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Gilway Technical Lamp specializes in providing light source solutions.

Gilway Technical Lamp   Peabody  United States
Gilway Technical Lamp provides light source solutions. Their products include led modules, lens end medical or dental lamps, instrumentation lamps, photo optic lamps, miniature lamps, neon lamps, halogen lamps, technical lamps, line filament lamps, reflector lamps, and lamp holders.

Elscott Manufacturing LLC. is a contract manufacturer for over 22 years.

Elscott Manufacturing LLC.    United States
Elscott Manufacturing LLC. manufactures and supplies printed circuit board, transformer, coils and inductors, multipin conductors, wire forms and cable assemblies, marine cables and wire harness assemblies, copper shield products, automobile components, microprocessor burn in test sockets, medical temperature probes and NTC thermistors.

Hahl Filaments GmbH is a manufacturer of variety of filaments for various industries since 1923.

Hahl Filaments GmbH   Munderkingen  Germany
Hahl Filaments GmbH specializes in manufacturing variety of filaments for various industries. Their products include synthetic brush filaments, abrasives abralon 612, abrasives hahlbrasif 6, abrasives abrafil, monofilaments and spools, extrusion lines, etc.

We specialize in producing and selling all kings of lighting products such as Pendant light, wall light, table light, edison bulb, led filament bulb, firework bulb, etc.,   zhejiang  0
Haining Tonghua Import & Export Co.,LTD is an international trade enterprise combined with factory, specialized in producing and selling all kings of lighting products. The company Certifications include CE, ROHS for Ediosn bulb, CE, ROHS for LED Bulb., CE, ROHS for Lamp Holder., CE for textile braided wire., CE for pendant light., SAA for LED Bulb, UL for lamp holder, UL for textile braided wire and UL for plug.\r\n\r\nThe company product includes Edison bulb, LED Filament Bulb, LED Firework Bulb, LED Copper Wire Bulb, LED Radium Sportlight, Pendant Light, Wall Light, Table Light, Vintage Pendant Light Kit, Braided Cable, Ceiling Rose, Lamp Holder and Other Accessories. Other Accessories include Lamp Shade, Cable Lock, Hook, Plug, Switch, Dimmer, Cable Fix and Other. Focus on developing high-quality products for top-end markets.\r\n\r\nHaining Tonghua Import & Export Co.,LTD Products are mainly exported to over 30 countries such as USA, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, Spain, UK, Korea, Australia, Canada, etc. The company has complete network and strong cooperation teamwork to support us in 24hours per day.

Mimic Group of Companies manufactures electronic and mimic displays since 1971.

Mimic Group of Companies    South Africa
Mimic Group of Companies specializes in three divisions such as mimic components, mimic crafts, and engraving world. Mimic components includes pilot lights, filament lamp, big digit displays, alarm displays and alarm annunuciators. Mimic crafts offers mosaic tiles including an aluminium grid system. Engraving world produces industrial signs and labels, corporate sings and labels, general signs and labels, name badges for desks, doors and identification.

Entec Composite Machines manufactures computer controlled filament winding machines.

Entec Composite Machines    United States
Entec Composite Machines specializes in producing computer controlled filament winding machines. The company product includes pultrusion, gantry systems, turn key systems, auxiliary equipments, restored equipments, fiber replacements, etc.

Microlites Scientific specializes in the manufacture of a wide range of lamps for industrial and commercial purpose.

Microlites Scientific   Toronto  Canada
Microlites Scientific specializes in the manufacture of a wide range of lamps for industrial and commercial purpose. They offer products like incandescent lamps, actinic lamps, aquarelle lamps, black light lamps, black light blue lamps, fluorescent lamps, metal halide lamps, etc.

We are a leading manufacturer of LED lighting products since 1998. Our products are exported to Europe, USA, South-East Asia, and many other places.   Shenzhen  0
Star Light Technology Group (China) Limited specializes in the manufacture of Lighting-Emitting Diodes and other lightening products. \r\n\r\nProduct list of the company includes dimmable series, led plug-in tube, meteor-dynamic led fluorescent lamp, led downlight (celling light), led 2g7 lamp, led module light, led panel light, low power spotlight, led bulb - replace tungsten filament and cfl bulb, led fluorescent tube, led round tube, led high power spotlight, led efficient light, led strip light or rope light, led big wattage wall washer, etc.\r\n\r\nStar Light Technology Group (China) Limited has been quality certified to ISO9000 standard.\r\n\r\n

Janco Composites Inc manufactures fiberglass reinforced plastic products since 1973.

Janco Composites Inc   Luxembourg  Belgium
Janco Composites Inc specializes in producing fiberglass reinforced plastic products. Their product includes wide range of composites using custom resin systems of epoxy, polyester and vinyl esters to provide the precise mechanical, electrical and temperature properties needed in various industrial applications.

Heirloom Lamps specializes in the manufacture of handmade table lamps for commercial purpose since 1990.

Heirloom Lamps    ,,
Heirloom Lamps is a manufacturer of handmade table lamps for commercial purpose. They offer products like table lamps, floor lamps, and amphora shaped table lamps.