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Manufacturer of laser welded steel honeycomb core.

BENECOR, INC.   WICHITA  United States
Benecor, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of welded metallic honeycomb core in the aerospace and general industry markets. \r\n\r\nBenecor’s laser welded honeycomb is not limited to certain cell sizes or densities. Our laser welding process provides a nearly limitless array of cell sizes and densities utilizing CAM technology. \r\n\r\nCustomer applications that require any of the following characteristics can benefit from Benecor laser welded honeycomb core: lightweight, robust, corrosion resistant, formable, high temperatures, insulative and energy absorption. \r\n\r\n

Achieving Honeycomb Panel is a professional manufacturer and supplier of honeycomb panels, honeycomb core and plastic honeycomb in Qingdao, China.\r\n

Qingdao Achieving Honeycomb Panel Co. Ltd   Qingdao  China
This is the official website of Qingdao Achieving Honeycomb Core & Panel Co., Ltd., which is the professional and large-scale producer of plastic honeycomb panels .\r\n\r\nQingdao Achieving Honeycomb Core & Panel Co.,Ltd.(Chinese:Qingdao Zhixincheng Honeycomb Panel Co. ,Ltd.,) is a high-tech private-owned enterprise and engaged in developing, manufacturing and marketing plastic honeycomb products and composite panels.\r\n \r\nThe website introduces Polypropylene honeycomb and Polycarbonate honeycomb panels, which are new materials supplied to domestic and overseas markets. We produce multi-aperture panels for architecture and public decoration. Our PC honeycomb panel with the diameter 3mm or 6mm can be bonded with some panels to makesandwich panels with reflecting anamorph to light, like Acrylic door honeycomb sheet, which is for family and business public decoration. The multi-aperture pc368honeycomb core is origination in China\s market. Another application for PC6 & PC3.5 is the wind guide for equipment or airflow adjustment, The energy-efficient laminboard FRP honeycomb panel is made by resin fiberglass covered with PP8 or PP10honeycomb core for yacht, dry cargo box and sandwich construction etc. which need lighten the high-strength in weight. Hot cutting PP12 honeycomb is hexagon Cellular structure using carbon powder or pill container for air filter or water purifying installation.

Koshii Macxelum America Inc is a manufacturer of passenger rail car interiors products.

Koshii Macxelum America Inc   Poughkeepsie  United States
Koshii Macxelum America Inc specializes in manufacturing precision fabricated laminated panel assembly products. Their products include decorative laminate on aluminum honeycomb, decorative laminate on aluminum, stainless steel ply metal with seam welded edges, ply metal flooring, balsa core panels, side wall interior panels, ceiling panels, honeycomb core, windscreen panels, engineers cab door, etc.

AFL Honeycomb Structures supplies core materials and crash barrier system The company was established in 1968.

AFL Honeycomb Structures    France
AFL Honeycomb Structures specializes in distributing wide range of core materials and crash barrier system. The company products are EEVC side impact barrier / ECE 95/ Dir 96/27/CE, FMVSS 214 side Impact barrier, IIHS side impact barrier, WG13 AE MDB mobile deformable barrier, etc.

CEL Components Srl supplies light sandwich panel components since 1992.

CEL Components Srl    Italy
CEL Components Srl specializes in supplying light sandwich panel components. Their products include Vtr pp, Vtr sty, Isocop, honeycop, alustep, polistep, Plastic honeycombs, Sandwich panels, Truck body parts, composite parts, etc.

Euro Composites Group specializes in manufacturing of lightweight products based on honeycomb core.

Euro Composites Group    United States
Euro Composites Group manufactures lightweight products based on honeycomb core. The product range consists of various types of honeycomb, panels, formed, milled parts and drop in parts for a wide range of industries like aeronautical industry, ship industry, rail vechicle. etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001 and AS 9100.

Applied Ceramics Inc is a manufacturer of ceramics products since 1967.

Applied Ceramics Inc    United States
Applied Ceramics Inc specializes in manufacturing ceramics products. Their products include versagrid ceramic honeycomb, catalysts, refractories, kiln furniture, hearth products, etc.

Professional manufacturer of metal catalyst substrate for exhaust control of diesel and gas fueled engines.\r\n\r\nCore densities differ from 10 cpsi to 800 cpsi; \r\n\r\nCore structures can be concentric, spiral,double S type, three-core type etc.; Transverse s

Persistence Heating Applied Co.,Ltd   Taizhou  China
Persistence Heating Applied CO.,Ltd, is a dynamic and professional manufacturer of metal catalyst substrate.\r\n\r\nSince 2006, PHA has integrated complete metal substrate design, testing and manufacturing, used in diesel and gas fueled engines.\r\n\r\nCustomized solutions are available to clients around the world.\r\n\r\nFounded in December 1999, firstly we factory only supply motorcycle substrates to domestic market, with the development of technology and economy, we have more funds to buy advanced machines and improve our substrate quality, enable us to export metal substrates to clients around the world, and eventually it was proved to be a great decision.\r\n\r\nThe FeCrAl foil to make metal substrates, is produced by many procedures, to guarantee the best quality.\r\n\r\nIn 2001 the company passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO14001 environment system certification, certified by China Quality Certification Centre.

EURO Composites S.A manufactures honeycomb, panels, and milled parts based on honeycomb core.

EURO Composites S.A    Luxembourg
EURO Composites S.A specializes in manufacturing lightweight products for aeronautical industry. Their products include aeronautical panels, High pressure laminates, aramid fibre core, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001.

Metall-Spezialrohr GmbH specializes in the manufacture of flow formed seamless tubes and precision components in ferrous and non ferrous metals.

Metall-Spezialrohr GmbH    Germany
Metall-Spezialrohr GmbH is a manufacturer of flow formed seamless tubes and precision components in ferrous and non ferrous metals. They offer products like profiled tube, precision rolls, containers for special waste, pressure vessels, precision containers, etc.