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G Cinelli Esperia Corporation manufactures bakery equipments since 1972.

G Cinelli Esperia Corporation   Woodbridge  Canada
G Cinelli Esperia Corporation specializes in manufacturing bakery equipments. The company products include hydraulic bread divider, electronic water meter and blender, automatic sheeters, ovens, bread moulders, cappuccino makers, circulating fans, etc.

Future Products Corporation specializes in manufacturing exhaust, intake and circulating fans.

Future Products Corporation   Weston  United States
Future Products Corporation manufactures various types of fans like side wall propeller, reversible sidewall, poly exhaust, air mixing, man cooler, turbo, wall fan, plastic damper, circulating fan for the agricultural, light industrial and horticultural industry.

We specialize in trading and engineering corp of greenhouse project and industrial ventilation system since 2007.   FOSHAN  0
Chosen Ventilation Technology Co.,Ltd is a trader and engineer corp of greenhouse project and industrial ventilation system. The product category includes misting fan series, max fan, inline fan, exhaust fan, circulation fan, air cooler series, cooling pad & accessories, and greenhouse.\r\n\r\nThe misting fan series include industrial misting fan and commercial misting fan. The Exhaust fan products are exhaust fan(beltless) and exhaust fan(belt driven). The circulation fan s supllied are axial fan(hanging type), duct axial fan, and circulation fan. The air cooler series contain products like cooling pad (5090/7090) and cooling pad wall.\r\n

Manrose manufactures domestic ventilation fans and equipments for more than 12 years.

Manrose    United Kingdom
Manrose specializes in producing domestic ventilation fans and equipments. Their product includes centrifugal fans, extractor fans, kitchen fans, circulation fans, axial fans, etc.

Lakewood Engineering And Mfg Company is a manufacturer of products includes fans, heaters, and humidifiers for more than 50 years.

Lakewood Engineering And Mfg Company   Illinois  United States
Lakewood Engineering And Mfg Company specializes in manufacturing products include fans, heaters, and humidifiers. Their products include personal fans, oscillating fans, box fans, air circulators, fans, window fans, quartz tube, fan forced, ribbon, oil filled, etc.

Jan Fan is a leading manufacturer of industrial fans that include: heavy duty pedestal fans, wall & ceiling fans, shop fans, floor fans, and mobile fans.\r\n\r\nOur industrial fans are considered to be the most energy efficient, maintenance free fans on the m

Jan Fan   Troy  United States
Jan Fan is a leading manufacturer of industrial fans and commercial fans that include: pedestal, wall & ceiling fans, I-beam and c channel fans, industrial floor fans, bench fans and the Smart Air Circulator. Our heavy duty fans are considered the automotive and heavy industry standard. Since 1958, Jan Fan has been manufacturing industrial and commercial fans that are extremely energy efficient and built to last. Each of our fans comes with a standard 5 year warranty.\r\n\r\nOur Fans are the most energy efficient industrial fans on the market are are among the most powerful.

EPC India Pvt. Ltd. performs manufacturing, marketing and provides services for fans since 1978.

EPC India Pvt. Ltd.    ,,
EPC India Pvt. Ltd. manufactures products like: ceiling fans, cabin fans, pedestal fans, table fans, wall brackets, and air circulators.

We specialize in manufacturer and supplier of laboratory furnace, laboratory oven and biomedical waste incinerator.   Delhi  0
PlusFurnace is an Indian brand and serves laboratories and light industries with its high end range of heat treatment systems, which include laboratory furnace, laboratory oven and biomedical waste incinerators. The brand PlusFurnace has launched by Exacta Furnace in order to standout globally.\r\nWe design and manufacture custom built laboratory furnace, laboratory oven and biomedical waste incinerator. Each equipment is constructed to meet industry specific requirements following good manufacturing practices.\r\n\r\nThe accesories are Safety Thermostat, PID Controller, Programmable Controller, RS232 Port, Glass Door, Caster Wheels with Lock, Oven Stand, Shelf, Strip Chart Recorder, Circulation Fan, L Type Thermometer, and Drying Pan\r\n. When it comes to buying a customized unit, everyone needs to contact direct manufacturer. It is because, the customer gets best price as the role of middlemen is eliminated in addition, the best advantage of buying product from direct manufacturer is choice of customization. The company have own furnace factory unit, located in one of the reputed industrial areas of Delhi.

Schaefer Ventilation Equipment manufactures ventilation equipments for agricultural, commercial, industrial and horticultural markets since 1951.

Schaefer Ventilation Equipment   Sauk Rapids  United States
Schaefer Ventilation Equipment specializes in manufacturing ventilation equipments for agricultural, commercial, industrial and horticultural markets. Their products include air circulation fans, barn fans, rental industrial fans, panel fans, stainless steel fans, shutter and exhaust fans, evaporative cooling, spot coolers, swamp coolers, pedestal fans, patio heaters, portable heaters, tube heaters, garage heaters, etc.

Combimac BV designs, manufactures and supplies electrical motors and industrial fans.

Combimac BV   Emmen  Netherlands
Combimac BV specializes in designing, manufacturing and supplying electrical motors and industrial fans. Their electrical motors products which include synchronous and asynchronous alternating current motors, single phase alternating current motors, direct current motors, low magnetic motors, stray field compensated motors, etc and fan products which include centrifugal fans, axial fans, circulation fans, material handling fans, transportable fans, etc.