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Foxcroft Equipment and Service Co Inc provides technical service for troubleshooting, and installation.

Foxcroft Equipment and Service Co Inc    United States
Foxcroft Equipment and Service Co Inc perform analytical measurements, control, and monitoring for troubleshooting, and installation. They are specialized for chlorinators, and metering pumps, analytical toxic gas monitoring. They provide chlorinators parts for all manufactures.

Johnston Inc supplies wastewater treatment equipments.

Johnston Inc   Indian Trail  United States
Johnston Inc specializes in distributing wastewater treatment equipments. Few of their products are flow level and pressure measurement, sampling and analysis, odor control, chemical feed, process equipment, etc.

Hasselriis Electronics S.L is a distributor of variety of telecommunication test equipments for more than 30 years.

Hasselriis Electronics S.L    Spain
Hasselriis Electronics S.L specializes in distributing variety of telecommunication test equipments. Their products include central office line simulator with SMS and caller ID, telephone line monitor, telephone number analyser, test feed coils and inductors, caller ID and SMS analyser, etc.

Dwyer Instruments Inc. is a manufacturer of controls and instrumentation since 1931.

Dwyer Instruments Inc.   Michigan  United States
Dwyer Instruments Inc. products serve major markets including: HVAC, chemical, food, oil and gas, and pollution control. The company promotes brand names for their products like: Magnehelic pressure gages, Photohelic switch or gages, Rate Master flowmeters, and Hi-Flow valves.

Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH manufactures and distributes vacuum products and components since 1890.

Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH    Germany
Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH specializes in manufacturing and distributing vacuum products and components for vacuum generations, measurements, and analysis. Few of their products include rotary vane pumps, roots pump, dry pumps, pumping stations, flanges and feed through, valves, mass spectrometer, etc.

Air Automation Engineering provides help to engineers and technicians design and implement automation projects since1978.

Air Automation Engineering    United States
Air Automation Engineering specializes in providing help to engineers and technicians design and implement automation projects. Their products include assembly technology, pneumatic technology, motion control, etc. , their services include site recommendations, trial tool program, kitting program, value added subassemblies, guide way cutting service, custom products, tool repair service, etc.

Medica specializes in manufacturing blood testing analyzers.

Medica   Bedford  United States
Medica manufactures blood testing analyzers. Their products include blood gas analyzers, easystat analyzer, easy bloodgas analyzer, electrolyte analyzers, etc.

Masons Animal Feeds is a manufacturer of animal feeds.

Masons Animal Feeds    United Kingdom
Masons Animal Feeds specializes in manufacturing animal feeds. They offer dairy feeds, calf feeds, sheep feeds, cattle feeds, pig feeds, etc.

Dwyer Instruments    ,,
Dwyer Instruments specializes in manufacturing wide range of controlling instruments. Few of their products are series DCT1000 dust collector timer controllers, series 2000 magnehelic differential pressure gages, series MP mini-photohelic differential pressure switch/gages, series FR/FRLl filters, regulators and lubricators, etc.

Infrared Industries Inc is a manufacturer and distributor of gas analyzer instrumentation equipments.

Infrared Industries Inc    United States
Infrared Industries Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing gas analyzer instrumentation equipments. Their products include automotive gas analyzer, industrial gas analyzer, analytical gas analyzer and custom gas analyzer products.