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Epsilon Technology Corp manufactures extensometers for more than 28 years.

Epsilon Technology Corp    United States
Epsilon Technology Corp specializes in developing extensometers. The company product includes axial extensometers, high temperature extensometers, transverse and diametral extensometers, asphalt extensometers, deflection gages, specialty extensometers, electronics, calibrators, etc.

Geokon Incorporated manufactures wide range of geotechnical instruments since 1979.

Geokon Incorporated   Lebanon  United States
Geokon Incorporated specializes in manufacturing variety of geotechnical instruments. Their products include extensometers, piezometers, strain gages, crackmeters, jointmeters, load cells, settlement sensors, pressure cells, inclinometers, dataloggers, etc.

EEECO design and develop strain measuring instruments and accessories for testing of physical properties of materials for over 50 years.

EEECO    United States
EEECO designs, builts and manufactures extensometers, troptometers, fixtures, specimens, extensometer selection assistance and accessories. They also design products in the fields of strain measurements, test equipment, and physical property testing and demonstration.

Monir Precision Monitoring Inc supplies field instrumentation monitoring for more than 40 years.

Monir Precision Monitoring Inc    Canada
Monir Precision Monitoring Inc specializes in supplying field instrumentation monitoring. The company products include tiltmeters and electrolevel sensors, extensometers, load cells, strain gauges and pressure transducers, inclinometers, extensometers, etc.

DOLI Elektronik GmbH distributes electronic components since 1976.

DOLI Elektronik GmbH    Germany
DOLI Elektronik GmbH specializes in supplying electronic components for new material testers and to retrofit existing testers, manual and fully automated compression flexometer.

LabJupiter is a service provider of dynaprice clients with used or surplus scientific or laboratory equipment.

LabJupiter    United States
LabJupiter is a service provider of dynaprice clients with used or surplus scientific or laboratory equipment. They offer products like heating and cooling, optical equipment, photonic equipment, inspection equipment, test and measurement equipment, laboratory equipment, material testing equipment, vacuum processing equipment, etc.