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ARW Transformers designs and manufactures variety of transformers since 1941.

ARW Transformers    ,,
ARW Transformers specializes in designing and manuafcturing wide range of transformers in the fields such as electronics, instrumentation, lighting, electrical control, power distribution, petroleum and mining.

International Transformers specializes in manufacturing variety of electrical and electronic equipments.

International Transformers    ,,
International Transformers manufactures drive, power generation, radar communications, reactors, multiphase transformers, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001.

Hobart Electronics specializes in the manufacture of transformers for commercial and industrial purpose since 1969.

Hobart Electronics   Hobart  United States
Hobart Electronics is a manufacturer of transformers for commercial and industrial purpose. They offer products like global transformers, high performance small size transformers, line adjustment transformers, mini power transformers, etc.

Bicron Electronics Company designs and manufactures toroidal transformers for, audio and medical applications since 1964.

Bicron Electronics Company    United States
Bicron Electronics Company specializes in designing and manufacturing toroidal transformers for, audio and medical applications. Few of their products are custom solenoids, transformers, current sensors, specialty magnetics, etc. The company is quality certified to QS and ISO 9001:2000.

EDCOR Electronics Corporation develops wireless microphones and audio electrical equipment since 1960.

EDCOR Electronics Corporation    United States
EDCOR Electronics Corporation specializes in developing wireless microphones and audio electrical equipment. Their products include audio pre amplifiers, audio match masters, speaker transformers, microphone transformers, audio attenuators, audio splitters, matching transformers, audio combiners, amplifier transformers, power transformers, etc.

Integrity Technology Corporation is a manufacturer of electronic components for OEM productions.

Integrity Technology Corporation    United States
Integrity Technology Corporation specializes in manufacturing electronic components for OEM productions. Their products include modem transformers, switching power transformers, coils and inductors, toroidal transformers, ceramic resonators, switching power supply, printed circuit board contract assembly, etc. The company is also quality certified to ISO 9002 standard.

Electronic Specialists Inc manufactures voltage converters, regulators, and other protector products since 1972.

Electronic Specialists Inc   Natick  United States
Electronic Specialists Inc specializes in manufacturing various industrial protector products. Their products include voltage regulators, filter isolators, filter suppressors, networks protectors, transformers, phone protectors, isolation transformers, etc.

Automatic Electric Ltd manufactures electrical instruments, power systems and instrument transformers since 1942.

Automatic Electric Ltd    India
Automatic Electric Ltd specializes in manufacturing electrical instruments, power systems and instrument transformers. Their products include analogue instruments, digital meters, transducers, shunts, sync. and psi, reed type frequency meters, hv testers, pfc, transformers, stabilizers, rectifiers, auto transformers, isolation transformers, measuring instruments, testing equipments. The company is qualtiy certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 9002.

Express Lighting distributes various lighting products.

Express Lighting    United States
Express Lighting specializes in distributing wide range of lighting products. Their products inlcude cable lighting kits, under water kits, reading kits, halogen bulbs, halogen transformers, pendants, decorative lamps, etc.

Isomatic manufactures and distributes electrical and electronic products since 1976.

Isomatic    United Kingdom
Isomatic specializes in producing and supplying electrical and electronic products. Their product includes 3 phase converters, wind turbines, xDSL splitters and filters, welding transformers, small transformers, coil winding, C cores and toroidal cores.