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HRS Heat Exchangers Ltd manufactures and distributes heat exchangers.

HRS Heat Exchangers Ltd    United Kingdom
HRS Heat Exchangers Ltd specializes in manufacturing and distributing various heat exchangers. Few of their products are scraped surface heat exchangers, shell and tube exchangers, plate heat exchangers, piston pump, etc.

Infinity Cable Products Inc provides networking and datacom solutions.

Infinity Cable Products Inc    United States
Infinity Cable Products Inc specializes in providing category 6 category 5E products to solve your computer connectivity problems. The company also provides service and technical supports for the products. Infinity Cable Products Inc sells through online.

ECODYNE MRM designs and builds custom air cooled heat exchangers for over 75 years.

ECODYNE MRM    United States
ECODYNE MRM products include air cooled heat exchangers, industrial radiatiors, packaged cooling systems, air preheaters, finned tube bundles, tank heaters and finned tubing. The companies fin materials include aluminium, marine grade aluminium and copper and the markets served are petroleum and refinery, chemical industry, steel industry, electric power generation, etc.

PHE De Mexico manufactures plate heat exchangers since 2000.

PHE De Mexico    Mexico
PHE De Mexico specializes in manufacturing plate heat exchangers for pasteurizers, thermal transference modules, cooling packages, CIP systems, and evaporation systems. Few of their products include gaskets, plates, tools, accessories, etc. They offer services such as cleaning, inspection, and regasketing.

Performance Technologies Inc develops and supplies integrated IP-based platforms and rock solid signaling solutions for more than 25 years.

Performance Technologies Inc    United States
Performance Technologies Inc specializes in developing and supplying integrated IP-based platforms and rock solid signaling solutions for telecommunications, aerospace and defense, and commercial applications. Few of their solutions include application-ready platforms, blade functionality, software and middleware, communication servers, PCI/PCI express, STP solutions, SS7 over IP transport, signaling gateways, etc. The company has been certified with ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Datacom Solutions Ltd provides service for telephone systems since 1999.

Datacom Solutions Ltd    Canada
Datacom Solutions Ltd specializes in servicing telephone systems. Their service includes installation of telephone systems, voicemails, voice, data and fiber optic cabling.

Communication Cable Company manufactures, and resells connectivity products like cable assemblies and cable installation products.

Communication Cable Company   Malvern  United States
Communication Cable Company manufacture datacom cable assemblies structured cabling products and network hardware. Their other products are adapters, faceplates, fiber cables, datacom cabinets, datacom racks. They are also specialized in manufacturing coax, and twinax cables, telco cables, and multi fiber trunk cables

Datacom Limited provides various network solutions.

Datacom Limited   Markham  Canada
Datacom Limited is a service provider, which specializes in providing network solutions and distributing multi protocol network print servers. Their products include hubs, switches, routers, remote access, NIC, LED display signs, etc.

Midland Combustion Ltd specializes in the manufacture of fuel oils and technical packages systems.

Midland Combustion Ltd    United Kingdom
Midland Combustion Ltd is a manufacturer of fuel oils and technical packages systems. They offer products like heaters, engine modules, gasturbine modules, marine, controls, and fabrication products.

We are a professional company engaged in sales, R&D and production of refrigeration and heating products.   Guangzhou  0
Axen Heating Technologies Ltd is a professional company engaged in sales, R&D and production of refrigeration and heating products.\r\n\r\nProducts offered by the company includes multifunctional heat pump, domestic hot water heat pump, swimming pool heat pump, commercial heat pump, water source heat pump, titanium heat exchanger, water tank, heat exchanger, etc.\r\n\r\nIn additional company also offers products such as commercial heat pump(module), commercial heat pump, tube fin heat exchanger, coaxial heat exchanger, high efficient shell & tube heat exchanger, swimming pool heat pump(vertical series ), swimming pool heat pump(horizontal series plastic cabinet), swimming pool heat pump(horizontal series metal cabinet), water to air heat pump(dc inverter monobloc unit), sanitary water heat pump(split system), water tank, titanium heat exchanger, sanitary hot water heat pump, EVI eco therma multifunctional heat pump (split system, EVI eco therma multifunctional heat pump(monobloc system), eco therma multifunctional heat pump split system, water to air heat pump, water source heat pump, swimming pool heat pump, water tank, etc.\r\n\r\nAxen Heating Technologies company has been quality certified to ISO 9001 standards, and has been received CE, TUV, Rosh, and EMC certificates.