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Glacial Ginseng Company specializes in producing and supplying ginseng seeds.

Glacial Ginseng Company   Houghton Lake  United States
Glacial Ginseng Company manufactures and distributes ginseng seeds. The company also facilitates online purchasing. Company also offers commercial planting services.

Cat Federation of Southern Africa provides endangered species breeding program since 1956.

Cat Federation of Southern Africa    South Africa
Cat Federation of Southern Africa is a hoedspruit research and breeding centre for providing endangered species breeding program. Their list of breeds include domestic cat, Persian and exotic, birman, Maine coon, Norwegian forset cat, rag doll, Turkish van, etc.

ABC Neckties is an online store, which supplies neck ties store.

ABC Neckties    United States
ABC Neckties specializes in distributinh wide rage of neckties. The company`s accessories include silk fashion neckties by Jerry Garcia, Electric, Portofino, Martin Wong and J. Blades. ABC Neckties also offers novelty ties by Tabasco, Endangered Species wild life ties, Ralph Marlin conversation neck ties, Looney Tunes, Ten Gallon Western, Picasso, Erte, Coca Cola ties, etc.

Nice Tie Store collection includes patriotic, gambling, music, sports, art, Jerry Garcia, Electric, Martin Wong, Tabasco, Endangered Species, Looney Tunes, Peanuts, Spiderman, and Disney.

Nice Tie Store   San Ysidro  United States
Nice Tie Store offers rare collector novelty and fashion neckties This includes licensed ties by Disney, Looney Tunes, Marvel and Dc Comics, Peanuts, and other cartoon character ties. Other licensed novelty ties include Movie Star like Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, The Three Stooges, Rock and Roll ties illustrating the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd. Collector ties by Star Wars, Tabasco, Endangered Species, Electric Ties, and Rush Limbaugh pocket squares are stock as well as art ties by Picasso, Van Gogh, Monet, Erte and other art masters\r\n\r\nConversation themes for music, patriotic, food, themes, sports, gambling, and every sports desire imaginable make this a really great store to find whatever you may be looking for. Custom ties made to order are also offered\r\n

Species Software specializes in developing and providing game software and web design services.

Species Software    ,,
Species Software specializes in developing and providing game software and web design services. Their game software has been developed using VB include boxes, 4 player pong, and entrap.

All Stairs is the leading online provider of stair parts for your stair installation and remodeling.

All Stairs   Saint George  United States minor outly
AllStairs is the online leader that provides stair parts and other installation tools. The iron baluster is essential since it adds more protection to whoever uses the stairs. The company has more than 25 years of experience in stair installation and more than 10 years in online sales. You can get the best deals at the company and affordable prices. They can help you choose what design that can fit your home and your taste. All the products they offer are updated with the latest design and services for you.\r\n\r\nIn addition to that, the products that they have comes with different profiles to accommodate the various taste of their clients. The good thing about the company is that when you don’t see the species listed on their site, you can contact them and they will be able to tell you the availability of other wood species.\r\n

Ernst Conservation Seeds provides seed mixes and soil conservation since 1960.

Ernst Conservation Seeds   Meadville  United States
Ernst Conservation Seeds is a service provider, which offers seed mixes. Their services include providing seed mixes for wet meadow and riparian sites, broadcast seeders, woodland, shaded, and shrubby sites, flowering species, cover crop species, wetland shrub material, etc.

The European Collection of Cell Cultures (ECACC) was established in 1984 as a cell culture collection to service the research community and provide an International Depository Authority recognised patent depository for Europe.

    United States
Over the last 20 years ECACC has expanded and diversified to become one of the premier collections of authenticated cell cultures in the world and this remains the core of ECACC�s business. The collections currently hold over 40,000 cell lines representing 45 different species, 50 tissue types, 300 HLA types, 450 monoclonal antibodies and at least 800 genetic disorders. The development and maintenance of such a diverse collection has inevitably produced a high level of specialist knowledge and this combined with the support of the Health Protection Agency, Porton Down has enabled ECACC to position itself as a centre of expertise in all aspects of cell culture.\r\n \r\n\r\n

Avian Network is a site, which offers advertisements to all breeders.

Avian Network    
Avian Network is a service provider, which specializes in offering classified advertisements and links to breeders and suppliers for all species of pet birds.

Cornerstone Kitchen and Bath is a designer. They design kitchen and bath rooms. They use different wood species, door styles, and cabinet features

Cornerstone Kitchen and Bath   Olympia  United States
Cornerstone Kitchen and Bath is a designer. They design kitchen, and bath rooms. Their service includes plumbing fixtures, dishwashers, disposals, ovens, and ranges, ventilation, hoods, flooring, refrigeration, and wall beds by cornerstone.