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Horn Plastics Inc manufactures and distributes wide range of injection moulded products.

Horn Plastics Inc    Canada
Horn Plastics Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing injection moulded products for Automotive, Business Machines, and Medical applications. Few of their products are lenses, HVAC components, fuel nozzles, over moulded knobs, bezels, print cartridges, tight tolerance gears, insert moulded shafts, paper feed assemblies, agitator shafts, work surfaces, LSR face masks, LSR mouthpieces, single use devices, etc.

Antennas for Communications manufactures satellite communications antennas for more than thirty years.

Antennas for Communications    United States
Antennas for Communications specializes in manufacturing and supplying wide range of antennas for communication purpose. Thecompany products are conical horn antennas, parabolic and offset dish antennas, shelters, microwave components and feed systems, etc.

Antenna Research Associates Inc is a manufacturer of calibrated antennas and test equipment for TEMPEST and EMC testing since 1963.

Antenna Research Associates Inc    United States
Antenna Research Associates Inc specializes in manufacturing calibrated antennas and test equipment for TEMPEST and EMC testing. Their products include integrated antenna systems, high gain arrays, helicals, horns, log periodics, etc.

Invacom is a designer and manufacturer of microwave products for the domestic and professional communications market since 2000.

Invacom   Stevenage  United Kingdom
Invacom specializes in developing microwave products for the domestic and professional communications market. The company product includes VSAT transmitters, transceivers, adjustable feed horn, quad polar LNB, DBS LNBs, etc.

Howard`s Horns specializes in manufacturing motorcycle air horns, and battery cables.

Howards Horns    
Howard`s Horns manufactures motorcycle air horns, and battery cables. Their products include tranny sprocket socket, little big horn, big horn, dynamic duo, gorilla battery cables, and bungie visors. Howard`s Horns protects front openings of horns from rain, dirt, and bugs.

Kahlenberg Brothers Company Founded in 1895 specializes in manufacturing marine sound signaling equipment.

Kahlenberg Brothers Company   Wisconsin  United States
Kahlenberg Brothers Company also manufactures marine horns, air horns, electric horns, air whistles, steam whistles, industrial horns, truck horns, train horns, and air horns for arenas and stadiums. The company has been certified to ISO 9001:2000.

Grover Products Co specializes in manufacturing air horns, compressors, solenoid valves, air tanks, bike racks, patio furniture, and aluminum bats for more than 60 years.

Grover Products Co    
Grover Products Co manufactures air horns, compressors, solenoid valves, air tanks, bike racks, patio furniture, and aluminum bats. They supplies products for sporting goods, semi-trucks, marine, recreational vehicles, and fire departments. Their products include truck horns, emergency horns, marine horns, train horn, industrial horn, installation kits, repair kits, and accessories. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001 and QS 9000.

Buell Air Horns specializes in manufacturing horns for different type of vehicles.

Buell Air Horns   Lyons  United States
Buell Air Horns manufactures horns for different type of vehicles which include police, marine, rail, fire, ambulance, blasters and various other industrial applications.

Tools And Concepts Inc is a manufcturer of ultrasonic tooling and machining products.

Tools And Concepts Inc    United States
Tools And Concepts Inc specializes in providing ultrasonic tooling and machining services for industries include aerospace, packaging, automotive, electronics, etc. They manufacture products like special horns, math data horn and fixtures, contours, ultrasonic welding fixtures, etc.

Masons Animal Feeds is a manufacturer of animal feeds.

Masons Animal Feeds    United Kingdom
Masons Animal Feeds specializes in manufacturing animal feeds. They offer dairy feeds, calf feeds, sheep feeds, cattle feeds, pig feeds, etc.