures, bass spinner baits, crappie spinner flies, etc.

Gator Buckets supplies wide range of live bait containers and accessories for sport fisherman.

Gator Buckets    United States
Gator Buckets specializes in supplying variety of live bait containers and accessories. The company products are mini bait bucket, 5 qt live bait bucket, 10 qt 2 piece live bait bucket, minnow trap, belt bait box, bucket lid, lobster gage, etc.

CC Moore and Co Ltd manufactures and distributes pellets, particles, boilies and bait ingredients for fish.

CC Moore and Co Ltd    United Kingdom
CC Moore and Co Ltd specializes in manufacturing and distributing pellets, particles, boilies and bait ingredients for fish. Their products include belachan powder, belachan - fermented shrimp paste, boosted belachan pellets, liquid belachan, boosted belachan hook baits, belachan stick mix, etc.

Lucky Craft Inc specializes in the manufacture of baits for fishing purposes.

Lucky Craft Inc    United States
Lucky Craft Inc develops baits for luring and catching fishes. The company products include lucky craft Skeet Reese skeet trap mini series, lucky craft bevyshad, lucky craft live pointer series baits, lucky craft gunfish series baits, etc.

Bennett`s Bait and Tackle provides fishing equipments, hunting equipments, etc. The company was established in 1984.

Bennett`s Bait and Tackle    Canada
Bennett`s Bait and Tackle specialzies in supplying hunting, fishing and accessories. Their products include live bait, rods, reels, fishing lines, ice fishing gear, electronics and a variety of accessories.

Scotts Bait and Tackle distributes a wide range of fishing and hunting products since 1985.

Scotts Bait and Tackle   Mystic Island  United States
Scotts Bait and Tackle specializes in distributing a wide range of fishing and hunting products. They also provide online purchasing facilities. Some of their products are knives, leaders, lures, reels, rigs, rods, scents, tackle boxes, tools, charts, lights, etc.

Maynards Tackle manufactures fishing products since 1958.

Maynards Tackle    United States
Maynards Tackle specializes in manufacturing fishing products. The company products include plain hooks, fishing tackles, jigs, hand painted, tied and packaged lures, and lure holders.

Innovative Sport Group specializes in manufacturing wide range tackle products for the fishing industry.

Innovative Sport Group    United States
Innovative Sport Group manufactures fishing products, plastic baits and lures for bass, musky and walleye fishing tackle, plankton series, etc. The company also sells their products through online. Few of their products include plastic worms, lizards, tubes, craws, grubs, top water baits.

Angling Technics manufactures baitboats. The company was established in 1992.

Angling Technics   Malmesbury  United Kingdom
Angling Technics specializes in manufacturing remote controlled baitboats for fishing. The company products include bivvy light, solar panel, flexi aerial, xenon beacon, digital battery meter, livebait hopper covers, etc.

Lucky Strike is a manufacturer of fishing lures, landing nets, and fishing tackle for more than 70 years.

Lucky Strike    Canada