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Kleer Fax Inc is an American manufacturer of office products.

Kleer Fax Inc   Amityville  United States
Kleer Fax Inc specializes in manufacturing office products. Their products include laser and inkjet index sets, expanding wallets and pockets, legal exhibit dividers, preprinted indexes, reinforced loose leaf paper, hanging file folder tabs, custom indexing, custom expandable, tabs for xerographic reproductions, etc.

FolderFactory Inc specializes in the manufacture of pocket folders and presentation products.

FolderFactory Inc    United States
FolderFactory Inc is a manufacturer of pocket folders and presentation products. They offer products like standard folders, contemporary folders, file tab folders, 3 dimensional folders, tri panel folders, etc.

Dye and Durham is a distributor of variety of office supplies.

Dye and Durham   Scarborough  Canada
Dye and Durham is a division of The Cartwright Group Ltd, which specializes in providing office supplies. Few of their products are file folders, expanding files and file pockets, binders, indexes, report covers, pop-up notes, mailing envelopes, document backs, workstations, etc. The company also offer search and registration services.

British Loose Leaf is a UK manufacturer of various kinds of personalized binders and presentation products.

British Loose Leaf   Crayford  United Kingdom
British Loose Leaf manufactures a whole range of binders, folders and loose leaf presentation products. Their products are binders like prong binders, thong binders, inter screw binders and covers, end lock binders, springback binders, expanding averley binders, presentation products including boxes, folders, slip cases and dividers, liver arch files, and custom made binders.

Allied System Products Inc distributes rotating filing cabinets, mobile shelving, open shelving, and other type of metal shelving for more than 70 years

Allied System Products Inc   Seattle  United States
Allied System Products Inc specializes in distributing rotating filing cabinets, mobile shelving, open shelving, and other type of metal shelving. They offer other items include accessories, installation, computer filing system, conversions, label program, etc.

Advanced Filing supplies filing and rotary file systems for more than 20 years.

Advanced Filing    United States
Advanced Filing specializes in supplying high density filing and rotary file systems. Their products include office filing system, rolling file carts and cabinets, file carts, title, insurance and accounting filing supplies, colored file folders, hanging, vinyl and pocket file folders, rolling files, etc.

Data Visible Corporation is a manufacturer of offices supplies like: compatible color coded labels, color coded file folder labels, and file folder labels, etc.

Data Visible Corporation   Charlottesville  United States
Data Visible Corporation also manufactures color coded file folders, classification folders, filing supplies, filing systems, fasteners, color coded filing systems, charts, file folders made of manila and kraft, multi card pocket unit, mcpu, rapid reference, hinged pocket, visible records, cabinets, pocket trays, cardex, kardex, pockets, flip chart, vids, vids boards, visual information display board, plastic tray, and aluminum trays.

Jeffco Inc manufactures and distributes polypropylene filing products for more than 42 years.

Jeffco Inc    United States
Jeffco Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing wide range of polypropylene filing products with variety of colors and styles. Few of their products are top tab poly file folders, end tab poly file folders, poly fastener folders, poly file jackets, etc.

TGRMN Software designs and develops software for file synchronization, file replication, file backup and file comparison.

TGRMN Software    ,,
TGRMN Software specializes in designing and developing software for file synchronization, file replication, file backup and file comparison. Their software viceversa synchronize files, replicate folders, perform backups and do file and folder comparisons. viceversa works between computers, desktop, workstation, server, and with any type of storage media including external hard disk, zip disk, USB flash drive, etc.

Advanced Filing Systems Inc sells wide range of shelving systems, automated filing and storage system.

Advanced Filing Systems Inc    United States
Advanced Filing Systems Inc specializes in distributing various shelving systems, automated filing and storage system. Few of their products are lateral mobile systems, fire proof systems, file carts, wire carts, storage cabinets, end tab folders top tab folders, shredders, mail room furniture.