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We are one of the manufacturers, importers and exporters of jewellery tools, money counting machines, imagine box, clothes cleaning tools and casting accessories for more than five years.   MUMBAI  0
World jewellery tools trading co is one of the manufacturers, importers and exporters of jewellery tools, money counting machines, imagine box, clothes cleaning tools and casting accessories for more than five years.\r\n\r\nCompany also provides electronic scales, diamond mills, jewelry casting machines, lighting equipment, clothes cleaning tools and casting accessories, graving machines, imagine boxes, money counting machines, electric melting furnaces, side cutters and pliers and gemological equipments to customers.\r\n\r\nMain product category of the company includes diamond tools and supplies, side cutters and pliers, clock making tools and spare parts, jewellery tools suppliers, tweezers, jewelry scale, grinder buffer, micro motor strong, cross rib bench size, jewellery spot welding machine, jewellery welding machine, jewellery welder, grading lamp, fluorescent table lamp, diamond scale, digital jewelry scale, diamond assortment lamp, automatic money counting machine, assortment lamp, bundle note counting machines, fake note detecting machines, pocket scale, floor type bundle note counting machines, diamond weight scale, etc.\r\n\r\nIn additional company\s additional product category includes magnifying table lamp, gem tester, spectroscopy machine, day light lamp, engraving machine magic-r, diamond tester, microfiber cloth, diamond stone washer, digital mini gauge, presidium gem tester, loose note counting machines, photo box, money counting machine, fake note detector, daylight grading and presentation box, diamond grading daylight lamp, swivel clamp, feeler gauge, diamond dotted paper, scrapper hobby, hobby brass plane, curved fiber tweezer, brass caliper gauge, spring hooks and scrapers, hobby vice, micro brass plane, bench pin, necklace mandrel, alcohol lamp, diamond master set, dichroscope, gem refractometer, ruby filter, etc.\r\n\r\nOther products offered by the company includes ultra sonic cleaner, foredom flex shaft motor, eye magnifier, ultra sonic cleaners, jewellery photo box, jewellery making tools, gem stone display box, photo light box, anvils, diamond sieves, ultra sonic cleaning machine, gas torch, polariscope, gem microscopes, anvil with base, necklace mandrel steel, microfiber cleaning cloth, spectroscope mini, wax ring mandrel, ring holder clamp with fly nut wooden, perforated flasks, prong pusher, hobby hammer, diamond selector, perforated casting flask, diamond moissanite tester, hobby knife handle, engraving machine, tool kit, leather tool kit, dapping block, jeweller hammer, ring sizer, rectangular guage, digital pearl gauge, bangle sizer, hearts and arrow loupe, diamond holder, diamond shovels, eye loupe magnifier, diamond shovel, tweezer, diamond tweezer, tweezers with magnifier, testing equipments, magnifier visor, gem microscope, thickness gauges.\r\n\r\nVarious thickness gauges offered by the company includes thickness 20mm gauge, stone and mounting gauge, fan gauge, round diamond gauge, diamond seller, oval gauge, ring stick brass, bracelet guage, ring size metal, pearl drilling vise, diamond gauge.

Maudlin Products Inc   Kemah  United States
Maudlin Products Inc specializes in manufacturing shim and alignment products. Their products include slotted shims, coil shim stock, flat shim stock, foil wrap, keystock and feeler gage, threaded rod and drill rod, spring, etc.

Precision Brand Products Inc supplies wide range of tools. The company was established in 1946.

Precision Brand Products Inc    United States
Precision Brand Products Inc specializes in supplying variety of tools. Few of their products are threaded rods, clamps, feeler gages, hose clamps, keystock, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9002.

FGB Manufacturing Co. is a manufacturer of pressure gauges, conforming to IS3624 standard.

FGB Manufacturing Co.    India
FGB Manufacturing Co. manufactures products like: pressure gauges, pressure indicators, differential pressure indicators, standard pressure gauge, industrial pressure gauges, liquid filled gauges, chemical seal type diaphragm gauges, and stainless steel gauges.

A F Precision Instruments Ltd manufactures gauges for automobile manufacturing industries.

A F Precision Instruments Ltd   Beds  United Kingdom
A F Precision Instruments Ltd specializes in manufacturing gauges for automobile manufacturing industries. Their products include sweep gauges, snap gauges, bore gauges, beam gauges, special gauges, hydraulic gauges, etc.

Adarsh Industries manufactures and supplies pressure gauges, thermometers and industrial refrigeration products since 1989.

Adarsh Industries    India
Adarsh Industries specializes in manufacturing and supplying variety of pressure gauges, thermometers and industrial refrigeration products. Few of their products are stainless steel gauges, commercial gauges, weather proof gauges, industrial gauges, digital pressure gauges, pressure transmitters, test gauges, ammonia gauges, freon gauges, manifold gauges, diaphragm gauges, electric contact gauges, homogenizer gauges, sanitary gauges, capsule gauges, pressure gauges hydralic pressure gauges, bimetal dial type thermometers, mercury in steel dial thermometers and gauge accessories like thermowells, pulsation dampner, gauge saver, syphone tube and cock needle valves, etc.

ETI Gauges offers vigh vacuum glass ionization vacuum gauges, filaments and components.

ETI Gauges    United States
ETI Gauges specializes in distributing wide range of vacuum gauges and filaments. Their products include nude ionization gauges, triode ionization gauges, press stems, pinch stems and headers, filaments, minitorr triode ionization gauge, etc.

We specialize in exporting and distributing products like industrial gauges and measuring instruments in India since 1996.   Mumbai  0
Shree Rushabh Traders is an exporter and distributor of products like industrial gauges and measuring instruments in India. The main products produced are air electronic, air gauges, demeet, dial gauges, digital instruments, electronic gauges, special gauging, micrometers, ring gauges, thread gauge, and thread plugs.\r\n\r\nSome of the products produced are plunger type, vernier calipers, digital dial gauges, air ring gauges & setting plugs, ISO metric thread gauges, plain setting masters, dial calipers, unified thread gauges, NPTF thread gauges master setting discs, key way width gauges, whit worth thread gauges, measuring pins set, micrometers (internal), granite surface plate, carbide gauges, cast iron & granite cube, cast iron triangular ST. edge, PCD gear testing attachment, three wire set unit, lever type, master cylinder, floor plate, and digital height gauges.\r\n\r\nThe products are exported to countries like East Asia, South East Asia and European Sub-continents.\r\n

JLW Instruments distributes wide range of force gauges, pressure gauges, and torque gauges for more than 20 years.

JLW Instruments    United States
JLW Instruments specializes in distributing variety of force gauges, pressure gauges, and torque gauges for automotive, packaging, medical, pharmaceutical, and general manufacturing industries. Few of their products are force gauges, motorized and manual test stands, gripping fixtures, torque gauges, pressure gauges, etc.

S.M.Gauge Company specializes in the manufacture of pressure gauges and thermometers for industrial applications since 1976.

S.M.Gauge Company   Bristol  United Kingdom
S.M.Gauge Company produces and manufactures pressure gauges and thermometers. The company provides products small diameter gauges, industrial gauges, liquid filled gauges, stainless steel gauges, safety pattern gauges, low pressure capsule gauges, magnehelic gauges, test gauges, vacuum and absolute gauges, differential gauges, grout and pulp seperator gauges, etc. S.M.Gauge Company has been ISO 9002 quality certified.