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American Hood Systems Inc supplies commercial kitchen equipments.

American Hood Systems Inc    United States
American Hood Systems Inc specializes in supplying exhaust systems. Their products include exhaust, custom, and standard hoods, supply fans, exhaust fans and fire suppression systems.

We specialize in providing best kitchen hood service in Denver and Colorado.   Denver  0
ProCo Hood Cleaning is here to provide you with the best kitchen hood cleaning service in Denver, Colorado. The Colorado board of health, insurance company, and local fire marshals will likely require your kitchen hood system is cleaned regularly. As a general rule, “regularly” can be defined as every 90 days. However, every commercial kitchen is different, so we encourage you to check with insurance company or the board of health for an accurate recommendation.\r\n\r\nThe company team spent many months and years preparing to be the best in the kitchen hood system business. The technicians trained, tested, and busted butts to become certified hood cleaning technicians. The company are not only kitchen hood cleaners, but maintenance technicians as well. The company are educated on the local kitchen hood system cleaning code, and can ensure hood system is cleaned and maintained up to code. While performing the initial inspection of the hood system, the company will determine any risk factors or fire hazards.\r\n\r\nThe Services are Exhaust Hood Cleaning, Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning, Hood Cleaning Service, Hood Filters Service, Commercial Kitchen Cleaning, Commercial Kitchen Equipment Cleaning, Rooftop Grease Containment, Exhaust Fan Hinges Installation, and Fire Extinguisher Service.

Grease Master specializes in manufacturing kitchen ventilation products since 1972.

Grease Master    United States
Grease Master specializes in manufacturing kitchen ventilation products since 1972. Their products include exhaust and supply short circuit type, exhaust and supply non short circuit type, exhaust only, backshelf type, condensate and heat removal, exhaust fans, supply fans, evaporating cooling units, motor control panels, stainless steel baffle filter, side mount, standard incandescent light fixtures, side skirts, fire cabinets, enclosure panels, back splashes, etc. Grease master is a division of custom industries.

Gaylord Industries Inc manufactures commercial kitchen equipments since 1936.

Gaylord Industries Inc    United States
Gaylord Industries Inc is a manufacturer of commercial kitchen exhaust hoods and associated equipments. They are specialized for manufacturing products such as kitchen exhaust ventilators, pollution control units, and utility distribution systems.

Plastex Protective Products Inc specializes in the manufacture of safety and protective rain gear for over 60 years.

Plastex Protective Products Inc    United States
Plastex Protective Products Inc designs and manufactures safety and protective rain gear. Their product line includes industrial rainwear, mud and slush boots, rain suits and rain coats, ponchos, and safety vests. clear rain jacket, clear rain pants, clear rain suit with pants, disposable poncho with hood, disposable poncho with hood, clear rain suit with pants, etc.

Air Shack distributes air purifiers, replacement filters, and other home component systems since 1979.

Air Shack   Mesquite  United States
Air Shack specializes in distributing air purifiers, replacement filters, and other home component systems. Few of their products are ceiling fans, lamps, lighting, ventilation and exhaust fans, air humidifiers, air purifiers, attic fans, exhaust and vent fans, heater fans, kitchen range hoods, whole house ventilators, etc.

Accu Aire Controls Inc is a supplier of laboratory air flow control system since 1991.

Accu Aire Controls Inc    United States
Accu Aire Controls Inc specializes in supplying laboratory air flow control system. Their products include exhaust air flow control system, fire and concentration control system, temperature control system, control tuning setup and safety assurance, fan, static pressure, and flow capacity control system, simple and vented sample bomb holder, fume hood exhaust flow meter, etc.

Fumair Ltd is a manufacturer of variety of laboratory fume cupboards and other associated equipments for more than 30 years.

Fumair Ltd    United Kingdom
Fumair Ltd specializes in manufacturing variety of laboratory fume cupboards and other associated equipments. Their products include fumguard, inverter, direct on line starter, fume extraction fans and ductwork, ventilated hoods, enclosures and workstations, storage cabinets, etc.

General Air Corporation manufactures and distributes variety of process equipments for the semiconductor and optoelectronic industries since 1980.

General Air Corporation   Chatsworth  United States
General Air Corporation specializes in manufacturing and distributing various process equipments and supporting systems. Their products include environmental air handler, exhausted laminar flow station, polypropylene fume hood, liquid phase epitaxial reactor, stainless steel gas panels and lines, furnace systems, etc.

Blowers manufacturers offering industrial blowers, centrifugal blowers, exhaust blowers, fume blowers, ventilation blowers, high \r\n\r\npressure blowers.

Santoni-India   new delhi  India
Blowers manufacturers offering industrial blowers, centrifugal blowers, exhaust blowers, fume blowers, ventilation blowers, high \r\n\r\npressure blowers, floor scrubbers, axial flow fans, vacuum dust collect or, kitchen hoods, industrial cleaning and pollution \r\n\r\ncontrol equipment.\r\n