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Custom mold and molding manufacturer for plastic parts

Uni-Moulding Co.,Ltd.   Xiamen  China
What we can do:\r\n☆ Parts design files review and suggestion (if the design is not reasonable for processing)\r\n☆ Free Mould Design\r\n☆ low-volume Prototype Tooling \r\n☆ High-volume production mould \r\n☆ Molding/Production, including IMD-IML molding, inserts exchangeable moulds, overmolding and Insert Molding\r\n☆ Logo Printing (Silk Screening, Pad Printing, Rotational Printing, etc)\r\n☆ Painting\r\n☆ Plating\r\n☆ Ultrasonic Welding\r\n☆ Assembly, Packing\r\n☆ Delivery\r\n

Keysan sells wide range of offices products through online.

Keysan    United States
Keysan specializes in distributing binders and binding supplies, calendars and planners, classroom supplies, computer furniture, computer hardware, computer supplies, files and filing supplies, forms, record keeping and reference furniture, money management and handling, office equipment, office maintenance, office supplies, etc. Few of their products are plastic ring binders, poly ring binders, ring binders, indexes for printers and copiers, insertable tab dividers, sheet protectors, ring binder sheet protectors, day timer binders, desktop printer stands, machine stands, mobile printer stands, etc. The company also facilitates online purchasing.

Hu-Friedy manufactures wide range of dental instruments for more than 50 years.

Hu-Friedy    United States
Hu-Friedy specializes in manufacturing various dental instruments. Few of their products are IMS signature series cassettes, IMS resin cassettes, ultrasonic inserts, cattoni scalers, chisel scalers, file scalers, etc.

EZ-LOK manufactures thread inserts for plastics, wood and metal.

EZ-LOK    United States
EZ-LOK specializes in manufacturing various sorts of thread inserts for plastics, wood and metal. Few of their products include extra heavy wall, UNF internal, UNC internal, etc.

EfileReady Ltd. (Automated E-filing to HMRC at Anytime)\r\n \r\nYou can E-file your CIS 300, P14, P35 and Pension Schemes etc to HMRC easily with\r\na simple spreadsheet through EfileReady web based converter and transmiter. The same\r\nsystem can also help y

EfileReady Ltd   Lonndon  United Kingdom
EfileReady Ltd. (Automated E-filing to HMRC at Anytime)\r\n\r\nE-filing your documents, such as CIS 300, P14, P35, or Pension Schemes, to the\r\nHMRC is now made simple by EfileReadys 100% web-based system. Downloading the \r\nnotification P6, P9 etc due to you from the HMRC Data Provision Services (DPS) is\r\nalso a simple process.\r\n\r\nTo e-file your documents you simply populate your data into an excel spreadsheet\r\nand then upload it to EfileReadys server over the Internet. Once your documents are\r\nuploaded to the EfileReady server they will be automatically converted into the HMRC\r\nrequired XML format and then e-filed for you accordingly. \r\n\r\nEfileReady acts as a converter and transmitter to ensure your documents due for\r\ne-filing are fully in compliance with the HMRC required format. Using EfileReady to\r\nconduct your e-filing makes your e-filing process so simple it is as if your are\r\nsending an email with an attached file. You can avoid paying for expensive e-filing\r\nsystems or the costly in house developed XML e-filing process. \r\n\r\nDownloading your notifications such as P6 and P9 etc from the HMRC is also very\r\nsimple. Once you have clicked download the E-fileReady server will instantly link to\r\nthe HMRC DPS SERVER to get all the data due to you. The data due to you will be\r\ndisplayed in simple, readable PDF format in well managed order. With a few further\r\nclicks you will be able to further download the notifications in groups, in a\r\nspreadsheet or CSV file for you to insert into your system to trigger the auto- tax \r\ncode update. \r\n\r\nExcellent Quality and Stability: Our team, who created this web-based system, has\r\nbeen developing HMRC e-filing systems for the last 6 years. This accumulative\r\nexperience has made us one of the most successful service providers in this field,\r\nwith an e-filing success rate of 99.97%. You can count on us to take care of your\r\ne-filing and downloading requirements.\r\n\r\nThe technologies EfileReady has adopted are proven and stable, running on a Linux\r\nplatform. Being browser based, the EfileReady system will work with Windows, Linux,\r\nUnix, or Apple Mac, from any network you subscribe to or from any Internet point.\r\nYou can rest assured that our system will work for you regardless of whether you\r\nhave installed a bespoke system, or any other commonly used package. \r\n\r\nFor more product features please visit:\r\n\r\nFor more details please email: Tel: 020 8731 9981

We are a global supplier in developing and manufacturing tungsten cemented carbides including cutting tools, mining tools, dies and molds, wear parts, extruded profiles, etc.   wenzhou  0
Yueqing qixing co., limited is a global supplier in developing and manufacturing tungsten cemented carbides including cutting tools, mining tools, dies and molds, wear parts, extruded profiles, etc.\r\n\r\nMain product category of the company includes carbide burrs, carbide inserts, carbide threading inserts, carbide rods, etc.\r\n\r\nCompany supplies its carbide tools to various sectors such as Energy and Power, Aerospace, Earthwork, Transportation, Machinery, and Automobile for more than 20 years. \r\n\r\nProducts of the company are exported to customers of various countries such as Europe, Asia and Latin America.\r\n\r\nYueqing qixing co., Limited’s main trade references are Walter, Kennametal, and YG1.

Harling Marketing Inc is a service provider, which offers turnkey solutions for various clients since 1959.

Harling Marketing Inc   Pointe Claire  Canada
Harling Marketing Inc specializes in providing turnkey solutions for various clients. Their services include inventory management, product fulfillment, sales representative distribution, order processing, file conversion, data entry, banking, payment processing, scanning, folding, etc.

El Paso Automated Office and Industrial Systems Inc sells and service all types of office furniture and idustrial equipments since 1988.

El Paso Automated Office and Industrial Systems Inc    United States
El Paso Automated Office and Industrial Systems Inc specializes in distribiting wide range office furnitures and industrial equipments. Few of their products are TV / AV carts, television mounts, projectors with electrical motors, lecterns, laminate tables, desk hutches, bookcases, horizontal file cabinets, vertical file cabinets, steel lockers, flat-key locks, master-keyed combination padlock, etc.

Advanced Filing supplies filing and rotary file systems for more than 20 years.

Advanced Filing    United States
Advanced Filing specializes in supplying high density filing and rotary file systems. Their products include office filing system, rolling file carts and cabinets, file carts, title, insurance and accounting filing supplies, colored file folders, hanging, vinyl and pocket file folders, rolling files, etc.

Corrugated Plastic Products Ltd designs, mnufactures, and supplies bespoke re usable packaging and product handling systems since 1980.

Corrugated Plastic Products Ltd    United Kingdom
Corrugated Plastic Products Ltd specializes in designing, manufacturing, and supplying bespoke re usable packaging and product handling systems since 1980. for steel, automotive, electronics and pharmaceutical industries. Their products include molded bins, coil protection systems, multi trip storage systems, bespoke plastic trays, dunnage, shelving stillage and inserts, sheet materials. The company is quality certified to BS:EN:ISO 9001:2000.